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My Personal Scan

Yay! I've got the Tsubasa Chronicle calendar for 2006! And it's gorgeous! So gorgeous that it would be criminal not to share it with everybody ^.~ Only... it's massive! It's A2 in size! So, these have ben very difficult to scan.

Each page was scanned in 4 parts, and then the quarters were slowly merged together in PS7. That is why they have that shameful colour line about half way down. So please accept my apologies that I have not been able to remove that line. My efforts were focused on making the actual lines meet, but I've not been able to do anything about that change in colour u.u

Sakura & Syaoran have a fun moment in the land of Ooto. This is my favourite image out of the calendar, and it was this image alone that sold it to me :D I think it's just wonderful, with the two young lovers having fun away from the Oni slaying & working at the Cat's Eye cafe. Pity it's not the page for August really ^.^

Please... Somebody make a fantastic wallpaper out of this. I would love that so much ^.^

The Rest Of The Calendar
Calendar Cover: Sakura, Syaoran, Fay & Kurogane
Jan-Feb: Yuko & Watanuki
Mar-Apr: Sakura, Syaoran & Mokona
May-Jun: Tomoyo & Kurogane
Jul-Aug: Touya & Yukito
Nov-Dec: Fay & Chii

Hope it was worth the extra wait =^.^=

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. AngelKate Dec 05, 2005

    Ahhhh! Cuuute! XD That's awesome, they look so happy! This one would make another cute wallpaper. ^_^ I want this calendar now. XD

  2. Angelic-Essence Dec 05, 2005

    Oooh... that's a really cute scan. =^-^= Thanks for sharing. ;D

  3. Ookamichan Dec 05, 2005

    Sakura and Syaoran looks so funny on that pic
    preatty cool scan
    thanks for sharing ^^

  4. nakuru-chan Dec 06, 2005

    Wow! Kawaii! I really want this calendar now! *eeeeee* Thanks for sharing with us. I love knowing what they look like before I buy that way I can see if I like it or not! *huggles* =)

  5. CosmoStar Dec 06, 2005

    Yes, I agree! This pic is awesome and by far the prettiest in all the calendar! I love dteh background!
    Thanks for sharing, I appreciate the effort taken by you for giving the chance to us admire these pics! You're really nice!

  6. Eowyn Dec 06, 2005

    Sakura and Syaoran... the best couple! ^^ So cute!

  7. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Dec 06, 2005

    LOL! :D I wish my B-day was in Sep/Oct not in July!

    Kawaii scan! ~ I love it so much! *adds to fav*

  8. Shkira Dec 06, 2005

    That's.... very odd..... O_o

  9. KuroiTsubasa Dec 06, 2005

    the rest of the calendar!
    thank you very very much! >.<

  10. Matsukaze Dec 06, 2005

    I love it!.
    Thanks thanks thanks

  11. Sakurahappy-chan Dec 06, 2005

    IS SO CUTE >.<!
    Wonderful, beatiful, lovely couple scan >.<
    Thanks, thanks for this scan >.<!
    S+S is my favorite couple ^.^

    Thanks you very much!

  12. Lumineux Dec 07, 2005

    Yet another great calendar shot. Thank you so much. ^.^ As usual, Sakura and Syaoran are totemo kawaii~~~

  13. Bla-demer Dec 07, 2005

    Woow good scan. Sakura and Syaoran are looking so
    happy. They are so cute couple. I would really want this calender.

  14. MrsBloomie Dec 07, 2005

    The background is lovely. Sakura looks really cute n Syaoran's expression is priceless. He looks so naturally happy n you don't see it anytime. The ivory-like art on the feather is really nice too.
    The only thing that bothers me is Syaoran's legs but still +fav. <3

  15. aneres Dec 08, 2005

    yyyeeeeesssssssss~~ XD Definitely worth the wait. ^^ Syaoran and Sakura forever. Thank you so much for the lovely scans!

  16. ZKyoy Dec 08, 2005

    Yay for the S+S love! Them together as a whole is just plain love. (They're so perfect together! <3) I love the bg too. Sepia-colored pictures are love.

    You posted this 2 days ago?! I hate my stupid DSL for malfunctioning just then. At least I get to see it now. XD

    Yes, I hope someone walls them indeed. :D Thanks for sharing these all again. :D

  17. pegassuss Dec 08, 2005

    Great scan! thanks sooo much for sharing this calendar and for taking all that work. I love it! It must be fantastic owning it ^^ It's gorgeous! Thanks again.

  18. Serana Dec 10, 2005

    I agree with you. This has to be my favourite scan from the calendar. Thanks for sharing!

    (btw, I had a go at making it into a wallpaper (1024x768). I'm not sure whether it can really be labelled as 'fantastic' or something you were looking for but it can be found here.)

    Thanks once again! :)

  19. puchikonyo Dec 10, 2005

    very nice~~ love the scan too~ =3

    well i will try to make a wall of this image XD;;; *planning in process* results vary from what i may visualise intially tho --;;;

    but Serana has already done such a good job, so i'll just try during this december before school starts x___X

    [already wanting to kick myself for my attempt at a scenic, 'living room' sort of wall for the xxxholic calendar scan x___X we'll see how that one actually goes ;_;]

  20. jpanamaneechot1 Jan 02, 2006

    Waai, what an endearing scan of one of my favorite couples! The quality is gorgeous. X3 Thank you so much for sharing it!

  21. HanaJimaHana Jan 03, 2006

    Cute.... I love this picture! I love the couple Sakura & Shoran!1

  22. EinMatsuda Jan 03, 2006

    yeah^^thats really a cute scan^^
    thx for sharing it^^

  23. upheaval325 Feb 28, 2006

    waa...very nice...both of them look really wonderful together! lovely and great quality scan...thanks for sharing! :)

  24. ritz Mar 03, 2006

    nice tone
    i really composition and BG(many details)

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