Report of Nature Spirits Wallpaper: *Gentle side*

Aoi Nanase, Report of Nature Spirits Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My new wall ^_^ Oh sure such along time i didn't work with an Aoi Nanase scan ^_^ This artist is great and i love Angel Dust from him so much >_<

And before i comment, i want to introduce the scan first:

Both of her dress is ended in such an unbelieable way OoO So i remake her dress in this wall ^_^ I am sure it is weird and odd, but plz accept it ....

Thing i put in this wall:
- Grass: oh, it is really surprised but i have to admit that i am really bad at the grass brush @__@, so in my wall, i always want to run away from it, so i won't have to use that brush ^_^ But for this wall, the grass is really the only path that is complicated ^_^ Hope that i did it well....
- A sky: sure my best point ^_^
- some flower flying and some sparkle

Just count it out and i realise it is such a simple wall ^_^ But don't know how and why >_< it took me 3 days to finish and more than 100 layers !?
The original file size in Photoshop: 59,043 mb

Comment and fav are welcome as always ^_^ Enjoy!

ps: well, visit my gallery if you like:

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  1. SweetGrl Dec 11, 2005

    Ooo...very pretty! Awesome job, phamthuha! Keep it up!

  2. Amru-chan Dec 11, 2005

    Preety wallpaper ^__________^. I like it very very much ^^. I like the grass very very much >_____<. Add to fav ^^.

  3. Akira-san Dec 11, 2005

    Hahahaha, geez... you don't know what you saying, this grass you made is just perfect... please teach me how you did this one x~~
    The sky is very well done, loved how you did the sun ^^

    My only complain is abou the scan, she look's disproportional her head looks too big for her body and the flowers in bg should be in the same color as the ones in her hands, to looks like she picked that flowers around ^^
    Well, wonderful wallie as ever, phamthuha! +fav

  4. AngelKate Dec 11, 2005

    What are you talking about, the grass isn't bad! It looks beautiful. So much better than my grass. >_< It gives me the impression that it is blowing in the wind. Your sky is beautiful too! You always make such pretty skies. I like what you did to the scan too, the red looks really good with this wall. Great job hon! *hugs*

  5. Darkbeat Dec 11, 2005


    And once again, my dear phamthuha, you made a smile appear on my face by submitting one of your new wallpapers again and with every time I watch at them, I even fall more in love with your work.

    You are a talented artist, definitely one of my favourite wallpaper creators here on MT ^^ You always manage to add something in your wallies that emits peace and tranquillity and I love that about your wallpapers.

    I apologize for not letting any messages behind for a while, schoolwork has been sucking up all of my time, but I know I will always have my last resort at this site to look at your wallpapers and await every new wallpaper you add ^^

    This is one more for my favourites, just like all your other wallies ;)

    Much love!

  6. strawberrt Dec 11, 2005

    i liked how you changed the colours of the girl's dress! it must've took a long time (it looks like it anyway). I love the background, great job on it!

  7. Leaf Dec 11, 2005

    Really cute! ^^ As usual. Although the grass looks a little boring.. >_>; and maybe something more needs to be done to the sky as well.. it looks a little too plain. But other than that it looks cute ^^ You redid the dress too.. o_O: wow.. I could never do that XD anyways good job ^^

  8. elessar007 Dec 11, 2005

    The grass looks as if it has rows in it instead of being one continuous lawn. The patfches of wildflowers seem a little dull and lifeless. They lack depth. Maybe a touch of slighly darker color in the center to give a bit of shading would help.

    The clouds and lighting effects look really good. There seems to be a completely circular spot of white in the clouds around the same level as her eyes and I can't tell if it is supposed to be the moon or not. It wouldn't seem to make sense that the moon would be out when the sun is so high in the sky.

    The change from blue to red for her dress color seems to have worked out very well.
    Thanks for sharing your hard work.

  9. Bla-demer Dec 11, 2005

    Really cute wall. I like the grass in the back it's really beautiful and the sky is also
    nice looking. Those clouds and that sun make magnificent sky. The chaging the
    colours of Sakura's dress must have take lots of time but you have done really good job in it.
    She looks great. So keep up the good work and I know you will.

