Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: End of All Hope

Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Angels, they fell first but I'm still here
Alone as they are drawing near
In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung

The variation on the theme for the W.A.R. I selected was 'tragic' - in this case, the total retreat into self that occurs after a loss. The character is fading into themself, becoming still and more like a painting in oils than a human being. Only when they reach heaven will their masterpiece be sung. It is, truly, the end of all hope.

Resources: sxc.hu, Tama-neko, lyrics from End of All Hope by Nightwish.

For more resolutions, please visit PxAE.

No, I'm not dead. Sorry.

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Browse Yoshitaka Amano Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Milkiyo Dec 01, 2005

    whoa..freaking wall, really portrays the dead theme well..the design is not my type but I can tell it's beautiful art^^
    +fav..quite good overall even though it looks morbid

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2005

    Excellent, the text may be a little small and useless but overall this is a wonderfull piece, one of the best WAR walls.

    I still love this wallpaper, great work.

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2005

    And thus the heavens have closed their gates
    to the fallen who awalk teh earth once more
    the ravens be their guide....

    One of the more expressionistic among the W.A.R. contest entries and all together the character it just illuminates to an extent, lobe the way it melts so well to the pice. Beautifully done as always Biri! :P

  4. Yureika Dec 01, 2005

    wow ! cool...
    very original and love the effect u make for the bg
    and look kinda scary too..^_^'
    anyway great job !

  5. DREAM Dec 01, 2005

    my scan can be found HERE

    this may be the finest example of grunge that i have yet seen. :)

    im glad your back, biri. ^^

  6. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2005

    I like the wallpaper, even though there are a tad too many textures, I guess that adds to the art of the scan. Yoshitoshi Amano art is overrated nowadays, with really bad wallpapers popping up everywhere ... but you proved me wrong that there can't be any good walls with such complicated art.

    Good job Biri.

  7. akari-tenshi Dec 02, 2005

    love this wallie though a bit scary. but u bring the most of the art of it :)

  8. Regenbogen Dec 02, 2005

    Hello... I saw the thumbnail on Kuroimisa's website... and I wondered... "Doesn't this look like Amano?" And yes... really... :) I love Yoshitaka Amano's art... I also tried making wallpapers using his paintings... I think it is very difficult to do... so I am always happy when there are people who are making really good wallpapers of Amano's art.
    Usually I don't really like texts on wallpapers... but here I do like it... it's very decent... and fits to the rest of image...

    Hmm... and I don't agree with bromithia... Yoshitaka Amano is not overrated... he has a very unique style. I don't see so many Amano wallpapers "popping up everywhere"... The extraction alone is really difficult... and most people prefer the "normal" Anime style with cute girls... Well sorry, I won't start a discussion here, after all it is your gallery...

    So all I want to say is... thanks for this beautiful wallpaper... ^-^
    *adds to favs*

  9. sukie Dec 02, 2005

    woooo this looks cooL! =D i like the use of colour in this one...mmm...very morbid...cuper work!

  10. Xueli Dec 02, 2005

    these textures are awsome. beautifully done!

  11. fooblued Dec 04, 2005

    Wonderful! You captured a lot of depth by making the texture fade into the scan, focusing the eye. Adding the light around the character also help to have a focus, I think those two things keep this very texture heavy wall easy on the eye :D Big fav!

  12. markjo Dec 04, 2005

    Yoshitaka Amano's art is definitely not one of the easiest to wall, but you have managed to be victorious here. I really like the way you accentuated the sad face of the character and I find the title well-matched. Somehow grunge is not my favourite style of walling, but here it definitely adds to the depth of the work.

  13. StarCentury Dec 05, 2005

    Wow, those Amano artworks are getting really popular nowadays! ^_^' So far, your work is the best I've seen so far, Biri! It's almost like Amano himself drew this on some stone wall! o_0 I really think U outdid yourself with this piece, Biri! Definitely earns my fav for the day! XD

  14. omni Dec 12, 2005

    Well, it looks as though I'm going to have to put you on my watchlist now... Finally broken into the Amano walling scene, hm? Well, it's a good time for it, what with Arete coming up.

    This is an excellently done work, though very simple for an Amano piece. I'll have to comment on it properly tomorrow (or very soon thereafter), when I'm not dead tired.

  15. beoulved Jan 06, 2006

    nice, looks like one of the final fantasy 1&2 arts... anyways cool wallpaper. chow

  16. jchupa Jan 25, 2006

    Very nice work, I've added to my favorites. It's hard to explain the feeling I get, but very few works effect me in such a way. Thank-you for posting, I guess I will need to go through the rest of your gallery when I get the chance and see what I have missed since I've been away.

  17. Ayamael Jan 27, 2006

    Love the scan, and love the bg you made to go with it, especially the color and the effect... I,m not really familiar with Yoshitaka Amano's art, but every piece i've seen so far we're awesome, i should probably go check the gallery someday ^_^' i love how only the face of the character is really accentuated by being so pale... as for the lyrics, i like them, but i find they would have been better placed at the top right of the wall, which looks a little empty... oh well, still a very great looking wall, awesome!

  18. Cldmani Feb 24, 2006

    I like it, it really has a feeling of a past art into it......you know, how they made art back in centries ago. Very good brushing btw :)

  19. punixer Restricted Member Mar 07, 2006

    weird colors which make a really good combination with that image.
    i like it! :)

  20. Nubes Mar 31, 2006

    this is a Femme fatale wallies... u can resemblance of the posture of the woman, is just perfect too.

    the sepia colors kinda add some misterous way, and so much... i dont know... i just know is beautiful, and weird too.


  21. UchihaTaijiya Feb 17, 2007

    So gorgeous! This wallie is special!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  22. Kaon-chan May 09, 2007

    So beautiful.. thankyou.. ^_^

  23. riaki81 Nov 18, 2007

    gr8!It's already my wallpaper;-)

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