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Yuichi Kumakura, Studio DEEN, Jing: King of Bandits, Jing Wallpaper
Yuichi Kumakura Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Jing: King of Bandits Series Jing Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It seems i'm losing my touch...

First, view this at full size. otherwise, you'll miss out on my little details.
and then, i'll hafta sick whiteblaze on you with my special stick.

oh i'm just so freakin clever. and i have the most awesomest titles.
although...my dante one still rules over all.
that was sarcasm by the way. i'm not THAT conceided. right? >_>
blazey, back me up here...

i decided...to make a holiday wall. mainly the holiday of christmas, since it's what i celebrate.
well, i loved king of bandits jing (moreso the manga than the anime) and, this scan is just awesome.
so...jing is a bandit,...the KING of bandits... soi thought..."jing loves to steal what is thought to be the unstealable...or myths/legends...what can i do thats a myth/legend?" skipping ahead in my chain of thoughts, i came up with "he can steal santas reindeer...but not all of them...just one....RUDOLPH!" and thus, blaze began worshiping me. i mean, i started making my wall.
making a reindeer in the fetal position is NOT easy. but was very much fun. and then, wrapping a baga round it. i created the city from some refrences from th emanga that blaze so kindly scanned for me to use, and the details were added from there.
i put A LOT of work into this wall. everything you see is made from scratch. including the christmas lights, which i had SO much fun making. there was actually more detail than whats in ther enow, but i took a lot out since it was distracting. everything exceot the snow and text was vectored in illustrator. i then brought it into photoshop for the snow because i'm lazy and didn't feel like doing it in illustrator. plus, i wanted ot add the snow on the text, and that would just be better in photoshop as well.

anyways, i hope you enjoy my crazy christmas creation (mmm...alliteration)
there'll be more resolutions at pixelated graffiti sometime tomorrow (late update x_x)


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Cajime
Wall: Yuki JaM
Reason: Great Composition and simple yet effective vectoring make this wall unique and fun

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  1. nakuru-chan Dec 12, 2005

    really neat wall. ^___^ great job!

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2005

    Hahaha, that's awesome! The title cracks me up :D
    That really is an awesome scan and the bg is perfect! Great job!

  3. Rhonda21 Dec 12, 2005

    wow everything is made from scratch? Thats awesome.
    everything looks really cool and its great you put so much hard work into it. Nice Job!

  4. Kiako Dec 12, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    i like the background
    and the chara looks good too, very clean, a nice vector

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2005

    ah don't despair dear kalico
    The wall isn't bad, that funky text really roxs my soxs, and those christmas lights are awecome, eye-candy :d
    dunno if that scan is vectored but it loks damn clean, and the snow is well balanced :3
    the house on the left may be a tad too blurry, I can kind of see the blurred areas around the windows
    but overall, this is stil HQ goodness
    kudos to you for making everything from scratch~ I can see you put much work into it, so thank you for still being one of those

  6. alterlier Dec 12, 2005

    cool wall for christmas ...really nice.....

  7. Nyuu-chan Dec 12, 2005

    It is very nice Christmas wallie! I like this buildings in the background and you use nice font. Great work!

  8. Elves Dec 12, 2005

    There is just something inherently wrong with this picture...that and I laughed at it! XD That is a cool idea and I loved reading your train of thought...that was interesting.

    Very nice job coloring everything and making a reindeer in the fetal position then stuffing him into a bag. (Too funny!) Your christmas lights look excellant so thanks for putting effort into making them, very realistic.

    I'm still a little disturbed by Rudolph being in the bag. It just doesn't seem like Jing would do that, though I've only seen the anime so I'll take it with a grain of salt. It made me laugh darn it! So kudos and Happy Holidays. (You, my friend, may be getting coal in your stocking as well. ;) )

  9. okaasan Dec 12, 2005

    This is wonderful. I love it. Thank you for sharing your work and have a Merry Christmas. ^__^

  10. phamthuha Dec 13, 2005

    As always, it comes out cool ^_^ But sure i love the mysterious in your wall, so this time i don't like the clear in it Y_Y
    Still you got a fav, sweetie ^_^

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 13, 2005

    Awww dont feel like that Kalico, at least your still walling which c is a good sign! ^__^ ANyway i prefered Jing in the happy teen kid mode since this certain pic of him looks too serious and where that hilarious crow of his? Bu ti love the concept of capturing Rudolph! Hilarious indeed and a nice wall for Christmas indeed! Nice job as always!^__^

  12. bbls Dec 13, 2005

    omg...this wall is hella funny! XD
    your concept is just too wickedly hilarious!
    and your handmade background is just superb!
    i also luv how you added snow onto your text...what amazing details!

  13. Juclesia Dec 13, 2005

    great new wall. I like it very much, probably also if I don't know the serie,film,manga.... so cu hopefully soon with a new great work :-)

    merged: 12-13-2005 ~ 11:03pm
    great new wall. I like it very much, probably also if I don't know the serie,film,manga.... so cu hopefully soon with a new great work :-)

  14. SkyKing8 Dec 13, 2005

    Nice Wallpaper For Christmas! Thanks For Sharing!

  15. anji Dec 18, 2005

    You really have a lot of imagination, that's great.
    And you always come up with something new and with an other style.
    Nice vector, Jing looks great, like him too, he's cool.
    The idea of him stealing the reindeer is so good XD I'm glad you explain it all, I didn't recognize Rudolph at first vew. lol
    I'm especially impress by the christmas light in your wall they are so well done.
    My only complain would be the blur on the building I think. I understand why it's blur, but it's weird since the buildings behind Jing aren't and the window on the bottom neither.
    So you did a wonderful job by creating all this setting, I'm not a fan of christmas wallie but yours is nicely done and creative. Thanks for sharing kalico :)

  16. lampard Dec 27, 2005

    cute cute

  17. luciadas Oct 05, 2009


  18. RavenSW Dec 31, 2009

    Nice pic ^^Thanks for sharing!

  19. ryoma7 Aug 08, 2010

    beautiful pic, love it :)

  20. kaichou77 Feb 09, 2011

    Sympa comme travail. C'est assez original, j'aime bien !

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