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My Personal Scan

Yay! I've got the Tsubasa Chronicle calendar for 2006! And it's gorgeous! So gorgeous that it would be criminal not to share it with everybody ^.~ Only... it's massive! It's A2 in size! So, these have ben very difficult to scan.

Each page was scanned in 4 parts, and then the quarters were slowly merged together in PS7. That is why they have that shameful colour line about half way down. So please accept my apologies that I have not been able to remove that line. My efforts were focused on making the actual lines meet, but I've not been able to do anything about that change in colour u.u

This is the cover page, with the entire group together. So sorry about the change in colour through poor Sakura's face (that's the real reason why Syaoran's looking so stern at me ^_^' )

The Rest Of The Calendar
Jan-Feb: Yuko & Watanuki
Mar-Apr: Sakura, Syaoran & Mokona
May-Jun: Tomoyo & Kurogane
Jul-Aug: Touya & Yukito
Sep-Oct: Syaoran & Sakura
Nov-Dec: Fay & Chii

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. KuroiTsubasa Dec 04, 2005

    Fye <33333333 looks so good! *_*
    great image - Clamp have great art!

  2. AngelKate Dec 04, 2005

    Ohh, this is nice! Fye looks cool in this one, he's like "oh yeah, you know I look good" XD

  3. cardozo Dec 04, 2005

    fantastic!Thank so much for sharing!

  4. CosmoStar Dec 04, 2005

    Good cover! Good cover indeed...
    I liked Kurogane here! And Fye is uber cute in teh image!
    Sakura is looking so much as a lost child with that look in the eyes... We need Syaoran fierce expression to compensate this...

  5. MrsBloomie Dec 04, 2005

    Love how Kurogane and Syaoran look here. It looks way better the more detailed art than in the anime but what bothers me is Fye's arms. They look skinnier than Syaoran's... >.>
    Besides that I love it. <3 It is of a really nice quality n well the lines can't be helped. Thanks a lot for sharing n +fav.

  6. kaiar Dec 05, 2005

    it's nice scan
    thank you for upload

  7. psychodeedee Dec 05, 2005

    thats one awsome scan XD
    I LIKE ! I LIKE ! :)

  8. ZKyoy Dec 05, 2005

    I've been searching for this scan since I saw it a last week, so happy to see it here in the gallery. XD

    Syaoran's get-up called my attention when I first saw it and it's generally a great scan. *thumbs up*

    Thanks for sharing, that's a lovely calendar indeed. *is envious* XD +fave

    Nice to see something new in the gallery too, for a change. :D *clicks the rest of the links*

  9. volrath77 Dec 06, 2005

    Ooohhh...what lovely scans. That & they're clear + big. Yeah, as you said, it'd be criminal not to share this so thank you very much. :)

    Now to show you my appreciation...

  10. Shkira Dec 06, 2005

    Very cool pic, I like the lighting they did.

  11. Genevieve-galz Dec 07, 2005

    Quote by AngelKateOhh, this is nice! Fye looks cool in this one, he's like "oh yeah, you know I look good" XD

    lol dats funny... yeah this scan look amazing! Sugooii in jap XD haha! fer real! Shaoran looks soo smart n sakura looks lovelie~!
    nice wan ;)

  12. Hasaki-Keissi Dec 08, 2005

    this is one of the few scans that I like...and everything is done at the right angle to...everyone in the scan=cool...*thumbs up*

  13. mysticdawn Mute Member Dec 08, 2005

    Wow! For once, Kurogane actually looks good in an Anime pic, you know what I mean? *drools* It's like his expression's blaring out all for itself: "What the hell're YOU looking at?"
    The others also look great, too! One of the *only* Anime piccies actually extraordinarily well-made

  14. LunaTsukino Dec 10, 2005

    Thanks again for sharing so great images! ^-^
    Love you! ^-^
    *add to Friendslist back!* ;)

  15. ambrosiading Dec 10, 2005

    wow~!i love these calendar pictures very much~!

  16. IzumiChan Dec 10, 2005

    It seems that was really hard to scan all these pics *_*
    The calendar is that big? O.O
    But it was totally worthy ^_^
    I liked them all ^.^
    Thanks for sharing so great pics ^__^

  17. HanaJimaHana Jan 03, 2006

    I want this calendar for me to! *______________*
    you are luck....u.u..

  18. su666 Jan 05, 2006

    wow...very cool wallpaper^^

  19. marcus Jan 05, 2006

    Very cool scan of yours as well as the other Tsubasa Chronicle ones .. I really like the quality... ^_^ Thanks

  20. Bikuki Jan 23, 2006

    *twirls* AMAZING, amazing scans! Thanks for sharing ^^

    *huggles Fay and runs off*

  21. algadoreo Jan 31, 2006

    Aaaaahhhhh! Want to buy the actual calendar so much now... *prints off many copies of the scans as a compromise*
    Thank you very much for sharing the images!
    Hehe... a really good job to whoever wrote/edited the paragraph at the bottom of the pic... several errors (ie. punctuation), but better than many others

  22. Belenguelengue Feb 03, 2006

    Wow magnifica imagen de tsubasa, me encanta muchisimo no se mucho de esta obra de clamp pero muy pronto lo sabre

  23. EmeraldDragon Feb 13, 2006

    I love this pic...they all look so cool =3

  24. upheaval325 Feb 28, 2006

    yea...a group scan...they look great...the quality is astounding, very lovely scan..thanks!^^

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