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hmm.. this one i enjoyed particularly drawing the lower limbs OX OX OX... too bad there's nothing much from the picture... perhaps i'll look for some with that uh.. shows that part.... can you blame me?! i love art! -_-

okay i love the hands, too!
:hmpf: :hmpf: :hmpf:.... OX OX :nya:

thank you for the view! XP

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  1. NeverEnd Dec 03, 2005

    wonderful drawing! really nice!

  2. chibikko Dec 03, 2005

    if you really love art, you would have drawn yourself something, from your mind. try this and then you can call it art. otherwise you just copy something. it's a good practise, but if you only practise, what's the point in it?

  3. chisaikame Dec 03, 2005

    Quote by chibikkoif you really love art, you would have drawn yourself something, from your mind. try this and then you can call it art. otherwise you just copy something. it's a good practise, but if you only practise, what's the point in it?

    hello! thanks for the comment! sorry if i offended you or anything :) ..but here's the thing: (i've put this to one of my previous works)

    Quote by chisaikame as the title indicates.. this belongs to a series of drawings i made with a reference... so that's pretty much boring to some people as they are not original.. you can check back often as there would be alot of other sketches of the same sort... an original would perhaps take me a couple of weeks after i get some school work done!

    that's here:
    this is more of my serious art... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/18767436/ painters draw not from head too you know, but from a reference: that makes them like art in a serious degree too right? i meant i love the human anatomy - as simple as that... :)

    please be patient add me in your watch and wait for the original (if you're up to it).. :) domo for taking interest!

  4. nostyle118 Dec 03, 2005

    hey. again... very nice drawings. nice shading and stuff. one suggestion though. please put a title next time... dun sa notifications kala ko virus attack eh. keep it up.

  5. kawaiikiyomi Dec 04, 2005

    you seriously are good at drawing and shading...
    uhmm can i just ask what mediums you used?

  6. Bisuketto Dec 04, 2005

    That my friend is a wonderful drawing.. even though you can produce this in your sleep XP, I like how the casual style still permits this to "rock".
    You are correct about the hands, I hate drawing them, I normally hide them or try and dodgy them, but you did a great job on them :thumb:
    Im a fan of the hair too, everyone does a great job on hair, its good to see how you fitted it around everything else that is going on there.
    before I finish rabbling, the shading is alse great ;) good work.

  7. DarkShinobi223 Dec 04, 2005

    Again, another beautiful drawing.....
    I can't tell whether I should be happy to see such great work......
    *sniff* It's quite amazing just like every other drawing you've submitted.....
    Simply amazing....

  8. julian1 Feb 17, 2006

    i really hate drawing anything below the butt. but you draw them very well, chisaikame. i simply love your techniques at shading.

  9. LeeAnn Feb 24, 2006

    i like the girl on the left.. she's simply pretty.

  10. mechanical-angel Mar 20, 2006


  11. DragonboyVNY May 29, 2006

    ah. i love a good shade. Im like that to. Very bery good at shading and tone. But i dont try hard enough for drawing from memory. Lets just say my course in product design is killing my passion for art.

  12. PrairieDogGuy2006 Oct 02, 2006

    This is simply sweet, I can just look at this drawing and visualize the kirei onnatachi dancing ever so gracefully, each dancing to their own beat (music wise !) The shading of each onna, you have a wonderful touch and appreciation of the power of light, dark and the gray realms, Chisaikami san.

    Again, I love the effort you put into each of your werk. There is a flow of creative energy coming from you and it shows in each of your illustraions. I am in gratitude each time when I see a drawing by you. To some people, they might say "PrairieDogGuy, you're just kissing *** to that person !"

    I say "Say what you want, I know true art when I see it !" "I am blessed to see a true artist when I see one !"

    May I ask you a question, Chisaikame san ? Do you have any originals (drawings/illustrations) of animals ? I realize that animals don't fit the theme here at MT. I would love to see some if you have any. Thanxs for the share !

    Gomannasai ! I have been "House/pet sitting" for a friend of mine. In fact, I am still doing it, soo much fun ! What kind if dog you ask ? I am watching 2 "killer Chihuawas !" Oh my Goddess ! They broke down the door, they going to make me watch "Scooby Doo" again ! Aauuggghhh ! LoL ^___^ !

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