Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: Magical Sunset

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Suigintou Wallpaper
Peach-Pit Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Rozen Maiden Series Suigintou Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my first wall and my first time dealing with photoshop so I know it isn't very good but I tried. I put way too many sparkles but when I tried to fix them I just messed up everything so I just decided to leave them. It is kind of plain but I have yet to learn more about making walls.
Thanks to Emma, Morphee, and b3nitora for their advice and suggestions. I really appreciate it!

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Browse Rozen Maiden Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. SharinganKnight Dec 08, 2005

    no way in hell is this your first photoshop try! this is...amazing for a strater. With the exception of a few repetitive features and a few blending issues the wall is perfect. I am utterly impressed.

  2. sangel99 Dec 08, 2005

    Wow that is VERY good for a first try! I really sucked on my first one XD Great job! I can tell you're going to be a good Photoshop user *thumbs up~!* ^-^

  3. ladyai Dec 08, 2005

    Wow for your first try this is amazing. You did a good. If this is your first one I can't wait to the next one.

    Ja ne ^_^

  4. sacredsky Dec 08, 2005

    Wow...this is fantastic! Great job! Your skill on this first wallpaper is amazing! Keep it up, rock on!

    I think that girl is from "Rozen Maiden" but I'm not positive ><

  5. Milkiyo Dec 08, 2005

    this is awesome for a first starter^^
    although..try and not put the specks in the sky..the grass n sky looks realistic enough..nice work!
    yah..I'm quite sure this is rozen maiden..I think..LOL
    +fav..keep it up..

  6. Sumomo- Dec 09, 2005

    Rhonda! *claps* Thats a great wallpaper for your first try! I'm impressed :)
    You did a great job on the sky and loving the tree.
    Looking really forward to seeing more wallpapers from you,girl :)

    A tip, put a signature on your wall so you make sure that someone dont rip your beautiful wall ;)

  7. pamkips Dec 09, 2005

    i have to agree great job for your very first time ^_^ way better than what they hey i did, anyways good job ^_^

  8. Rikimaru-jp Dec 09, 2005

    awesome work Rhonda :) the wallie is surely charming! and I must say that the background is excellent and it suits with the scan so perfectly!
    the hill looks good also the grass ;) and the tree is well done :)
    the sky is goregeous and fits perfectly with everything on the wallie!
    you did a great job that's why you earn a favorite!

  9. phamthuha Dec 09, 2005

    Your first wall? It is so so good, Sweetie ^_^ I love the cute scene and the little cutie grass that stand around the girl ^_^
    One fav from me for sure, Rhonda-san ^_^

  10. Phill Dec 09, 2005

    wow , really good for the first wall TT_TT my first wall was the worse of the worse
    fave for the good first work , keep it up :">

  11. melonbrust Dec 09, 2005

    First wall? no way ^^ Its beautiful, specially the grass and the birds..
    some advice for the extraction on the scan.. otherwise, great job

  12. nolove Dec 09, 2005

    oh, I know that's ur first wall ><, but cant believe, just like that you have lots of exp in making wall before ><, I really love it, the trees are very great and ur BG is so so cute too. My first wall hadnt be so beautiful as that. Wowo, of coz you'll deserve a fav from me ><

  13. zaira Dec 09, 2005

    woot! nice tree i love the tree! the grass is nice too! where did you bet the grass? well the san is cute too but mabe the bg should be a little dark bec. of the scan's color and the clouds well needs work too >_< but overall nice try for your first wall! :D

  14. Zoamel Dec 09, 2005

    You think it's not good?! Are you blind? ;)
    I love the way you made the background. This colourful and fresh colours arre fitting great together. I also like the tree. It's looking so real :D

  15. semanga Dec 09, 2005

    wow this is your first wall
    that looks awesome for your first wall
    i wish my first walls would also look like this
    ... and i believe that your next walls will be more better as this and u are very fast one of the best waller in this acound
    congratulation to your first wall i must add this to my fav

  16. pegassuss Dec 09, 2005

    Awesome wall! This is a great wall Rhonda! you did a fantastic job! I'm now learning to use Photoshop and I would never do something like that. I really like the grass and the sky. The colors are very pretty and fit very well. You did a nice job with the clouds and the birds are a very nice detail ^^ The tree is nicely done too. You did a great job and if you keep up like that, you are going to be a great waller!

  17. yankeefairy Dec 09, 2005

    This is very pretty. I could'nt even make a wall like that. The color is prettt and the girl and the clouds and the birds. yeah, i'm never going to make one just going to look at the other ones and yours if you keep making some more.
    Very nice.

  18. AngelKate Dec 09, 2005

    Wow, this is really pretty for your first wallpaper. ^_^ I love the colors and your grass is really cool! Great job!

  19. Ryoki-san Dec 09, 2005


  20. Morphee Dec 09, 2005

    waow! such a change from your first version! ^^ it looks great! i love the afternonish near sun down atmosphere! ^^ you really did a great job there Rhonda! keep it up!

  21. cloh Dec 10, 2005

    It's really great!
    I love it! Colors are really nice and I love the idea of putting a yellow/orange sky! Really nice!
    And the sparkles are nice, I don't think there is too many of them^^
    You did a great use of the brushes too^^
    And the grass looks really nice!
    Thx for sharing it :)

  22. pogimonzgt Dec 13, 2005

    wow. im slow to reply and all, but i do look eventually. ^-^' Although, pretty much whatever i had to say has already been said. You put all my walls to shame, with only your first wall. ^-^ i can't wait to see what happens when you get better!

  23. iarly Dec 15, 2005

    Again, the scan looks odd. But I love the grass and the tree, those really turned out great! I don't see too many sparkles, they are just right. And the sky is nice too.

  24. Regenbogen Dec 18, 2005

    Oh... you already started making wallpapers! I haven't seen it! My notifications list is too long... *lol* Well I also think turned out pretty well for your first walpaper. I think it looks a bit weird how she is placed in the grass but the grass itself looks really good. I have never tried that actually... *lol* :) I like the atmosphere of the wallpaper!

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