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just a tablet practise .. bg is a stock photo .

my ori chara that has no name .. :| lol its pink >D (hohohoho)

edit ---> its NOT a wallpaper *__* I drew this ! girl n everything . *pissed off* D:<

edit again -- > u know , I just dont get it why most people like this drawing better then my others =P LOL maybe becoz this one looks so typical-anime-ish ? really appreciate the highlight though X3


Chosen by OracleAngel and shinsengumi

Simply a beautiful piece. Excellent composition, great work with colors and shading, nice selection of background.

Proposed by OracleAngel and highlighted by shinsengumi.

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  1. Criox Dec 07, 2005

    Hiya Rythem! Hahaha! I realise all your arts has a thing in common. Its the eyes. XD The moddy and cute eyes. I really like it. Keep it up then. Fav*

  2. jarvisjerk Dec 07, 2005

    Wah... Soo pretty neh... Like it alot~! thanks for sharing ~!

  3. Hix Dec 07, 2005

    ^ _ ^ nice wall I like this one and cute girl on it ^ _ ^ thx for sharing ^ _ ^

  4. selimangagirl Dec 07, 2005

    It is really pretty! Good work.

  5. Kiako Dec 07, 2005

    wow you are very talented what considers drawing, the girl is cute and you drew her hair well to.

  6. Yina Dec 07, 2005

    omg.. the hair is awesome.. <333
    waii.. this one looks so professional.. >__<
    i love her eyes.. *__*
    my only complain: the outlines are too clean.. x__x nyaa.. this should be a good thing.. but i just like outlines which were made by hand.. >___<
    nevertheless great work =3
    +fav X3

  7. Anjhurin Dec 07, 2005

    Hum really nice drawing, the colors really fit well the sakura petals of the pic behind... isn't it winter now?

    anyway the shading is great as well as the soft colors. maybe her face is a bit "empty", i mean her facial features are too 'clean'.... okay i know i don't make sense here, nevermind.
    nice job XP

  8. kai81220 Dec 07, 2005

    wah! XD another great doujin ^^
    its a beautidul work, and everything in proportion.

    PINK! >___<
    =P i agree with yina about the outlines, i like the sketchy look you did in your other drawings a little better than vector style for doujin.

    even though, awesome stuff ^___^

  9. cybergirl Dec 07, 2005

    It's so pretty...

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2005

    Wow for a minute there i thought you actuallly made the bg as well :D but yeah beautiful and an ownage for myself as an artist since i dont have those tablets you use.... >__> Also some lines seem jagged BUT ITS SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL! ^___^ nuff said.

  11. tuxedotservo Dec 07, 2005

    Cute! ^^ Great eyes. I really like the color differences throughout the hair (more accurately, the lighting/shading).

  12. Milkiyo Dec 08, 2005

    lol..you're great at drawing..she just has a what-do-u-want-I'm-too-tired look that rocks!^^
    +fav..nice work

  13. Tatsuya Dec 08, 2005

    Gosh, you done a great job on this doujin! just like ppl said the outline needed to fix
    Anyway, i still like it overall +fav

  14. knightstar3 Dec 08, 2005

    wow...what another nice doujin. ^-^ she looks cute and beautiful.
    well done on the hair, eyes, clothes and everything. it really shows how there's like wind blowing behind her.:)

  15. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Dec 08, 2005

    Wow... the original character looks so good @__@
    You could be a mangaka some day XP
    <3s the pink and the flowers are a good addition to compliment your doujin ^-^V

  16. chaosmongoose Banned Member Dec 08, 2005

    ...teach me! this is awsome. so beautiful, you got talent! great job! A+

  17. Kongousouha Dec 08, 2005

    Mmm! Marshmellows! ^-^ lol. Hey! thats really cool that you did that yourself. Shes so Pretty! +fav

  18. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Dec 08, 2005

    I think I've said this before, but I love how your characters have such a softness to them - they're very nice to look at. And this one is no exception. ^^ The flower background, the suggestion of a light breeze, the character's soft demeanor, the pinks.. all tie together very well. Beautiful doujin once again. :)

  19. shinorei Dec 08, 2005

    Okay, it's not a wallpaper. o_o *blinks* But it's definitely in standard wallie resolutions. And people put anything as wallpaper... so... hehehe. :3
    Anyway, I love your art, as usual. It's very pretty. Impressive that you did it yourself. Waah~~ cute chibi-like art! :3 :3 !

  20. pegassuss Dec 08, 2005

    Really nice! I really like the way you draw this, the lines are really clean and well defined. The coloring and shading is really great. I specially love the way you colored her hair, it's really pretty, with the shading and everything. The background is a really nice touch, it fits her ^^ I think you did a great job!

  21. Sakura-K Dec 08, 2005

    wow...it's nice as! I love it!
    man...I just love your art ^^

    *addz to fave*


  22. Holt Dec 08, 2005

    Wow absolutely stunning doujinshii.
    Very very well done.

  23. AtTheBronze Dec 08, 2005

    Love it! Love your art. I hope you become a manga-ka someday so i can read your manga.
    Aaaawww! She's so cute! xP

  24. hatsukanezumi Dec 08, 2005

    You're great! You drew it! I just can't believe it!

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