Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Miserable Grin

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kaworu Nagisa Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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I must be extremely crazy, lazy or stupid for making this...i ve a presentation tomorrow afternoon and I worked with this wall almost whole day.
I simply can't start studying dammit; the book is looking at me and same goes for me -_- . I hope i won't regret making this one tomorrow night.
Anyways; another Kaworu wall for the fans out there. I hate the series yess...I know but it's different with him. He is one of the best characters ever.
A dark and gloomy one except for the expression on his face. The re-cging was a bitch though...it is not very hard though but I guess I am getting old -_-
Also no title this time because I simply couldn't manage to fit it in perfectly. Maybe I ll add one later though...at least I think it deserves a good one.
Haha I know there is someone out there who is going to kill me for this. he is waiting for a one piece wall for a long time (also a wide-screen one)
I hope you can forgive me Ghokun; I couldn't make any progress with the scan you wanted. Just give me a little more time...
Anyways...this one is dedicated to Yina since I promised her a wall last time. Here you go ^_^


Aspiring Mafia Plug
Member: boogybro
Wall : [Crazy/Sexy/Cool]
Reason bow down to his vecoring skills...also the design needs attention here


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  1. Yina Dec 12, 2005

    muahahaha I'm the first one! >D
    omg, fuku-sama.. this one is absolutely amazing.. *___*
    I love the atmosphere.. so dark and lovely.. haha xDD;;
    nyaa.. i dunno how you made the bg.. it just looks awesome.. O__O
    *speechless* nyaa.. *pointing at the moon*
    and there is also my beloved moon.. haha X3
    overall excellent work.. XD

    and domo arigatou.. >___< thank you, danke, merci beaucoup, xie xie for this wonderful wallie.. ;__;

  2. boogybro Dec 12, 2005

    I need to take a leaf out of your book about texturing backgrounds. You always do it so well.
    Awesome wall, atm I can't see one thing that I can critisize. So a job well done. :pacman:

  3. Xueli Dec 12, 2005

    very dark wall, I like it a lot. the moon is a nice detail

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2005

    This is very cool. I love the background, it's so dark and the scan fits well with it. The title is awesome too! Excellent job!

  5. Kiako Dec 12, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background is well done,
    i like the part with the moon there and the dark colored bg.
    keep it up

  6. Sandra Dec 12, 2005

    B R I L L I A N T *____________*

  7. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2005

    Yay I'm glad I put you on my WL. I love how your walls often have that soft glowing painterly quality to them. Also, not that I know much about the technicalities involved with walling, but the background is great.. and it complements the character so well. Great job ^^

  8. chibikko Dec 12, 2005

    kaworu kyaaaa *fangirl scream* yaay i love you for this, it went on my desktop before i realized it xD the backgrounds blends so well with the character and the atmosphere is dark gloomy, just as you wanted it to be. nothing more to say than, favorito favorito! and now go and learn something xD

  9. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Dec 12, 2005

    hello friend!

    Excellent presentation this that show. interesting composition. the colors and the atmosphere ^^ is mixed complementing one to the other.

    jeje. now is my new destop. ^^


  10. Dioma Dec 12, 2005

    Well I already said that I like the texture and the lighting so I just might add that I really like the moon, gives a romantic feeling :p

  11. Nyuu-chan Dec 12, 2005

    Kyaaaa! It is Kaworu <3. Your walls always cheer me up :D. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for next excellent wall =].

  12. Zoamel Dec 12, 2005

    Everything is fantastic! A new fav :D

  13. ShiXon Dec 12, 2005

    I really love it, even though I just can't explain how I love it but I do ;P Hope you'll do great on that presentation Fuku-chan! xD

  14. ayaki Dec 12, 2005

    i really like the atmosphere in this wall.
    /"A dark and gloomy one except for the expression on his face"/ haha totally agree
    but still it works!~ :D

    better get back to ur books!~ and study!~ ^_^ do whatever u like after holiday starts.

    great wall *_*b!~

  15. knightstar3 Dec 12, 2005

    wow. i love the color of the sky. :nya: dark and gloomy with the fence and moon.
    very well blended of the character, and cool texture. no title needed, it's awesome without. XD

  16. Leaf Dec 12, 2005

    Another wonderful wallpaper! ^^ I like the colors although the thing he's sitting on looks a little weird... and I'm not sure what it is.. '__' but other than that great job! XD

  17. AngelKate Dec 13, 2005

    Hehehe, I like the smile on his face. It looks like he's plotting something. Love the background too. Great work! :)

  18. Sayonara Dec 13, 2005

    omg! i totally luv this wall since he is my fav. character in the series OMG! so kawaii. this sure is one fav. Thanks *hugs*

  19. phamthuha Dec 13, 2005

    Oh my god, he is so so HANDSOME! I fall in love at the first time, to just see his smile >_< You are so so cool, Fuku-san!
    One fav from me for sure, sweetie ^_^

  20. ventures Dec 13, 2005

    looks great . i love the dark theme . and his "miserable grin " lol XD
    the moon really did a good job in lighting up the atmosphere and it has a lovely blue glow to it . nice ~~
    really like it ~

  21. ozma255 Dec 13, 2005

    Wow this wall is very appealing to the eyes. You've good texturing in the bg
    and everything fits well with the scan. You've created a great atmosphere in this wall, good job! +fav :)

  22. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 13, 2005

    Stop deluding yourself, re-cging aint old, im one of those people who havent yet even gone to the Vectoring side and you call it old? >__> Anyway i like this because its Kaworu and its a NGE wall, though could use a small itsy bitsy text in the middle part but nothing big... with or without it, its a beautiful piece of RE-CGED wall! nice job! ^__^

  23. zaira Dec 13, 2005

    waaah! fuku-sama! this one is sooo awesome! you dud a great job again on this wall! XD i love the scan! and the scan fits the whole cool bg! nice moon and the darky sky! XD +fav! wakekeke

  24. bbls Dec 13, 2005

    this has a perfectly dark and mysterious atmosphere!
    and it's also a bit unnerving...like there's something scary lurking about there... >.<
    the composition is also quite wonderful, and i luv that sliver of a moon that we can just make out! it looks perfect and not overdone!

    and good luck with your presentation! *cheers fuku on* XD

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