Cowboy Bebop Wallpaper: Space Hunters

Toshihiro Kawamoto, Sunrise (Studio), Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine Wallpaper
Toshihiro Kawamoto Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Cowboy Bebop Series Spike Spiegel Character Faye Valentine Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Spike & Faye hanging around near a nebula-- :)


Hey Buddies!


I first made the nebula by reading the first steps of the great and famous "Riven guide lines" of Greg Martin-- Just to play with-- (and to see if I was capable of something!)

It turned not (too) bad, so I decided to expand a little bit the space context of the picture-- by adding a star field, some planets.
Then, I thought... great, I have a background, I would need some cool space character(s) on it... *hey, I just downloaded (leeched) some cool scan from MT few days ago...
Wow, cool! Faye AND Spike! Let's see what I can do-- *

And here is the final version of this wall: I hope you like it!

I KNOW that this scene is totally impossible... you can't possibly see planets so close from a nebula. They are just here because it looks cool (to me)
The wall is dark, really dark... because I wanted a very dark wall (contrary to my last wall which has bright color(s) ;) )
I added the smoke near the guns... I thought it could look better to have smoking guns-- my opinion.

Credits to:
Scan from lunaregina -- link
*Thanks Luna! You are a wonderful waller AND you have great scans! A real flawless member if you asked me-- not like me XP *
Tutorial -- art of Greg Martin

Dedicated to:
My dear brother! He likes CB and I wanted to make a wall for him on day or an other ;-)

Did you know?:
A nebula is a star generators. A nebula (most of the time) holds so much energy that it can create stars, stars (certain) which then allow systems to be built around them (sometimes) and then life (sometimes) on certain satellites (if they have) like Earth! XP Ain't that great?
Well, I think that's a lot more complicate than that-- but I'm not an astrophysician XP
Ok, I know, I know... I'm boring, sorry-- ;)

(Constructive) Comments are truly welcome!

Updated 12/05:
i made some slight changes to the backgound, the windows look more like glass or platic windows (thanks Technophreak for spotted this ;) ) The background looks a little bit less so dark-- not so bad after all :D

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  1. upside27 Dec 04, 2005

    spike and faye are one of my favorite characters. Ed is no doubt the funniest, but spike will always be the man!

  2. DepressedYoukai Dec 04, 2005

    Impossible or not, this came out really good! And the BG ish awesome! XD Good job ^_^

  3. danielbgrisso Dec 05, 2005

    It is awesome.
    I realy like the background.
    please keep up the great job and please keep them coming.

  4. tecnophreak Dec 05, 2005

    wow, motoko, where ya been? lol, youve gotten a lot better since the last time i saw you.
    and if thats a vector of CB, then i dam well envy your l33t skillz. nice texture on the bottom, BG, and frames for the glass.

    i personally, would add some glare off of the glass, and maye make a transparent white layer to imitate a more realistic look for it. great job man :)

  5. anji Dec 05, 2005

    I'm not a fan of planet wall but the nebula is a cool idea I didn't see one often and it looks really nice with this mix of dark and bright colors.
    Cool scan and I like the smoke from the gun you added, I agree with you it looks good ;)
    And this time, I really like what you did with the title, the letter in low transparence and the splash.
    I don't really know what I could say of constructive, but there's maybe one thing that bother me a bit, it's the hair of Spike, they doesn't seem to blend so well and look a bit 2D, but I really don't know how you could arrenged that.
    Anyway a cool dark wallie, thanks for sharing Motoko ;)

  6. Milkiyo Dec 05, 2005

    eh..the girl has the same name as me lol...
    the bg's theme is not bad..dark and classic style^^
    eh..your description's too long for my lazy butt to read lol

  7. Rhonda21 Dec 05, 2005

    Yay Cowboy Bebop!
    This is really cool! I love how it is dark. Great job with the background.
    I really like it. Nice Work!

  8. Zoamel Dec 05, 2005

    There are not many Bebop-Walls I like, but this is an exeption ;)

  9. phamthuha Dec 06, 2005

    So cool >_< You got my fav ^_^ Keep it up, sweetie!

  10. AlexViking Dec 06, 2005

    Cowboy Bebop is an excellent anime. Your job is great, thX


  11. bbls Dec 07, 2005

    wowie...your spacespace is gorgeous!
    i also luv your choice of purple for the space background because it's dark but not too much where we can't see any details.
    i also like how you added the smoke on their guns...great idea!
    and the composition is also quite wonderful here!
    i bet your bro luved this wall!

  12. shinorei Dec 08, 2005

    Ooh, Cowboy Bebop. Everyone loves that anime. And your wallpaper is nice too.
    Keep up the good work~!

  13. rollingmreg Dec 27, 2006

    It is height same as before of popularity.

  14. nighmore Apr 21, 2009


  15. Alboretti Nov 15, 2009

    Quote by danielbgrissoIt is awesome.
    I realy like the background.
    please keep up the great job and please keep them coming.

    same to say

  16. rarefl Dec 02, 2009

    Wow. this is really neat! I love the wall. Gah its so cool^_^ Great job!

  17. GameQueen1988 Apr 26, 2010

    this is the COOLEST Spike and Faye pic, i also love how dark it is!

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