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Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam: Alternate Universe Wallpaper

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Oh, my new wall ^_^ For this one, i think i just done my best >_< I use all the EXP i got to make it so it is better than my other walls for sure ^_^

And for this lovely wall, i want to dedicate it to those lovely members:
- AngelKate-chan: Thank you for your lovely wall to me and for the scan too, sweetie ^_^ You are so so sweet OX
- Darkbeat-san: My lovely friend, as i said, i will make a lovely present for you, sweetie >_<
- Masterdiablovn-san: I hope this wall can cure your pain..... hope you can feel better sweetie! Your life is still infront of you OX
- And for my Anty-chan birthday ^_^ She is not a member of MT, but she is a lovely graphix staff of our flyne.net ^_^

For making this wall, thanks to:
- Semanga-san for her aweasome work that everyone do love and admire ^_^ (me too!)
- the one who send the scan name Crystal kiss But i can't connect to his/her site so.... just thanks so much for the scan here:


And one more, I send it to my 2 lovely groups here, if you are interested, join us!



We are having a banner contest and a Head to Head competition ^_^ Join us if you like >_<

So at last *phew...*, about the wall:
Time: maybe 6 days, about 4~6 hours a day .....
Layers: about 66
Thing i put in:
- beautiful flower (it takes me nearly 4 hours to extract and to merge all the flower @__@)
- a lovely lake with water .... (handmade 100% ^_^)
- a tree that the girl is sitting on..... (handmade 100% ^_^)
- some tree behind the girl ....
- sky with cloud and sun
- some shadow effect that took me nearly 2 days to make and test >__<
- some starbursts
- some butterfly and firefly
- a lovely scan ^_^

Sure i finish it now ^_^ I am so so happy that i can share it with everybody, espesially my lovely friends ^_^
If you like my work, you can check out my gallery here:


Okay, comments and fav are welcome as always >_<!

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  1. tsubasawingjing Dec 03, 2005

    the color n tone r nice...
    the girl also looks pretty...:)
    really good job!:D

  2. Phill Dec 03, 2005

    really nice really nice :">
    but let's try to put some more flowers on the right corner
    and the tree look nice but need some more work for it ^^
    anyway , you did a good job , my friend

  3. Rhonda21 Dec 03, 2005

    Well this is very pretty! Love the sky and the trees in the back and the flowers and water. Hm I like how her dress is in the water and how the tree she is sitting on is like that, above the water. Hmmm don't know but I really like this. Good Work!

  4. lunaregina Dec 03, 2005

    Wow excellent wallpaper phamthuha! All your hard work paid off quite well. The colors are beautiful and the extractions are practically perfect! Bonus points for the quality and the flowers are just lovely. My only suggestion would be to add leaves/flowers to the trees to complete the magical aura of the hidden place.

  5. Sumomo- Dec 03, 2005

    THE best wallpaper I've seen from you.
    Its just pure perfection and I love it.
    Amazing work.

  6. Leaf Dec 03, 2005

    Another beautiful wallpaper ^^ I love the colors and everything it looks really nice ^^ Good job XD

  7. semanga Dec 03, 2005

    girl ***********blush***********
    u flatter me so much girl
    i must say thank u for this wonderful wall
    i like your idea more as mine wallversion from this scan
    u are a exellent waller i told u this everytime
    and if there is someone they dont belive me so look at this wall in the view version u are a great waller and i must say thank u so so so much *grap the girl and hugs them* u make a like to my userpage and u make a link to my wall .... that make me so happy baby. u are so nice girl
    and i must add this to my fav cuz i fall in love to your work... i am sure i will make it for my desktop bg for the next few days :)

  8. fredsmart Dec 03, 2005

    Very nice colors she's cute Good Work

  9. knightstar3 Dec 03, 2005

    a very lovely and warm feel to it. you've outdone yourself again. ^^ it looks beautiful
    very elegant scan you used fitting for the nicely done lake and flowers. :)

  10. AngelKate Dec 03, 2005

    Ohh wow...its beautiful! I love your water, it looks so realistic. That must have been such a pain to make. O_O The flowers are really pretty too, those are stock flowers? You really can't tell. ^_^ They look like they just fit right there. :) Thank you so much for dedicating it to me too. :) *hugs* I really appreciate it! :) You are so sweet ^^

  11. Fire-Flies Dec 03, 2005

    Beautiful and warm as usual phamthuha-san, I love the colors, so warm reminds me of summer.. Favs

  12. strawberrt Dec 03, 2005

    I like how she is sitting on the log ^^ And the background looks great! I like it, but its not one of my favourite submissions of your work =P

  13. MiniMog Dec 03, 2005

    Wow, a really beautiful wallpaper, phamthuha. As said by Fire-Flies, it gives a very warm feeling, and a lovely summer sunset outlook.

    More aspects I love about this wallpaper, are those of the reflection of the girl in the water, and, of course, the scan you have chosen for this wallpaper is a great choice, and definately beautiful. Its easy to see that you have put your all into this one, since it looks really, really beautiful. You definately know how to please us of MiniTokyo. ^_^

    As usual, I really look forward to the next wallpaper you make to show us. I'm sure it'll be another amazing creation. ^_^

  14. darkar Dec 03, 2005

    Wow, I can feel the ambience of the picture. Impressive.

  15. Angel-on-Dragon Dec 03, 2005

    Beautful colors, awsome background --> I love it ^^
    Thanks for sharing ^^ *adds to fav*

  16. KittyCyn Dec 03, 2005

    Gr8 one Phamthu!
    Love the colors, mood and flowers...exc effects as always :)
    +Favie ;) Keep it up!
    Take care *hugs*

  17. Eimin Dec 03, 2005

    I really love your style in walling, you can capture beauty in such a perfect way. This is beautiful, the whole scenery and I've always loved that scan so I'm glad you walled it :D

  18. sukie Dec 03, 2005

    it looks as if the wood is floting...the water is nice...yes...but the scan is porrly extracted. cool colours though...

  19. melonbrust Dec 03, 2005

    isnt it the same scan angelkate used for her last wall? Its beautiful, thuha-chan.. i feel warm already ^^, the water effects are perfect, specially the one around her feet..
    and the banners.. ^__^ Fav from me

  20. DREAM Dec 03, 2005

    hello phamthuha! was traversing through the gallery and noticed your wallpaper. wow i must admit i am really impressed. it is simply beautiful..

    i have only one minor crit: i think the reflection of the sun on her right cheek is a little overdone but otherwise great wall.

    + favs

    :leaves phamthuha a red rose.

    btw- im watching you now.. :)

  21. rafaellaGP Dec 03, 2005

    the colors is perfect!
    the bg is beautiful!
    i like the flowers, very pretty^^
    love it!

  22. wolfling Dec 03, 2005

    oh wow this is so beautiful. i have to add this to my fav's list for sure. amazing keep it up!

  23. Okiyoshimoura Dec 04, 2005

    Beautiful! I love the exotic look it has to it. =D

  24. Darkbeat Dec 04, 2005


    pham...I don't know what to say. I feel honoured to have this wall dedicated to me. It's beautiful as always and this one is even more special to me ^^

    I thank you, my sweet and wonderful friend. You are very special to me and I hope our friendship will last for a very very long time ^^


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