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Murakami Suigun, Hourglass of Summer, Kaho Serizawa, Member Art
Murakami Suigun Mangaka Hourglass of Summer Series,Visual Novel Kaho Serizawa Character Member Art Source


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giving more reasons for oniichan to strangle chisai... x_x the temptation was too strong! >_< otoh, chisai did not give up without a struggle... however in the end, this maiden prevailed...... ah the power of the female species.. :pacman: there is no denying she's a personal favorite, and i enjoy drawing her in this angle...

*mouths at oniichan: this is the last one -i promise... *winces. >_>

*edit* levels were adjusted in photoshop.

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  1. Devildude Dec 10, 2005

    A wonderful copy of the original very much like the same. I think your skills have improved once again. There is some problems with her chin which is kind of long, a little weird with the left wrist as well. But overall, it is just bones in an egg, I say this is worth a fav for its great sketch, you deserve a praise. It is kind of messy however, maybe a clean up of the line? Cheers.

  2. uriziel Dec 10, 2005

    Im not suprised
    as usual great work and style thanks for sharing

  3. Dresha Dec 10, 2005

    I like it really, but I think it would be better if the shading would be smoother.

  4. Milkiyo Dec 10, 2005

    not bad but the face is a bit longish and the pic is kinda messy..
    ^^ nice drawing though

  5. DarkShinobi223 Dec 10, 2005

    I must say........your skills are proven the best of all...........
    I like this as much as the original one.........
    Another powerful drawing.......

  6. BlkLotus Dec 11, 2005

    you do such a good job! amazing. keep it up

  7. nolove Dec 11, 2005

    wow, very beautiful drawing ^^, you're really a talent. Keep it up ^__^

  8. jasaiyajin Mute Member Dec 11, 2005

    holy sheeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat, another good one... one word cums to mind: jism

  9. melonbrust Dec 11, 2005

    agree with everyone, beautiful drawing, nice angle as well ^^

  10. Pikapika Dec 11, 2005

    oh wow! a beautiful draw!

    she's cute! I like it lots! keep it up! ~~~<3

  11. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Dec 11, 2005

    yet another great doujin chisaikame-san! but between the two, i think i liked the other one better... her hat looks a little odd in this one and the ribbon looks a little too stiff. you still did an excellent job on the shading and proportions tho! keep up the great work! :D

  12. WanderBoy Dec 11, 2005

    Wow... it sure looks nice! ^_^

  13. hamburger89 Dec 11, 2005

    yep it is a good drawing but her hair is a bit messy...a little bit 'hard' not smooth enough
    but it is thousand times better than my drawing :D

  14. cybergirl Dec 12, 2005

    She's so pretty!

    merged: 12-14-2005 ~ 07:47am
    I can't get over how gorgeous this is!

  15. GokuB Dec 14, 2005

    Wow I really like pic here.You are a really good artist.And I like to see more of you work ^^.I can't think of anything to say how much I good your work is.Sorry bout that.Adds to favs

  16. CosmoStar Dec 15, 2005

    It is just as love as the other angle! Congrats! I love your shadow techinique! You're an ispiring example for me! Keep presenting your awesome works to us!

  17. Hassadar Banned Member Jan 29, 2006

    Great picture and style of drawing!

  18. julian1 Feb 17, 2006

    i dunno, my heart's beating really fast now... they are just so beautiful!

  19. DarkIngram Feb 20, 2006

    I like her clothes... :D very detailed.... :)
    The shadings are good also....

    + fav!

  20. LeeAnn Feb 24, 2006

    i've seen the scan of this... and i like this better, maybe because i like it plain...or simply because u made it!(>_<)

  21. jinky Mar 07, 2006

    your works are pretty good. :) i like the way you draw her. ;)

  22. hikago Mar 14, 2006

    Wow, awesome sketch of the Murakami Suigun drawing, you did it really well!
    Your cross-hatching is pretty damn good, makes the different levels of shadows really stand out well.
    What kind of pencil did you use for the hair? ... Well I guess you used several different weights looking at the darkness contrasts @________@
    Anyways, enough rambling... great job!

    P.S. Your other hourglass of summer sketch is also really well done!

  23. celestial-Ceres Mar 14, 2006

    It looks so great ;_;

  24. mechanical-angel Mar 20, 2006


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