Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: The Power of Magic

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Chii, Fay D. Flourite Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Chii Character Fay D. Flourite Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi all!
Wow... this is my first submission on MT3 O.O
And it's a wallpaper! huh.. I said I stopped making wallies, but I need to change my desktop sometimes... Hehe.. that's because I olny use my own walls >.<

I loved this scan, it looks awesome, ne? Though I have never seen TRC (well.. I saw one episode long ago...) but this was such a pretty scan... hopefully someone will make a wall of it too, I don't think that my version turned out that good, but... it's enough for me. It was PAIN to redraw the floor... >_< and it was so empty, so I added sparkles..and sparkles and sparkles ... too many sparkles XD umm.. nothing else to say...

Comments are really appreciated! Please comment before downloading or.. faving ^^ I need to improve =_= And I will try to reply too ^_^'
Scan: Fay & Chii ~ The Ice World Wizard by saikusa Thank you sooo much for scanning it! <3 :D
Hope you'll like it!

Oh.. almost forgot.. I want to dedicate it to my friends (on MT of course) because they still remember me ;.; I was inactive for ages. T_T

Thanks to the constructive critism of puchikonyo
and Serana I've changed the text, now it's not underlined. I think it looks nicer :) Thank you guys! I really appreciate your comments! + I know that there's too much blue.. but I couldn't help it. The scan itself IS BLUE, ( soooo blueeee) @_@ and the charas are small because... umm.., just because T_T Sorry, I can't change that, cuz' I spent two days restoring the scan (redrawing all that parts) and now the scan is not separated from the bg.. not even in psd format.

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kiako Dec 13, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the color, it is very nice to look at with all those effects.

  2. pamkips Dec 13, 2005

    *squee* chisana-san made a wallie...and it looks fa-bu-lous! ^_^ oh you did such a great job on this one, it's marvelous, plus the scan fits perfectaly well with the wall! ^_^ oh this is a definate fav from me

  3. Rella Dec 13, 2005

    That looks so pretty, chisana! It must've taken you a long time to redraw some parts. It turned out really nice though! Good work!

  4. hidekeitaro Dec 13, 2005

    Ohhhh.... Very beautiful wallpaper chisana XD
    I liked the colors and the light effects. Great job :D
    Adding to my favorites :D

  5. Tammy6 Restricted Member Dec 13, 2005

    Wow, such beauty and tranquility *drools at the screen* All the stars.....I LOVE IT, SO GORGEOUS :D +fav definetly

  6. Angel-on-Dragon Dec 13, 2005

    Nice wallpaper. The bg looks really cool. Good work ^^ Just the characters are a bit small....
    Anyway, thanks for sharing ^^

  7. Limefreak Dec 13, 2005

    Chisana this is beautiful 0_0 I am putting this on my desktop for sure :D
    Girl you rule! XD XD XD XD !

  8. ozma255 Dec 13, 2005

    This is a very nicely done wall, the effects are merged well with the scan and the colors are good. keep it up! :)

  9. Bla-demer Dec 13, 2005

    Nice wall you have done.
    Really nice looking lots of blue colour really much of it but it really
    is good You must have done lots of work for making it this good.
    So keep up the good work.

  10. Nyuu-chan Dec 13, 2005

    Ahh! That is amazing wall! I love Fye <3! It is a fav!

  11. MagicianFairy Dec 13, 2005

    ohh I love it! XD
    nice colors and nice effects...XD

  12. hatsukanezumi Dec 13, 2005

    You've done a wallpaper from thet scan! You're a genius! really great work on it ;D

  13. mughi Dec 13, 2005

    I wish I could give you techical advise but since I don't do wall all I can say is to give you subjective opinion. Even if you're not too happy with your work I think you did it sufficiently good enough that it will please people who download this work. At least, I liked it enough. :)

  14. AngelKate Dec 13, 2005

    omg! This is awesome! I love this scan too. You did a wonderful job with it! I don't think I could have extracted it. O.o It looked like a pain haha. Great work! A fave. :)

  15. SkyKing8 Dec 13, 2005

    Great use of effects :D, thanks for sharing, much appreciated! :)

  16. benni Dec 13, 2005

    wow.. that is an awsome job! ^^ very well done on the wall. *fav* i love it <3

  17. aura- Dec 13, 2005

    Wow, I really like the fai scan and the effects are just fantastic! :) The colors are so very nice too...

  18. Angelic-Essence Dec 14, 2005

    omfg that's awesome. o-o *stares in awe* blue is definitely cool <3 you are so awesome. XD

  19. flamealchimist Dec 14, 2005

    awesome wallpaper!

  20. marcoskatsuragi Dec 14, 2005

    Only use your own walls? Cool... nice work! Good luck on MT3!

  21. kyubinaruto Dec 14, 2005

    That's really pretty chisana-san!
    Should I help you upload this over at the graphic site? I am going to upload pham-chan's and my wallpaper soon anyway XD
    (sry about short comment, currently on hol and internet is expensive XD)

  22. rythem Dec 14, 2005

    looks really cool XD I love the blue .. but maybe the blueness of the bg is overpowering the charas .. (which looks a lil small) anyways , I love the effects n the floor X3 overall very nice chisana-chan ~ XD <3<3

  23. Fiery27 Dec 14, 2005

    Nice wallpaper. I like blue XD. well done.

  24. puchikonyo Dec 14, 2005

    nice job~~ XD

    your drawing of the floor is good =) [well it looks like a floor XD] a small part of it is not very circular but its not tht noticeable~~ lol still nice~~

    one complaint is the underlining of the words 'tsubasa reservoir chronicles'. >< i dunno. it looks odd to me X___x

    still, nice wall~ XP

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