Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: Kingdom Explosion [W]

Shiro Amano, Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Sora Wallpaper
Shiro Amano Mangaka Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Sora Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yeah, crappy title.

Anywho, I know a lot of people use this scan, but it's just so pretty ^_^
I think the bubbles look kinda out of place, but I couldn't think of what else to put.

Scan can be found here.

Layers: 31
Time: 5-6 hours

Comments totally welcome!

Edit: I've removed the bubbles and added some sparkles :D

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  1. Hix Dec 10, 2005

    bg looks really nice and I like this scan ^ _ ^
    nice job man ^ _ ^

  2. Moonlightprincess Dec 10, 2005

    it looks really cool! good job! adding this to my favs!

  3. Ayasal Dec 10, 2005

    man... O_O I just LOVE your styles! the bubbles really add an nice touch to the wall, and love your use of colors! gotta fav it ones again! ^o^
    just to let you know all the favs are NOT friend favs! okey? they are all just great!

  4. Limefreak Dec 10, 2005

    hey I like it .... :) awesome job on the cool background and great extraction too! ;) Fav from lime :)

  5. Alfonse Dec 10, 2005

    I am awe-strucked with your work Chloe-chan.
    I see no problems with the bubbles, buuut, they do seem to be out of place for this wall.
    Because of all the lightning effects, it isn't fighting perfectly, but it's also not all bad. And btw, I love the lightning effects.
    The colors were also blended in very well, like always. You've got great talent Chloe.
    Also, the title isn't bad whatsoever. It fits in perfectly, because the vibe I get from this wall is "explosive" so to speak. ;)
    The bg does seem like there was an explosion, a colorful one that is.
    Also I like the foggy effect you put around Sora's legs. It fits in perfectly.
    All in all, this deserves a fav. What, is this the 5th or 7th wall I've faved from you?
    It's either, I'm a sucker for your wallies, or that you always seem to out do yourself.
    Either way you get a fav. ;)
    Keep up the fantastic work Chloe, and I can't wait to see what you make next time.

  6. Shaki-chan Dec 10, 2005

    Yayyy kingdom hearts! ^^ fav from me, i'm gonna put it as wallpaper now XD

  7. lunacrystal Dec 11, 2005

    Sora is awesome! FaV++

  8. aishiteraburu Dec 11, 2005

    yes it really great chloe

    love the diffirent shades of color and the bubbles
    u did a great job
    it deserves a fave

  9. Rikimaru-jp Dec 11, 2005

    Groovy background you made here Chloe-Chan ;) I really love it; the colors are really matching so greatly, the lightening effects are looking cool and also the sparkles are fitting well with the background, but the bubbles although they really look great but I think you should remove them because they doesn't suit with the wallie!
    the fog is well displayed and look awesome and nice touch with the glowing effects on the character really makes the wallie more dynamic :)
    oh and by the way the font for the title is really fitting well with the wallie!
    keep up the superb work my friend ^ ^!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  10. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 11, 2005

    Ooohhh... Sora from KH. And that scan! *points at it* I used that scan before in my wall. >.< Yeap, definitely have to agree that it's an awesome scan although it's overused.

    The colours of abstractness are pretty nice, but those bubbles are like what you've said, out of place... maybe you could add some... uh.. little stars or angelic dusts? And try to put them at where your bubbles are and then remove your bubbles might look better. ^^

    Lols, I really have nothing to say about your title. Hehehe.

  11. kanE-chaN Dec 11, 2005

    nice..i lik it..^^

  12. uchiha-vegeta Dec 11, 2005

    WOW! , u really are a pro at these stuff , keep it up , and a fav for ya ^^


  13. Morphee Dec 11, 2005

    oh beautiful colors! love the background! and it fits really well with the Sora pic! ^^ great job!

  14. pegassuss Dec 11, 2005

    It's a really nice wallpaper. I love Kingdom Hearts and your are right, this scan is great. I like the colors you chose and how they mixed and blend so well. I light the lightenings and the bubbles don't look bad either. Nice effects, I think you did a very nice work.

  15. yankeefairy Dec 12, 2005

    Looks really cool.
    I like the color you used.
    I love kingdom hearts.
    Keep up the good work.
    See you later.

  16. ShinNaruto Dec 13, 2005

    wow......., i dont know what to say, but that is coming out of my minde is (OUTSTANDING WORK KEEP IT UP) and also hope to see more of your work soon BB :)

  17. flyindance Dec 14, 2005

    the mixture of colour is nice but i agree wf u, the bubbles is kind of..........(u know wat)
    well, like I said the mixture of colour is nice but somehow it doesn't suit it wf the scan, I duno y.
    just I feel like it ^_^'
    very sori abt tat.
    but appreciate the time u spend.
    thanks 4 sharin :)

  18. Liz Dec 17, 2005

    Great chloe-chan its awsome! It looked good as our computer background and it looks awsome on mine to hehe. love the colors and the effect the scan is really cool. The charater is really cute too. Great work and thanks for sharing it with us.

  19. RengekiShin Jan 16, 2006

    Heyyy, long time no see. And I think that scan is from the manga, the scan looks nice, and so does the background, nice work!

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