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Just the thought that I'd try sketching instead of another colour work. So, I kinda deleted the "My Fair Maiden" off and submit this one instead.

Okay, sketch and shade is not my style, but I guess it's worth to try. This, was done mainly because I was inspired by Marchen Awakens Romance/MAR volume 5. There's this extra sketch behind the manga featuring Alviss and his fairy, Bell. Owh yes, Alviss, that cute looking guy.

So, I thought, why don't try a sketch instead eh? Since sketch consumes less time than colouring, and I always love Anzai Nobuyuki-sama's drawings! So, there. This is what I came up with.

Kiro alseep while hugging his beloved Mr. Teddy. Nothing wrong with a boy hugging a teddy bear, even Sukisyo has one hugging an pink elephant. *Which I think it's cute*

The chinese words below those english words are Kiro's name in Kanji.

And uh... if you think Kiro's hair is a little strange, well... it's because I like drawing guys with bushy and spiky hair. Everyone has their own style in drawing and this have been my trademark, lols.

So if you think there's something wrong with this sketch, just tell me. Coz I really need to learn how to pencil sketch. And uh, yeah, the doujin is a little light coz of the scanner. I have no art programme to thicken the line at the moment, so yeah, this is it.

Work status:

Time: Approx. half day
Technique(s): Sketch and shade using 0.5 lead

Sleeping Kiro and Mr. Teddy -- Best Viewed in lower brightness

I dunno how low you want it, but I only know it'll look bad with higher brightness.


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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2005

    <3 I saw this one already at DevART and I liked it a lot because it was done so well *___* First sketch=LOVE XD

  2. iiwa Dec 05, 2005

    omigosh! its a sketch! a sketch of Kiro! >_<
    I never thought Sofia-chan would do a sketch! but hey, its good to explore different categories at times lol..

    your slight shadings are very well done, and gosssh, this is an awesome sketch of your own character! *__*
    Kiro's expression when he sleeps looks very serene, and uhh, seeing him sleep so comfortably, i wanna go to bed too! U_U;;
    I love kiro's hair, ish too lovely with the spikes and all. *steals hair* XD
    and I like his earrings T_T *steals earrings, too* xD lmao! somehow, Kiro seems to remind me of Haru.. haha, with those double earrings and the spiky hair! did you actually take Haru as a reference in some elements when you created Kiro?

    The teddy is sooo kawaii, too! what some little cute plasters on the teddy! haha.. well, the only thing I thought looked a little weird was his fingers o.o;; His nails are somewhat a little long and sharp? o.O it looks like he went for a manicure.. XD
    and maybe you could try giving his blanket a little darker shade [as dark as the shaded areas in his blanket] to separate the difference and let it stand out so that people will know its a blanket. and if you were to do that, those shades areas in his blanket should then be slightly darker than it is right now. Well, thats just a little advice [i think? o.O] on shades.. and I see you outlined your sketch lightly, Im guessing thats your style.

    awh man, Sofia-chan knows how to write Chinese T_T something which i dont lol..
    other than that, this ish a lovely sketch, totally.. Really cool work, keep them coming, girl! XD

  3. Kiako Dec 05, 2005

    the bear there looks strange. nja the shades are good and the chara looks ok.

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2005

    Aw, this is soo cute!
    The shading is nicely done and the character and teddy look great! Excellent job!

  5. Akaiken Dec 06, 2005

    Nice sketch Sofie. You made your character just fine. Smooth and clean.

    But the poor Teddy Bear got some bandage on his head... *sigh*

  6. Yureika Dec 06, 2005

    nice sketch !
    oo same here i am not good in shading...its hard . somwtimes when i try it , i just make the drawing look worst.. -_-
    but i really love urs..
    and super adorable teddy ! *squek
    *envy of kiro ...

  7. enchantressinthedark Dec 06, 2005

    Very nice sketch and the shading is awesome ^^ The teddy bear ish very cute! :D But Kiro's hand looks like a monster ^_^'

  8. Anjhurin Dec 07, 2005

    *chomp chomp*

    whoa that's pretty good i'd say. first it's bigger than your colored drawing, so the detail is higher. and second i think the lines are clearer on that one too.

    the hair is a bit off as you said, i mean the upright one is outlined too much (especially on the front of his head and on the top.... it makes too big a contrast with the rest of the hair). the shading is pretty cool, maybe a bit more on the face would have been good. he's got looong nails too *dangerous* ^_^'
    the teddy bear is really cute and the whole drawing gives a gentle feeling, so thumbs up XP

  9. Carmen Dec 12, 2005

    I think is cute :)
    But I think that he will need pijamas to sleep on, since he has even his teddy bear...

  10. Regenbogen Dec 18, 2005

    I think it is nice, Ephie... :) I only wonder why the line of the teddy bear is darker than the rest. All the lines are very smooth. When I draw something it gets dark quite soon... *lol* But you keep your drawing smooth... and only little light shading! :) That fits very well to the whole atmosphere of sleeping... I think it is cool that you have your own characters... Kira... :) And you even use chinese letters... even though u hate chinese? *lol* Well I am looking forward to your next doujinshis... ^_^

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