Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: Alternate Advent

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I think I found the stock image of Tifa here... don't remember >_<.

The sword was part of the scan, and makes me remember the part in the beginning of AC when Kadaj kicks it over. So here's my attempt at recreating that mountain (eh somewhat... I know I'm missing the rock piles and stuff >_<, although there's a little trail down there where the action happens ^^), along with that whole techy web thing where it had a few credits ^^. Again, the whole BG was made by scratch in Photoshop (along with the help of Terragen :))

A few days went into this, and I hope no one has walled this image yet... though they probably have due to my slow walling abilities >_<.

Thanks for your time, and please enjoy ^^!

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  1. FullMetal8 Dec 13, 2005

    OO i really like the sword added to this wallpaper. It looks great, and has a nice effect on the overall feel of the picture. Great work!

  2. JakobderLugner Dec 13, 2005

    Great stuff! Love the work on the landscaping. However, I think it would be better if the BG were a little, err, sketchier (artsier?). Seems kinda weird (at least to me) with a cel stock and a 3D bg. However, again, GREAT rendering.

  3. KazeNoKizu Dec 13, 2005

    OOO Nice wall! I love the tifa scan. I like the overall mood of the wall too *favs*

  4. cloudcool Dec 13, 2005

    wow , how nice wall .
    TIFA is so wonderful .
    THX a lot.

  5. TheCreator Dec 13, 2005

    nice work all work good together

  6. ayanechan Dec 13, 2005

    awesome job riku! the tech stuff looks fantastic. ahh the mountains~ terragen <3 keep it up!

  7. Milkiyo Dec 13, 2005

    wow..this is one pic seldom seen here..plus..it's featuring my fav anime too^^
    *adds to fav* XD

  8. R-lancer Dec 13, 2005

    hey nice wall of advent children! keep it up

  9. kal91 Dec 13, 2005

    I had to stop reading your comment when it looks like you were about to describe a scene. This is another reminder I've not watch FF7:AC yet.

    The background looks a bit lifeless. But then again, given her expression, maybe you are striving for the desolate look

  10. hidekeitaro Dec 13, 2005

    Excellent wallpaper. The montains on the bg are very nice and combine with the image of the Tifa and the Sword's Cloud XD
    Congratullations :D

  11. xenogear238 Dec 13, 2005

    awesome wallie of tifa

  12. novianorby Dec 13, 2005

    totaly love it, if this wp had cloud in it, it would it be better, my god, i wish i had the same talent as everyone thats does this aka good, got to say totaly fanatical

  13. MasterPivot Dec 13, 2005

    Excellent work!
    It looks so clean and sharp. And the boxes nicely distinguishes this wallpaper from any other.

  14. Saikusa Retired Moderator Dec 13, 2005

    This is so sweet! I've loved this picture, ever since I first saw it on nekkeau's site ~ and that was before the film was released, so no-one really knew at the time that the Buster Sword was being used as a memorial to Zack at that stage.

    I like the way you've located it on the cliff edge. Your background shows a lot of work, and consideration not to oer-shadow Tifa. Really good work ~ I'm envious ^.~

  15. dusk Dec 14, 2005

    whoa pretty

  16. KyouS Dec 20, 2005

    Greatly Done i just love tifa in the movie she looks so goot

  17. knarf Dec 24, 2005

    Beautiful picture! Tifa is drawn very nicely and the art is fantastic!

  18. kira-freedom Dec 25, 2005

    Nice pic^_^

  19. azdvmc Jan 08, 2006

    ah Tifa, *sigh* so cute xD

  20. nimiru Jan 09, 2006

    tifa is sOoOoOo much more prettier than aeris! don't u guys agree?

    ANYwayz! nice wallie of tifa!^^

  21. Dreamer25 Jan 15, 2006

    OMG that is a wonderful scan. Tifa is one of my FAVORITE girl characters. Sorry to anyone about this, but SCREW AERIS. There I typed it. Anyways I love the fact that Cloud's old buster sword is there and Tifa is sitting there daydreaming. (adds to favs.)

  22. naruto5my Jan 15, 2006

    perfectly done. XD nice combination!

  23. owasephiroth Jan 20, 2006

    Oh Geez... that is a great wall, thx thx thx

  24. Feirai Jan 31, 2006

    the sword! the sword! I love the sword! and the background is just so rite....... :) Thank you for your work!

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