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Artist Comment

Heya everyone!
Here comes another TRC walls for ya guys!
This pic was scanned by...me! from a notebook I bought via ebay XD XD
So no stealing!
At first, I was going to make it a Sakura&Syaoran wall...but erasing Fye and Kurogane broke my heart because..."they are so beautiful"! Now you know from where comes the silly title I gave to this wall XD XD
The three biggest works : extracting the pic, drawing Fye's right arm and making the bg...or does scanning count as a "work" too?
By the way, did you notice? This is the first -and I think the only- picture that exist of Sakura in whom Clamp actually put...MAKE-UP on her! I swear!
Well...since I have the notebook, I might see it better then you in this wall, but if you look closely, you will see that she is wearing a light pink lipstick! and it suit her so damn well! Maybe Clamp wanted to give her an "older look" ; even Syaoran seems bigger : him and Fye have the same height, though I don't know if it was made on purpose or if they are standing on different levels maybe....
Comment and +fav if you like my work ^____^

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  1. AngelKate Nov 30, 2005

    O_O I looooove this picture! Sakura's outfit is so pretty! *peers* I think she is wearing lipstick! XD I think Fye looks the same height as Syaoran because he's leaning. Nice job!

  2. Terra-chan Nov 30, 2005

    This is very nice! ^^ Thank you for sharing the picture~ Are you keeping the scan all to yourself too~? It's such a pretty picture!

  3. neko-chan Nov 30, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper!They look so cool!
    Great job keep it up*^-^*

  4. StarDreamer429 Nov 30, 2005

    another great TRC wallie cutesherry-san^^ i luv the bright baby blue bg u put and the scan is totally kawaii >_< thanx for posting in my gb^_^ take care 'k? and i'll be waiting for another wallie from u ^.~ def. +fav bye^^

  5. eikocarol Nov 30, 2005

    great wall...!
    sakura and Syoran are so cute! =)

  6. Nyuu-chan Nov 30, 2005

    OMG! Fye ... he is sooo beautiful here! Love this scan, you made great wall with it. Thanks for sharing!l

  7. IzumiChan Nov 30, 2005

    Sugoi *-*
    Very pretty! I really liked how you got this... shape on their clothes's details and putted in the bg! Sakura is using lipstick! xD
    The transparent yet orange... glass is interesting ^.^ But I think that you should have continued the previous bg after it, instead of stopping and colouring the rest with blue o_o
    The pic is so pretty ^__^
    The title is very funny xD
    When I first saw it, I thinked ''what is with this title name?'' O.O
    I just loved this wallie ^__^
    Congrats xD

  8. Limefreak Nov 30, 2005

    Cool wallpaper it's very interesting I like the layout :) The title is cool lol.... I like this alot great job :)

  9. CosmoStar Nov 30, 2005

    You're wallie is great! I loved the scan picture!
    Everybody is looking pretty and the clothes are awesome, as expected from CLAMP... I only can see the lipstick because you told it was there...
    You're so lucky taht you can buy those things... *sigh*
    Thanks for sharing! I liked it very much! Congrats!

  10. fawna-chan Dec 01, 2005

    I love the scan you used. It's been a while since you've submited a wallie. XP It's so cute that you put makeup on Sakura! The orange part of Kurogane's arm seems a little bit weird though...Stiill, I love the background and it's great work! :)

  11. kawaiisakura05 Dec 01, 2005

    i love it forever! i think they are so cute together. nice job!

  12. llxcharlenexll Dec 01, 2005

    love it x33333

  13. SorrowWings Dec 01, 2005

    This wallie is adorable and you used that background again^-^Your wallies some of the best I see. Thanks so much for sharing. ^-^

  14. polarie Dec 01, 2005

    it's quite nice the scan... fye looked gorgeous... it's lucky you didn't cut him out...

  15. juanicths Dec 01, 2005

    woh~ nice wall ^^ like wat u did w kurogane's hand behind the see-thru pillar ^^ Think that Fye is supposed to be much taller than Syaoran, but is crouching dn or sitting or sth.... thot he was supposed to be nearer kurogane's height...

  16. aishiteraburu Dec 01, 2005

    wow i really like it
    all of them look so good
    love the background

  17. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Dec 01, 2005

    Wow! Terrific wallie! :)
    Sakura's wearing makeup? Wow, I never noticed! :O
    But she looks so preety! :) Luv that pink dress! It's worth becoming an anime character if you get to wear gergeous clothes! ^^

    They all look great! This is a really good scan! :)

  18. Bla-demer Dec 01, 2005

    Woow. Really good looking wall. The background is nice looking and the
    soft colours of it fits greatly with white clothes they are wearing.
    It really is nice wall. So keep up the good work and i know you will.

  19. shiruvina Dec 01, 2005

    they are so sweet !
    The background colours are very soft, i like that...
    thanks for sharing this great wall !

  20. CLAMPchic Dec 03, 2005

    Very cute wall! I can't blame you for not being able to erase Fai an dKurogane; the TRC cast just wouldn't be the same without Kurogane's hotheadness or Fai's cheery, playful nature ^_^ The only one missing is Mokona. Anyway, this is cute; I didn't notice Sakura wearing make-up, though...how interesting. The background looks good and the pattern matches the scan pretty well; nicely done, CuteSherry!

  21. llilliathari Dec 03, 2005

    Hi! I like alot the color of the backgroundd which fits very well to those of the scan. A good cleaning of the scan, I like it alot too ^^
    Good job :)

  22. Piccolobear Dec 03, 2005

    Wow. I'm glad you kept Kuro and Fye! I like pretty much everything about this wall, I thought at first view that it might be nicer if you drew in the rest of Kurogane's arm, too, but the more I look at it, the more I think it's better the way you have it. Great job on Fye's arm, too. I would never have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. Too bring this to a close... Good job! I'll be using this one. ^_^

  23. iiwa Dec 04, 2005

    omigosh! *huggles CuteSherry hard*
    thank you for keeping Fye and Kuro-chan on and not cutting them off! XD Fye rawx, and he's sucha hottie lol!
    awesome job on drawing Fye's right arm, the simple bg is attractive, too! I love the part that theyre all dressed up so elegantly wearing white tuxedos and Sakura having some sort like an evening gown on! XD so thank you for sharing!
    awesome job done, and truly worthy of a fav! :) *toggles*

  24. kuramah Dec 08, 2005

    WOW! Way to go! Your wallie is beautiful and sweet!

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