Lineage Wallpaper: Resting Under The Mother Tree

Juno Jeong, Lineage Wallpaper
Juno Jeong Mangaka Lineage Game

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I present you my newest wall.

Details about the wall:
Title: Rest Under The Mother Tree
Time to complete: over 2 months >.< (I know some of you would be able to create much better walls in such period of time T_T)
Number of layers: 63
Original psd file: 132 mb
Tutorials read to complete it: as usual dozens


As usual I want to thank few people, for their words of encouragement, support, tips and criticism along the way. So thanks goes to Keltosh, Dufoe88, Rikimaru-jp, Papyworld, Willem and OracleAngel and finally people from PDTC. Special thanks to Karolina for coming up with a suitable title :D


Well. How come this wall? I found a beautiful scan from Lineage2 at Kei's website: http://beyourtruemind.net/ and I loved it. The scan was a hell to extract and a hell to redraw (esp. for somebody who never did this before - like me >.<) I spent whole 2 weeks on it. I had to redraw a large portion of unicorn's wing and part of the ear, almost whole of the elf's leg + her boot. And the sole process took me back and forth to hell >.> I know there are still mistakes but I cannot help them and I did my best on this. If you wanna see the original scan for comparison I uploaded a resized version to imageshack.

About walling... what can I say? I am not capable of recreating the whole walling process (it was too long and too tireing). Brushes, textures, filters and experimenting and playing with Photoshop - that would sum it up.

Ok. I am tired for today >.> hopefully I will write a more detailed comment tomorrow morning. For now comments and criticism welcomed :] oh and please full-view as the thumbnail looks terrible >.<

Since Rikimaru-jp wanted a wall only in orange-tones I tried his advice and this is a result:
Hope you will also enjoy this one ;)

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  1. MasterPivot Dec 15, 2005

    Overall an excellent effort!
    The only blatantly obvious thing is that there is no reflection for the animal's tail.
    The way the original made was made, there was no need as the ail was low enough to the water to warrant only a shadow. On your wallpaper, you removed the shadow and made it look as if the tail more elevated. This, to me, would mean that a reflection is warranted.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 15, 2005

    Gah! Wow! This is awesome! Those trees are just beautiful and I absolutely love the sky. The scan is wonderful and fits well with the bg. It completes the scene of totaly calm. That splash in the water is awesome!
    Only one thing bothers me:
    The unicorn's tail in the water looks a little strange (it doesn't seem to blend well).
    Other than that, however, this is an awesome wall. Excellent job and you can count my fav :)

  3. fawna-chan Dec 15, 2005

    Wow...it's so pretty...wait I can't just say that...
    So: I love the background and the scan is pretty good. The water is so nice too. I don't like the parts of the unicorn that is in the water but I don't know what it is...it just looks weird. And we all know how hard you worked on this and so, Good job! :D

  4. AngelKate Dec 15, 2005

    Wooow...so beautiful! I wish I could make trees that good. T_T They look so realistic. Wonderful job! I hope you make more walls, your work is beautiful. :)

  5. pitbull Dec 15, 2005

    wow that beautiful!excellent job!(*_*)

  6. rafaellaGP Dec 15, 2005

    Wonderful wallpaper!
    i love the background, very beautiful!
    love it!
    great work

  7. winxfairykay Dec 15, 2005

    Wow. I truly love this.
    You did such an amazing job! All that time has truly paid off.
    Truly one of the best pieces I've seen in a long time.
    A must fav. Thanks for sharing and putting so much hard work into it!

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 15, 2005

    I was wondering when you were gonna finish it heheh but yeah i love how the wall goes together well, could use more work on the text placement and more orange at the right side of the walls near the grassy area. Anyway im glad you did athe color scheme, nicely done nonetheless! :P

  9. uriziel Dec 15, 2005

    heh Im not suprised
    many details, great colors and everything looks great like usual
    dobra jak obiecalem masz fava [tylko nie widze czy konik juz nie "lata" ^^-mniejsza z tym]

  10. Nyuu-chan Dec 15, 2005

    Awesome wall Jas! The colors are great, background is amazing, love this wall! Excellent work! Keep it up. XD

  11. phamthuha Dec 15, 2005

    All the effect ..... I wanna take it *cry* You are so excellent, sweetie >_< Of course this wonderful work come into my fav >_< Oh my, still so admire and come in to a dream world by this work .....

  12. Sandra Dec 15, 2005

    I love the bg ! I totally love it ! And so the effects on the character and the water.But (yes , a small BUT) i think that the girl and the unicorn don't fits the bg at all....meaby you should put some effects ? Well nevermind , still a cool stuff ^_^

  13. Dioma Dec 15, 2005

    Well this is just simply amazing. It's been some time since I saw such a well carried out fantasy theme :) Smooth, calm and dreamy.

