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..the rest of the doujinshis i've made are now considered confidential and will never see the light of day ^_^' ...otoh, i will continue drawing non-project related douj's... however, i particularly liked this girl from hour glass... and i felt the need to share it. (gomene niichan) i've never seen a char. as refreshing as she does... so- i hope you like it.. XO

-levels auto-adjusted in photoshop.

ps. if you know where i can get more scans of her, let me know, as it is scarcein MT. onegai.

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  1. uriziel Dec 09, 2005

    another great work
    thanks for sharing

  2. RonWeasley Dec 09, 2005

    wow, awesome work! *__*

  3. BlkLotus Dec 09, 2005

    oh gosh this is so nice. wow thanks for shareing this ! very well done

  4. Gemguardianzero Dec 09, 2005

    Some of the best work I've seen. :)

  5. CosmoStar Dec 09, 2005

    Incredibly awesome and fabulous! I'm your fan, y'know? :D
    I loved how it is sketchy and I love dthe lines and the feeling of the pic! You're very talented!
    This will go right to my favs too!
    Have a nice day!

  6. melonbrust Dec 10, 2005

    great drawing, ^^ I love it...

  7. artgeek12 Dec 10, 2005

    Another great work. I'd like to know what kind of pencil you used? It looks like it could be a 2B or softer. Do you use any other tools besides a pencil? I see career mangaka in your future *^_^*

  8. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Dec 10, 2005

    this one is perfect chisaikame-san! definitely a fav from me! :D keep up the great work!

  9. jarvisjerk Dec 10, 2005

    Again... Another nice doujinshi... :D
    Wah... If you everyday upload ur masterpiece then I might as well copy and paste comments loh... LOL...

  10. DarkShinobi223 Dec 10, 2005

    I love the details that you've put on her.........plus her hair flowing with the breeze..that'sa nice touch.......here's another flawless doujinshi! :)

  11. jasaiyajin Mute Member Dec 10, 2005

    oooooooooo.o....oooooooo.. kirei desu neee... i like the sketch ^_^

  12. Kasuga14 Dec 10, 2005

    My god, you did another beautiful drawing, i can notice the detail in the shading you did with this one, and the breeze flowing with her is great.
    there's one thing I've noticed though with this one, the faceline is alittle higher than the other one, making the face longer. The eyes are also closer together and the eye looks alittle altered than the other. This is just my opinion and its not really important.

    I really love your shadings in this drawing, This is, as everyone said, is VERY Beautiful, and seems very flawless

  13. gemini4life Dec 11, 2005

    wow... this is mind blowing... imagination goes wild... in the sense that she feels so very real... it's as if I'm there right next to her... can feel the breeze blowing, and her subtle yet strong smile.

    Shading for both the shadows and coloring/contrast are perfect... and adore the little char in the bottom right ^_^.

    Thanks for such a magnificient piece of artwork, so much show must let my friends know about it ^^

  14. Aki18 Dec 11, 2005

    oooh another one from chisai... heheh when i saw this at thegallery i half expected it was yours.. anyway...
    The shading, as always... is magnificent... very clean, not sketchy and certainly not messy like mine... your shading is a something i can never attain...
    anyway.. come problems with the form though..
    the left shoulder is too large, as compared to the body (or the body is too small compared to the shoulder) and this makes the shape of a body feel a little bit off... as one draws the arm and body to follow the shoulder.
    Hmm.. guess that's it... Great picture nonetheless.... and i realy like the way you present it...

  15. hamburger89 Dec 11, 2005

    Kirei........thanks 4 sharing !
    haha the little fellow inside the drawing is cute...
    how bout bcome my sensei? XD i reli love ur sketches....

  16. studio Dec 11, 2005

    Oh, I LOVE her dress, chest looks wel done. Just the shading in the lower half ... .__. better to do each section with the lines going all in one direction - or a slight tilt to highlight the way the material is blowing so there would be no crosshatching.

    Great work though, like it.

  17. miyano Dec 13, 2005

    your shadings really impress me.
    hmm..i wonder how long did you take to draw your drawings...
    but anyway,nice one :)

  18. cybergirl Dec 13, 2005

    I can practically feel the wind!

  19. ToriTori Dec 14, 2005

    i loove it! wow our so talented! =)

  20. GokuB Dec 14, 2005

    Wow I really like pic here.You are a really good artist.And I like to see more of you work ^^.I can't think of anything to say how much I good your work is.Sorry bout that.Adds to favs.

  21. keevang Dec 14, 2005

    wow. x_x

  22. fidiou Dec 27, 2005

    Nothing to tell!

  23. Hassadar Banned Member Jan 29, 2006

    Such a nice girl!...

  24. julian1 Feb 17, 2006

    your techniques are totally different from others, and it makes the artwork nice too!

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