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ok... the title is US, not U.S....
ok... I spend alot of time & energy on this doujinshi... I hope its not ugly....
I colour it like all of u commented... only I used colour pencils... ^_^'
*drumrolls*Featuring:Milkiyo, me, love-chan, thuha-chan, chaossmongoose, Dark, Saiyuki, & Genevieve
to all in pic, excuse the ugliness of colours, pose, especially hands! >_< I had a bit problem with the hands... ^_^'
To those who arent in it: Im really sorry! I seriously tried to squeeze U guys in... But I guess I had a big hand or smth, just cant make it small...=__= I seriously wanted to draw u... so u guys are coming up... XD
The guys will have to wait... since I nid to do more research XD
(^^) (_ _) enjoy...^^

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  1. Milkiyo Dec 15, 2005

    wah..thank you! >3 I love ur drawing..a bit messy on the right but it's awesome XD
    I look like a badass LOL
    absolute fav^^
    keep it up! *hugs and kisses* @.@

  2. Devildude Dec 15, 2005

    well done, great coloring there, u matched the colors quite well and balanced. That is a good thing, costume design, personality traits of each person is well laid out.
    the sides could have been a little lesser cluttered. But i like how you are making everyone here. Praise u for that. A good doujinshi, you deserve a fav from me.
    Do you actually look like that....? heheheh.

  3. kirakwen1989 Dec 15, 2005

    nice drawing!u draw that well!but erm~~~the eye quite big for me~~
    ohh~~u really hav a tactoo!hahaha!

  4. keevang Dec 15, 2005

    erm i think da hands are okay :D

  5. lloydX Dec 15, 2005

    It is kind of blur^_^' ^_^', but the coloring is very good...


  6. nolove Dec 15, 2005

    wew, I've waited for it ><, really very kind of u, Rikka-san ^__^. Uhm, actually I'm not so calm and pretty as u draw ^^, all my friends call me "crazy or mad or smth" or "penguine" ><, cant remember all, but in ur mind, I see that I'm really cutie *blushes* >.<, cant never say that's ugly Rikka-chan, so so beautiful ^__^, and u're, so so cutie ^__^, woa, cant explain my feeling now ><.....><......><....thnx u much, Rikka-chan
    Surely I'll add it to my fav ^__^

  7. Reloaded Dec 15, 2005

    The chibis are sooo Kawaii nee...

  8. phamthuha Dec 15, 2005

    So you did put color to it ^_^ It is nice, sweetie >_< But i think you just put in a handmade color here.... how about a vector work in PS? That will make it pretty Pro >_<
    So still you deserve a fav, sweetie ^_^

  9. ArtificialRaindrop Dec 15, 2005

    Awesome! I really like the colors you chose, and I think it's great you colored it by hand :D And it's not ugly at all! ^-^

  10. DepressedYoukai Dec 15, 2005

    Alright! I love the colors! You did a good job! ^_^ (Tis NOT oogly! ^^)

  11. ShiXon Dec 15, 2005

    The colors are very pretty and it's not ugly at all xD

  12. Dresha Dec 15, 2005

    It's nice, not ugly, even if i prefer more shading. ^^

  13. chaosmongoose Banned Member Dec 15, 2005

    .....is there a reason i'm small and at the bottem? why arint i with the main group!?....ok it's a great picture, you got real talent! no joke you did a great job on this, better then anything i draw.

  14. Sayonara Dec 16, 2005

    kawaiiness! wow all your friends of MT, that's one awesome draw. You did a really amazing job. ^_^ Great one.

  15. Farewell Dec 16, 2005

    wow.. I just have to say that you really are good in this. Man, this pic is really COOL and gosh all the girls are so pretty. Well to be honest I doo like the chibi one .. i think that chaosmongoose, yeah she is my fav one. Wait! You look like that .. ha.. Rikka-san you really look hot in this pic and wow Milkiyo-san looks really amazing too. man good job my dear captain your works are always beautiful and amazing. n.n nice job, *haha* your planning to draw the guys to? *i can't wait to see me.. well if you add me of course.. *
    Take care ... c-ya!

  16. MPX88 Dec 18, 2005

    it is really funny :D
    For the hands, i understand your problem. Me too i can't make them well....

    well, the colors are good :)
    (i don't know put colors on my drawing.... T_T)

  17. kiukirilya Dec 18, 2005

    wow, your coloring is great!
    great drawing! ^^

  18. walkure245 Dec 19, 2005

    What a fun drawing and I like how you drew your friends. The girls are really pretty and I like your style. The lineart is smooth and the coloring is very well done. It's really original style. Everyone's poses are done well but the hands need a lil work. I have probs there myself so I can't offer any advice. This is really pretty and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Nice drawing~

  19. enchantressinthedark Jan 01, 2006

    Sorry for reviewing this late Rikka! My stupid notifications hid all the works...............-_- By the way, Ooh! Thanks so much for drawing me in! Wow! I'm wearing green! Looking good! ^^ Thats a very nice pose you drew for me ^^ Maybe I should pose like this for pictures XD NIce job on drawing the others! All of them are so cute! Great job!

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