Shin Megami Tensei Wallpaper: Om Mani Padme Hm

Kazuma Kaneko, Shin Megami Tensei Wallpaper
Kazuma Kaneko Mangaka Shin Megami Tensei Series,OVA,Game

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i just beat digital devil saga 2 (direct sequel of dds 1) a few days ago. i love this game. it's been a while since i played a game like this (as expected from Shin Megami Tensei series). it has a unique (dark) story, good gameplay, interesting characters, impressive cell-shading graphics and nice OSTs.
hence, i decided to wall it. :D

a quick summary for the game....
The Junkyard, a city of rusted iron and constant rain. its people lived in divided tribes and committed themselves to a never ending war where each tribe compete against each other, trying to kill each other's leader, in order to reach Nirvana. Then one day, a mysterious light strikes down and gives them the ability to turn into Atma (demons) which triggered a new kind of war where Atmas are devouring each other. The law is simple, "Devour or Be Devoured". In DDS 1, we will start as Serph, the leader of the Embryon Tribe (the smallest tribe as it happen to be). The story then develops when they find a mysterious girl who hold the key to everything and ended when Serph reached Nirvana. In DDS 2, we would learn that the Promised Land (or the so-called Nirvana), is not a paradise as it rumored to be. It can even be perceived as a new kind of hell. Now, Serph has to fight once more, not to find Nirvana, but to survive it.

about the title, Om Mani Padme Hm, ppl who played DDS should be familiar with the title. It is probably the most famous mantra in Buddhism. This mantra has many meanings, a popular translation is "Hail the jewel in the lotus". Om = Hail, Mani = Jewel, Padme = Lotus and Hum / Hung / Hm sums it all up. Another meaning is purification of the six realms of existence in suffering.
Om : bliss / pride
Ma : jealousy / lust
Ni : passion / desire
Pe : stupidity / prejudice
Me : poverty / possessiveness
Hung : aggression / hatred

okay, some ppl ( ai for example >_> ) think that this is a yaoi wall x_X which is NOT true. the wall features two main characters from DDS, Serph ( male ) and Sera ( female ). and why there's no DDS category here. >_>
this wall is dedicated for Kei because he provided me with those nice OSTs and videos. XD
the scan was leeched from http://beyourtruemind.net/ :)

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  1. DarkAngelKaory Dec 10, 2005

    Cool I love it.But I haven't ever played the game or ever heard of it,but it sounds great.

  2. shinorei Dec 10, 2005

    Ooh, this is a really special looking wallpaper. Must full-view. ^_^
    Those little shapey things reminds me of some bee's nest. With their honey and everything. Nicely done, keep up the good work!

  3. angelman Dec 10, 2005

    Cool I love it

  4. siete Dec 10, 2005

    Cute wallpaper! Thanks!

  5. gundex Dec 13, 2005

    yay a wallie from dans again... ^^ ahh after seeing ur wallies lately, i think i wanna make some wallie again ^^... btw this is a nice work i like the hexagonal pattern in the bg... ^^ well, good job dude... ^^

  6. kuchikidesert Dec 13, 2005

    hai dans! nice wall.. it's very tidy... good work!

  7. onimmusha Dec 15, 2005

    i love it!
    it's really smooth and tidy
    Serph and Sera really make a good couple
    BTW,in digital devil saga 2 Sera got her tatoo to right?
    it shape like Serph's
    i think in her right cheek...

  8. FlowerDog Jan 30, 2006

    I have played part 1 and 2 of this series too (haven't finish part 2 b/c I was trying to answer all 100 questions from Jack Frost XD )! I really love this serie and love the way you put the BG with the scan of Sera and Serph together! The quality of your wallpaper is also very high and clean. It's funny who you don't ever hear Serph's voice until the cat finally speaks. XD

  9. animelizzy92 Dec 11, 2006

    loving the colour combos works well and gets the right feel. just hope that it was the one that you wehre going for lol

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