Samurai Champloo Wallpaper: Mystline

Samurai Champloo, Mugen Wallpaper
Samurai Champloo Series Mugen Character

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Artist Comment

well this will be the last wallpaper i'm making for at least a year.next year's an important one in my academic career and i intend to stay focused on what i'm supposed to be doing (or at least try to :\). this is my swan song, so to speak, though i see nothing "swan" about this piece.doesn't satisfy me enough to be my final tribute to freedom of time, but i guess it'll have to do :x. i'll still be active in the forums (though i hope much less active than now) so not all contact with the mt community would cease.i don't really submit that many wallpapers anyway, neither do i browse the gallery that much.

damn it's december.i don't wanna get to next year :hmpf: it only means more work and responsibilities.i think i've got enough right now.

*waves*byebye my friends^^

its from the samurai champloo OST.not a song, but rather music.when i first heard it, it sounded...surreal.i didn't like it.after about 3 more times of listening to it, the song, or music piece, grew on me.i think its the best of champloo's OST songs.coincidentally, while making this wallpaper, i was listening to this piece.and it was on repeat mode, which i didn't realise till it was too late.it had already worked its way into my head and into this wallpaper. i think those stuff that look like the visual sound thing at the left was most probably induced by it. ;) so i named it mystline cos i thought it suited this wallpaper, and it was really, the inspiration for it.oh, and i like the word mystline XD

stock:my original stock was from somewhere i cant remember, quite sharp but not good enough.i think i vectored it.i dunno what what-i-did-was called...i suspect, strongly, that this is also my first vector piece.the first time i've vectored a stick
brushes:some my own, some from places i can't remember.i seem to stock up on brushes that i can't use just then but get them in case i need it "in the future".i do know that one is from http://misprintedtype.com and some from deviantart users.

note:i also followed boogybro's [Crazy/Sexy/Cool] style closely.my bg colour was meant to be of different colour but...i couldn't stand it.i basically can't stand anything that has too "bleugh" colours like pink
x_x and yellow.i'm a dark colour person.and so its left to blue and green tones.i tried to change it, i really did.too bad it didnt work out.if anyone views my gallery, you'll notice i have only one bright wallpaper.and i think its quite fantastic, if only it wasnt so bright, it'll be better ~_~

despite me talking as though i'm such a professional waller like some people i know, i'm not.i am disgustingly low grade.sometimes it frustrates me, but its a fact.so really, by me taking absence from the gallery, nobody's suffering XD

best viewed in its exact size.when its not, the sound thing scrunches up and cos the bars are close together...they overlap.minor, but it makes a difference

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  1. Devildude Dec 03, 2005

    i thought how much it looked like the same with boogybro's submission. looks like a good follow. but yours lack a lot in the vectoring sort of...the vector of the character looks jagged (not exactly but you see it doesn't look smooth). The tech like design is kinda blur, in fact too blur and unrefined.
    i like the simplicity of the background, but i think it should be a little better. Anyway, it is a good wall. Keep it up and good luck on your future undertakings as you mentioned.

  2. Regenbogen Dec 03, 2005

    Hello PAche...

    your first vector... ^-^Well as Devildude said... the line doesn't look smooth... but... hey after all it is your first vector. It is a bit disturbing that the lines are not perfectly smooth cause the rest of the wallpaper looks quite exact.. straight lines everywhere... it's sharp etc. So the character in front should be of the same style. So that's a bit sad... but we all had our first vectors... and mine was not too long ago... and it is really difficult... and time consuming!

    But I like the style of your wallpaper! The colors look good! And that there is the reflected character again in the background... it's a good design.

    Maybe I would not have brushed the green blue circle shape on top of the character in front... but apart from that it is a good wall.

    You plan no more wallpapers for a year? Well as a person who's extremely busy with university I don't suggest you to do so... you must always have some free time... and especially things where you can be creative are a very good break of school work. But that's your decision... I still hope you'll show us another wall before next year ends!

    By the way... I think you missed my last post... I was the last comment in your guestbook still when i posted it... so it is merged in the old comment! ^-^

    Good luck for all your life plans... But trust me... try to not stress so much. Cause when you stop all these things that you loved to do in your freetime... it gets frustrating and really stressful after a while. I am an expert on that... But yes... again... it is your decision... but I will miss you in the gallery...!

  3. BlkLotus Dec 03, 2005

    well i wont do a long reply like the two above mine buit i think you did a great job. sad to see that you arent doing more for now. i look forward to your great come back.
    again great job!

  4. SweetGrl Dec 04, 2005

    Wow! This is a very unique wall you made! I luv how you did the effects in the background and the colors! Great job, PAche! *adds to faves* Keep it up!

  5. enchantressinthedark Dec 05, 2005

    really unique!the character is kinda dark though but still looks gud! ;)

  6. tetsuo211 Dec 05, 2005

    Looks awesome :) Love the compilation :)

  7. studio Dec 07, 2005

    Looks nice. I always loved this kind of wall - goes back a bit. Typical popular walls are different now. It`s sad that it`s going to be a while till your next sub. Good luck with everything next year.

  8. lampard Dec 26, 2005

    jz......simply cooollll

  9. saikyou Jul 31, 2006

    Hey, i like your style in making this WP... Very nice color too, it makes me kinda calm when i see this... Very nice. Thanks for sharing and good luck with anything you have to do...

  10. hapinatsu Jan 02, 2007

    luv tis pic

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