Bleach Wallpaper: On My Pride [W]

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Uryuu Ishida Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Uryuu Ishida Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First things first: the scan can be found here.
On to the wall:

Features Ishida Uryuu. I was reading a fan fic a few days ago about him and Ichigo *cough yaoi cough* and it rekindled my love of the Quincy. He's so sexy.

Anywho, I wanted to make like, a "real" background, with destroyed buildings and stuff, but I couldn't make it look right, so it turned into an abstracty-colorful wall (like most of my walls OX)
The arrow thing is vectored. It's horrible and I think the perspective might be slightly off. I swear, I'm perspective-challenged! I can never get it right.
Though, I do like the way the bg turned out (even if it wasn't how I originaly planed it to be). I guess it kinda looks like debris, so that's alright ^_^'
It took me forever to chose the color for the bg. It's originaly an iron-grey, but I wanted something soft, and so I chose that gradient... looks a little funky, eh?

Layers: 41
Time: 5-6 hours
Full view please, so you can see the detail? *Sparkly eyes*

Comments welcome, as always. This isn't my best wall, so please, help me improve!

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  1. chaosmongoose Banned Member Dec 05, 2005

    WOW! Awsome wallpaper of Ishida! Great job. A+

  2. Rikimaru-jp Dec 06, 2005

    This is a very good wallie of Ishida! the idea is pretty cool! and you've done a great job Chloe!
    the grunge colored background is suiting perfectly with the scan! especially the colors they are matching well!
    and the blue flash is done well I really like it ;)
    also the extraction seem perfect!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  3. Limefreak Dec 06, 2005

    wow awesome wall chloe chan :) loving it :) fav :) Great background and cool scan too! This is truly great :) Thanks for sharing it with us ;)

  4. gerbar Dec 06, 2005

    Oh this is a good wallpaper and with Ishida it is an instant win.

  5. ilikebeefstew Dec 06, 2005

    I don't see how anyone could find Ishida sexy but a great wallpaper nonetheless

  6. Alfonse Dec 06, 2005

    .::drops jaw::. O___O
    First off, I'd like to say, the bg came out amazing, sure you didn't put in the destroyed buildings, but it does seem like debri.
    I see what you mean about the vectored bow is somewhat strange, but not all that bad.
    But I think because you vectored the bow, it kind of sticks out from the scan and whatnot. Is the scan vectored too, I can't tell. .::scratches eyes::.
    If not, then that's why it sticks out. .::nod,nod::.
    Now about the whole bg, I think you blended in well all the colors. There's no problem with it whatsoever, the scan is also extracted well.
    You recieve another solid 10 from me Chloe.
    And also another fav.
    I loved the effects put in the bg, like the swirly stuff by the quote thing.
    Well enough rambling, and on to faving. ;)
    Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see your next marvelous masterpiece.

  7. Electrastar Dec 06, 2005

    I would get rid of the pink layers in the backround and replace them with a darker blue color....but I love the effects in the backround.

  8. nighthawk51 Dec 06, 2005

    Quality work! One of the better Ishida wallpapers out there. I am downloading this one

  9. aishiteraburu Dec 06, 2005

    awesome chloe
    it really is a good wall
    except the background color are odd but other than that its ok

  10. paintmearainbow Dec 06, 2005

    Good work! This wallie of ishida is really amazing :) The scan is extracted really well and the background colours make a nice combination ;)
    I hope to see more of your works! -grins-

  11. uchiha-vegeta Dec 06, 2005

    COOL! couldnt expect anythin else from a pro ;) , nice colors too


  12. pana Dec 06, 2005

    Chloe-Chan nicely done
    the stock and extraction is great
    good effort with the arrow there:)

    would have been nice if u pulled off the ruined buildings u wanted to design for the bg originally

  13. yoruichishihoshi Dec 06, 2005

    KYAAA! >_< I love Uryuu! This image is beautifull Cloe-san! >.<

  14. Zoamel Dec 06, 2005

    Great work with the background. The colours are nice and I like the passages a lot.
    The type you used reminds me of a cinema trailer ;)
    I like this one.

  15. Uchiha-X Dec 06, 2005

    oO Ishida-san! very gewd wallie Chloe-chan ! looks very sxc ! this wallpaper is actually my first Ishida Wallie...i shall add this to my fav "adds to fav" very well done job! im lookn forward on your next wall ! keep it up!

  16. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 07, 2005

    It looks like abstract, and abstract is always something that's worth to ponder upon. ^^

    What did you say? A fanfic of Ichigo and this guy? Ichigo is such a hot guy, how can he be with this person? *throws pebbles at Ishida*

    Usually, stock photos can always work with debris-like background. And a mix of smoke brush and mists... But I still like how this wall turned out to be. Though it doesn't really look like a debris when you full-view it *sorry about that* but it does looks like auroras falling from the sky.

    Plus, the usage of scan is really fitting too coz his scarf really fits with that windy-feeling that the wall gives off. The bow... vectored? Well, there was a problem with the angle.. but still, it's still a neat vector, though if you can blur the bow a little it might blend with the scan. ^^

  17. tienbaygo Dec 08, 2005

    very nice scan. love teh colors since they're so bright and shiny. o.o
    good job on this. keep it up ^.^

  18. pegassuss Dec 08, 2005

    Very nice wallie! I really like the background and how the colors blend so well. Extarction seem good and the arrow doesn't seem bad at all. Really nice effects you added. I think you did a great work chloe-chan! Keep it up!

  19. flyindance Dec 09, 2005

    everytime u say bad, it's good
    4 goodness sake, u got the talent n stop thinkin ur work is not good
    it's always a master piece :)
    hey, it's great
    really awesome wallie
    he look cool n handsome :D

  20. yankeefairy Dec 09, 2005

    This is very good. I really like it alot.
    Great color. The arrow looks very cool.You did a great job. Keep it up chloe-chan.
    Take care.

  21. Liz Dec 10, 2005

    I love this one i'm glad you didn't put the yellow one it made him look yellowish hehe. I already told you how much i liked/love it! [Thanks for the credits this will give me] hehehe

  22. onimakura Dec 26, 2005


  23. elizabeth-san Dec 26, 2005

    WOW! really awesome Ishida ilove the bg
    behind him it's so kool and pretty and i like the scan of Ishida-San the arrow looks really good:) it looks really good keep up the good work:) favs :)

  24. JCzala Jan 10, 2006

    Ishida is looking cool there with the BG you used. Wonderful piece of work!

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