  10. melonbrust Dec 11, 2005

    OMG..its the best..>_< love it thuha-chan great background, great scan, I love the gras , looks so real
    the sky is amazing, fav for sure

  11. zaira Dec 11, 2005

    waaah! the grass! i want the grass! XD
    the scan is soo uber cute! i love it! *save save save* wahahahaha XD me love the clouds! i love the clouds! nice work! XD wakekekeke +fav!

  12. ShiXon Dec 11, 2005

    I think the dress looks fine Pham! The grass isn't that bad either, I think they're just fine! So you should be proud of this wallie,, Faving for sure!

  13. Rikkablurhound Dec 11, 2005

    The cloud is as good as ever... so is tthe sun over there...
    The scan looks ok too... U did it really well...
    The grass looks ok too...
    Im kinda suprised though... since this wall is really plain from your others... >_<
    The clouds are really lovely... (cant get over it...)
    The scan so kawaii....
    The grass looks so real too! really...
    Just my opinion... But I think the scan dont really suits the BG... coz its erm... not plain enough?
    But still its pretty...^^

  14. Devildude Dec 11, 2005

    i like the absolute difference you gave her, makes her standout among the other walls that retain her original colors. She is sweet and now it looks like she is so well made, a tailored wallpaper fit for the fav and my wallpaper of the day. It is a good example of your many works and being an Aoi fan myself, this is just wonderful. I love how natural the grass feels, i can almost feel the movement whilst looking at the wallpaper.
    Overall, I say the only thing that is rather jutting out of the norm is the character on the left, which makes me have to shift my icons to the right in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the wall. A wonderful creation. Cheers and goes to fav.

  15. Crescentvn Dec 11, 2005

    Nice job as always phamthuha, I've just seen this girl with blue dress, can't imagine that u can make this far. The sky, the most favorite I love about this wall. I wish I can make wonderful sky like that too, but I still need long way to go ^_^. I'll give u 10 favs if I can. Keep up the good work, u got my respect.

  16. Zoamel Dec 11, 2005

    I'm speechless... I don't understand how you changed the colour of the dress and completed the dress! Unbelieveable! Fantastic work with the background, too. The grass is so real and the sky is awesome. Clear fav! :D

  17. nolove Dec 11, 2005

    wow, thiz's really great PhamThuHa, I usually love blue than red but thiz I have to say the way u change the scan color make her more more more beautiful, love the sky of urs too.
    surely a fav from me ^__^

  18. Milkiyo Dec 11, 2005

    oh..wow..u churned out a great wall from that scan huh? don't worry about the grass^^ ps...I suck at grass too LOL..probably because I don't have the brush 0.0..so I have to create it myself..
    the clouds are a bit too solid but the whole look is beautiful XD..btw..did u dye the girl's dress? LOL..cool technique

  19. wolfling Dec 11, 2005

    oh this is so cute.. very well done and i think the red dress is better anyway.

  20. MiniMog Dec 11, 2005

    ..and again, it seems my wait for your next wallpaper was worth it, since you have done very, very well with this one. So beautiful, and your grass brush.. is absolutely amazing.. you've done great with it, so stop being so modest. XD

    You've done amazing well with the recolouring of the girl's clothes, too. Definately a wallpaper I would have to fav, since it is practically perfect! ^_^

  21. Idril Dec 11, 2005

    lovely wallie phan-chan! background looks really good and your grass is very nice too! It reminds me a fresh Spring day! ^^

  22. Rhonda21 Dec 11, 2005

    Oh how beautiful! I like what you did with the scan, it looks very pretty! The sky with the birds and clouds looks really nice and the grass looks Great. So soft too.
    Wonderful Job Again!

  23. mizzyew825 Dec 11, 2005

    wow you alway made great wallpaper ^_^ favvvvvvvv

  24. chibichibikaukau Dec 11, 2005

    its so pretty^^ like allways^^ the colors, image and background couldnt be better^^ very good job

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