  14. Milkiyo Dec 15, 2005

    nice bg..looks very serene and peaceful..the effects on the unicorn's horn looks a bit too spreaded like some kind of power 0.o
    overall..pretty good n.n +fav

  15. kal91 Dec 15, 2005

    Nice job on the retouch. The only part I though can use more work is the tail of the unicorn. I like the little touches like adding a flower for her to match the one on the wings.

    One thing struck me as odd, why is there a release of 'energy' where her foot touch the water? The unicorn horn is understandable, logical even. But her foot?

  16. Revan Retired Moderator Dec 15, 2005

    Third wall from you :o you really are improving greatly I must say, but the fact that you give so much effort and time shows completely and it has paid off ;)
    First the scan, very nice job retouching it, as it has been said the unicorn's tail could use some more detailing.
    The BG, I must say you've done an impressive work, specially the trees and their leaves... they look like painted with an actual brush (not the PS ones XP) and the scheme of colors for them fits perfectly. One thing I see is that the grass behind the flowers and the one in front of them are different, I like the further one a hole lot better, seems to be more matching with the style.
    The details, the flower "border" it's a nice addition since it gives a more dynamic feeling... guess that without it your work would have looked a bit dull. The light effects are so subtle yet appealing, it's nice to see you have done a gentle use. The font, mmmm... I'm really not that sure about the typo you chose, I've always pictured that kind of fonts as something more unstable... and your wall transmits a more peacefull vibe, though the color is matching correctly. But the detail I have liked the mos is the water splash, it is so alive.
    Overall I see a work full of effort and amazing progress... you are killing me! XD
    Keep up the great work.

  17. nolove Dec 15, 2005

    oh wow, thiz'z WONDERFUL, ur wall is so so so beautiful, perfect, nothing to criticize ><, the color, the scan, the water ><, all are so kool. Surely a fav for u ><

  18. kaisui1tatsu Dec 15, 2005

    This is a nice wallpaper! And it did look hard to extract! But the only thing that I think needs work is the splash. It just looks like her foot is extremly hot and it is turning the water to steam. But this wallpaper has a great feel to it! Great job!

  19. fukushuusha Dec 15, 2005

    Quote by OracleAngelI was wondering when you were gonna finish it heheh but yeah i love how the wall goes together well, could use more work on the text placement and more orange at the right side of the walls near the grassy area. Anyway im glad you did athe color scheme, nicely done nonetheless! :P

    Yeah he said it all...and one more thing about the blending of the scan. It need to blend just a little more to catch the correct tones of the bg. But anyways a very nicely done job especially for a 3rd wall ^_^

  20. Yunsung Dec 15, 2005

    damn Jasmine, you're pretty good!
    Awesome wallpaper, cool colors. And i love those trees in the background.
    keep up the good work! im waiting for your next wall!

  21. itsbigdan Dec 15, 2005

    I like the colour u use to create a the theme and also the character that fit with the background. A very interesting green colour of the grass and the blue pond. I'll give u 8/10 :)

  22. Yina Dec 15, 2005

    mhmm.. wow.. I'm kinda speechless.. o__o
    the composition is awesome and the colours are so pretty.. XD
    everything is so beautiful.. *__*
    i love the trees and the water and the sky and the clouds.. >___<
    nyaa.. my only complain is the text.. i don't like the font.. it's too busy for the wallie.. but nevertheless really great work.. =3

  23. Mrchak Dec 15, 2005

    Hey jazz you have really outdone yourself with this wall ^^ you can just see how much time and patience you have put in ^^

    I love the idea with the unicorns in the background ^^ And the sky looks great how did you do it jazz? :)

    hmmm about the scan it is cool but i think it doesnt match with the bg but thats my oppinion ^^ Since the whole wall is almost computer graphiced the scan is drawn if ya get what i mean... But the extraction is awesome and i love that realistic splash of water where her leg is ^^ :D

    The trees are awesome did you make them yourself? The autumn theme is just perfect ^^

    Hmm i think those magical things are a lil bit too much maybe they distrupted the peacefulness of the pace where they are but i dont know how it would look without the magic thingys ^^

    Anyways overall it is a great wall and i think it should be faved by me ^^

    (NOTE: I started faving less... WAAAAYYY Less than earlier...)

    Anyways see you around Jazz... Ok now let me enjoy in this wall ppl so dont disturb me while doing so... *sits back and relaxes*

  24. KOKUJINDESU Dec 15, 2005

    You are far too modest about your wall--IT'S AWESOME!

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