Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: [ G.S.D :: Morning Grace ]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Stellar Loussier, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

19 weeks since i submitted my last wallie >.< and i reallie give up on this one. or it'll take longer before i'm fully satisfied. but it doesn't matter anymore cause i'm kinda tired of looking at it.

uhh .. so here's my last one on my gsd series featuring .. TA-DAH ! (i'm so boring >.<) shinn x stellar which i think most of you already expected. biggiee sowwee to christine for making you wait for this one for so long. hahaha .. guess the pestering works XD

so vector of stellar & shinn ish by me >.< eto .. i made the beach too which i actually think kinda look odd though i'm kinda happie with the effort i put on making those foamy waves ^_^' mountains are stock photo that i can't remember where i took it from. and crabbie ish from yahoo > images XD i made the boat base on a piccey too cause it looks too realistic x_x

my other gsd series walls
1. [ G.S.D :: Moonlight Rhapsody ] ~ kira x lacus
2. [ G.S.D :: Afternoon Repose ] ~ athrun x cagalli
3. [ G.S.D :: Morning Grace] ~ shinn x stellar

i think that's it for gsd ! no more gsd wallies for now !

anyway .. comments and critique away ! :D

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kiako Dec 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the scene is nice, and i like that white boat there and the birds.
    but the clouds are too blury for the background.

  2. Idril Dec 11, 2005

    woow so fresh wallie Lizie-chan! the beach looks so real and mountains are a good point on background! ah! I love the couple too! soo kawaii! you really did a good job here, then gonna add it on my favs ^^

  3. Zerox0714 Dec 11, 2005

    Great wallie ^_^ very nice

  4. riku-chan Dec 11, 2005

    Been waiting for this pair~^^ *loves them for unknown reasons XD* Once again, great scenic layout, its nice that you even took into consideration their shadows and the angle at which they lay.

    Stellar and Shinn don't stand out too much from the BG, a common problem for vector art wallpapers. Overall, everything is spread out nicely.. nice job Liz!^___^

  5. aneres Dec 11, 2005

    Lizzie-chan~ XD I love the scan, Shinn and Stellar are a lovely pair. ^^ The background is awesome. *__*

  6. Nyuu-chan Dec 11, 2005

    Nice job Lizzie! Background is awesome! Great wallie!

  7. Criox Dec 11, 2005

    Hiya sweetie. Oh...cool. I really like the style. Beach.....with ships passing by. Romantic inno. XD Oh...there is a crab there. Hahaha! Cute. The concept is fantastic. It looks so clear and neat. XD Good vectoring too. Hahaha! Just realised something. Stellar looks abit cheeky in there. Kinda like more cheerful. XD You did it on purpose? ^_^' Well I can say its a good thing. Shinn looks more happy and cool. Better than the one in gsd. I love the Bg alot. Its so beautiful. Kinda feels like a painting. Hahaha. Oh....just a slight comment bout shinn. XD He is wearing the red zaft uniform on the beach. Hehehe! He should wear a outing clothings like the one in the episode where he save stellar. XD Anyway its just a tip so don't take it seriously. ^_^' I know you vector it from a scan. Lotsa hardwork. Well done sweetie. *huggle*

  8. ItakoLina Dec 11, 2005

    awww soo scuute ^O^
    so nice the wallie *-*
    keep up your great Work^^

  9. Amaranth Dec 11, 2005

    good job on the vector lizzie =3
    i love the bg mountains and the lil sailboat^^
    and great job on the transition from land to sea~! or wtv the water be^^'' i like how the green letters glow on the blue bg *_*

  10. slivermoon Dec 11, 2005

    the vectoring and the bg on this one is very nice
    i really like the bg, the water is soo pretty
    but it seems to me that the img is too much in the corner, maybe moving it more to the right would make it easier to see them
    but nice work anyways ^-^

  11. AkiraKiriyama Dec 11, 2005

    What a nice wallipaper! >.< Shinn and Stellar seem really on holiday together, despite of his uniform! >.< the Bg is really well done! ^_^

  12. gundragon Dec 11, 2005

    Very nice ^^
    Great job on the wallie
    I like the background it looks really great

  13. Jason9811 Dec 11, 2005

    Chibi...jeez its been some time XD but your work impresses me! Great Job! Good work! Overall your best effort ive seen in a long time! ^_^ Cheers


  14. FullMetal8 Dec 12, 2005

    I really like the whole beach scene. Very nice!

  15. ayanechan Dec 12, 2005

    very sweet lizzie! the angle of shinn+stellar/crab/boat shadow are a lil' odd. shouldn't your shadow be directly under you if it's somewhere in the afternoon? (even if the title says it's in the morning xD). maybe this is the scans fault but stellar's right hand (the one on shinn's lap) looks outta proportion/too small. the sand looks fine though it would be good to have the shinn+stellar/crab press onto the sand (i'm not quite sure how to explain this) so that they would look more incorporated into the wallpaper than just pasted there. the mountain most left could be runned through a few more filters cause it stands out quite a bit from the others =) but it's still a very gorgeous wallpaper~

  16. AngelXXX Dec 12, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper ^^ I am glad i came back on to see this^^

    It is so calm..... I love it ^^

  17. wolfsfreak09 Dec 12, 2005

    aww how cute! i like it ^_^ +favs

  18. kira-freedom Dec 12, 2005

    It's good job^_^

  19. heavenANDearth Dec 12, 2005

    Nice! Too bad Stellar died! I reilly liked her. Arghhh. I wish yuna's father died instead of her! Stellar!

  20. Justice48 Dec 12, 2005

    Nice work... Shinn and Stellar look so happy there

    It looks like a painting too... since it is really calm in a way...

    Keep it up! ^_^

  21. CagalliYulaAttha91 Dec 12, 2005

    UBER NICE ! Lizzie-chan ! Ish so nice! and finally u submitted it ! XP I was dying to see it >< anyway ! I wubb it ! XD +favvies

  22. RoninDrake Dec 12, 2005

    nice vectoring work, keep it up!

  23. Midori-chan Dec 12, 2005

    wow! GSD wallie! XD
    Shinn is so cute~ =3
    and the bg of the sea side is very pretty^^
    i like the crab^^ it's cute =3
    this one is gotta be my fav XD
    great job chibilizard! ;)

  24. aishiteraburu Dec 12, 2005

    yay another gsd wall by lizzie-chan
    and as usual fabulous work on the vectorization
    and the bg woah its like the real beach
    love the mountains and the sea
    another piece of art

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