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Hello there people!

Well, not a Saint Seiya Doujinshi! :D hehe

I'll dedicate this one to my friend Belly-san :3.

Well, this one I did a few months ago, like 2 or 3 at max. but I just scanned it today and painted it in the job (nothing much to do here), hehe!

The doujinshi:

Image man, or humanity itself. We have always liked to know everything about every single object in the whole universe, we call it curiosity, and we eager for new discovers every day and minute, but to achieve so we destroy, we break apart, we close it in a cage and watch it react, we kill.

Now imagine an angel, with all of his brilliance and good will, falling in the man-crowded earth. I

I think that instead of helping him and taking him into our arms like he'd do, we would linger in our self-afflict for "curiosity" and end up locking him into a cage like a mere guinea pig and do things that only we humans can do other living (or not) things, we'd tie him up in straps in a pseudo fetishism so he wouldnt show his awesome wings and try to fly away and call it some imponent name. We'd give him substances to prove and see how him react and in the end he'd only be what we feared he'd never be, a scared and bellwether human, to then die, lurking inside that cage, and praying for God to forgive His beloved sons, thinking if we really deserve to go to heaven someday, or should fall in hell as he fell on our earth.

Well, think about this and our conduct to other beings.

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  1. harakiri Dec 06, 2005

    I like pictures that tell good stories. Your thoughts on the achievements of humanity and the price of those achievements are amazing and the pictures execution with the sketchy lines and the light colours looks really good. I only think you overdid it a little bit with the things tying the angel to its pain but in general the image is very well done - and it's not a Saint S fanart ;D
    I wonder why I am the first one to comment although it was already submitted a day ago?

    Some fun for the day: There are always google ads under every submission and the things that are displayed there always refer to key words from the description text. The funny thing is that it displayed something about angels and it displayed a German ad too with "Angel". The German word "Angel" means "fishing rod". So your picture was linked to a fishing shop xD

  2. belmikry Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2005

    oh wow- this is great! and its dedicated to me [dies] >_< I love this character! once again, your talent amazes me- and I must say, the colouring is fantastic! o_o

    to the critique- the proportions are esquisite, especially in the leg area with all of the chains and belts- everything is where it should be- real depth and just great >_<

    his eyes are piercing but somewhat friendly to me- must be the green :)

  3. Anjhurin Dec 07, 2005

    whoa really awesome.... i mean the colors are great (it reminds me of you submissions before the st seya series), they're soft and really life like. nice job on this one.

    awesome concept, the symbolism is complex and well thought too (like the tatoo on his shoulder). love everything about that, the clothes, the proportions and colors, the 'strangled wings' etc....
    though the first thing that hit me (before reading the description) was that it was a creation of man to look like an angel, and a metaphore of how we're bounded to the world so that whatever we do, we can't fly away (even if we create fake winged clones or whatever). but your view is just as good.
    aah i have to fav it ^_^'...

    thumbs up XP

    merged: 12-08-2005 ~ 03:40am
    PS you should really take part in the DSC monthly display ;)

  4. pegassuss Jan 01, 2006

    woow :o what a great drawing! ^_^ I really like the concept of this drawing, it's brilliant. I like the design of the character and, again, you did a fantastic job coloring it, and all the details that you added are great and really well done. I love the wings and the straps. Great job levezzali-kun! ^^

  5. rodrummer Feb 04, 2006

    cara, vc eh o melhor leandro!
    cada dia q passa vejo q vc melhora mais ainda...
    meu ídolo! xDDD

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