Hideo Yamamoto Wallpaper: Homonculus

Hideo Yamamoto Wallpaper
Hideo Yamamoto Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First off, this wall was heavily inspired by AkashaNosferatu's Aphonia wall:
so major thanks to her for making such wonderful works. And if you havent, go check out her gallery, seriously one of the top wallers currently imo. Anyways, my main motivation for this wall was to try and make something a little more "creative" as ive been doing alot of re-cg/vector walls where i didnt really challenge myself. Looking at Akasha's walls and the good feedback i got on my "untitled" wall on AP, i got inspired to try something a little different. For the most part, the only thing that is highly similar is that i used a similar composition but for the design, i tried to do something similar to my own untitled wall. i incorporated silohuettes of some homonculi from the manga and stuck with circle designs with repeating text. also, i colored the vectored char with screentone like patterns to retain the manga quality to it.


Chosen by OracleAngel and jasmine

Crapmonster's amazing vector yet again :D This one is a must-see. Very simple design but effective. As some would say "crisp and clean". What I personally love about this wall, is that the design is so rich that it does not need any sophisticated background. I like the silhouettes of other characters and the line shading Crapmonster used. Let me quote Flyindreams " *sighs* Terrifically stylish piece.." Yup. That sums it up :) *highlights*

Proposed by OracleAngel and highlighted by jasmine.

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  1. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2005

    It does remind me of the Aphonia wallpaper, but this is great too. Lovely design (as usual u_u ), I like the manga shading with those lines :d
    clean wall

  2. AkinaSpirit Dec 11, 2005

    Ahhh~ I like the bg design n' patterns.
    The interesting thing is how I saw designs like that on a shopping bag at Top Shop clothes store. It looks stylish :D

  3. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2005

    like candy said.. it reminded saki of aka tutu's walls... but i love the idea and design behind this wall.. simple but hot.. my love <3

  4. Yina Dec 11, 2005

    yeah.. quite simple bg.. but great effects.. =3
    like the simple colours and the composition is nice.. ^^

  5. Hentaijima Dec 11, 2005

    I've read the first volume of homonculus last month and i really like the start of this manga.
    Great wall Crapmonster (like all your creations ^^)

  6. AkashaNosferatu Dec 11, 2005

    Wow, this is wonderful. I'm definitely using this on my desktop. Love the colors and the use of screentones. Very stylish, and I just tend to prefer nonobtrusive walls like this. Its such a great compliment to know that my works are encouraging you to try different styles. I can honestly say that your own work has encouraged me as well. :D

  7. Scarlet Dec 11, 2005

    Real nice and stilish! I especially appreciate the simple neatness of it. You're true to yourself, as always, Crapmonster. *nods*

  8. tecnophreak Dec 12, 2005

    man boogy, excellent vector! you should make a tut on how to vector so flawlessly, lol. i love the abstract design with the text, and the pinstripes, its all nicely put together. could be a big bigger though, lol.
    take it easy man!

  9. nezzyuen Dec 12, 2005

    very nice prespective. love the variety of patterns and shapes there. cute.

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2005

    Its just those lines on the character which define this beautifully patterned wall for some reason, i love the white bg neutralized with the circular patterns and Beautiful job as usual mate... o_<

  11. akai Dec 12, 2005

    O.o" This wallie is so cool and artistic.
    X) Good mix of colours and I like the manga style to it. I like it alot. *thumbs up* XD

  12. exhumethecorpse Dec 12, 2005

    I tend to like like more busy walls and not like ones that are so white but i really like this. The pattern on the character and circle patterns just draw me in. Great job cm +fav

  13. flyindreams Dec 12, 2005

    *sighs* Terrifically stylish piece... love the circles and the strange silhouettes. I could stare at this for ages...

    Wonderful to see how you got so inspired by Akasha's wallie :D This really does the inspiration justice, I think :3

  14. anji Dec 13, 2005

    You maybe was inspired by an other work but you created something nice with the idea.
    I really like the lines that create shadows on the jacket and pants, I think it's really effective.
    I like those clean and stylish wall, especially when you play with Font and writting.
    The white background works well indeed, but I'd like to see it in color for fun like maybe the pale blue on the shirt's character.
    Thanks for sharing Crapmonster :)

  15. KorganoS Dec 14, 2005

    Holy Crap! you never ceases to amaze me, y'know that ;)
    I never thought somebody would wall this manga series, but now I'm stunned by this one.
    Neat vectored character, and lol, that 'left eye vision' is the most interesting thing.
    Nice simplicity, too.. not too cluttered, and a really, clean desktop (in contrary with the story of the series itself XD )
    all in all, a superb work, from teh Crap once again. Thumbs up!

  16. Rikkablurhound Dec 14, 2005

    Wow... Its really cool...
    I like the patterns & lines...
    Its really clean, no flaws at all...
    good job, keep it up...

  17. Milkiyo Dec 18, 2005

    beautiful..it may look simple but the designs around it are made with artistic and great work.. clean cut..thanks for sharing n.n

  18. Taurec Dec 18, 2005

    What they said .... <grin>

  19. Kinkosami Dec 18, 2005

    Very nice. I like the clean look, and the white background. It's easy to look at, but isn't so simple either. Nice vector too, I really like this wall. Great work!


  20. Sleepyhead65 Dec 19, 2005

    Whoa, simple, yet good. I really like the clean look. good job!

  21. royaldarkness Dec 19, 2005

    this is really good! simple, but awesome :D

  22. N2Heiki Dec 19, 2005

    yup yup! Great work on the wallie, stylish, simple and clean but rich, hehhehe i like this pic.
    I've read Homunculus up to vol.5 (is it just me or the title is homUnculus, and no homOnculus?)
    Anyway, thanks a lot fer sharing your great work

  23. StarCentury Dec 19, 2005

    As a fan of all vectors & U're works, crap-san, I totally went nutz when I found out U vectored! o_0 In thumbnail form it kinda looks like a plain wallie with a white BG, but I'm not fooled! XD I put it on full-view and OMG, did it took me by surprise! I've seen may vectors before, but this one U made crap-san is in a whole different league! I really like the retro-style designs around the cool character, and speaking of him wow, comic-book-style surely makes him look super-edgy! ^_^' I don't know what else to say, this is just an amazing vector! Really earns that highlight! Hehe!

  24. Koi89 Dec 20, 2005

    great design. :D

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