Prétear Wallpaper: Pretear: Ever After

Kaori Naruse, Hal Film Maker, Prétear, Takako, Hayate (Pretear) Wallpaper
Kaori Naruse Mangaka Hal Film Maker Studio Prétear Series Takako Character Hayate (Pretear) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My W.A.R. Round 3 entry.
Spoiler-Free version:
Hayate was a Leafe Knight, sworn to fight against Saihi, the Queen of Destruction, from bringing darkness into the world. The battle was long and hard, and in the end, the price of the war was too great. Although the Leafe Knights managed to seal Saihi into a crystal prison, too many lives were sacrificed, and Hayate blames himself for allowing it to happen. In the end, all he can do is sit down and guard over Saihi in her prison, and try to come to grips with his burden. For Hayate, there is no "happily ever after", only an after.

Spoiler version:
Takako was the Pretear, who would pret (blend) with the Leafe Knights in order to assume their powers and battle Saihi and the Seeds of Destruction. However, Takako was scared of her duty. As Hayate moved into a position of protector, she became more and more reliant on him to guide her through the nightmare -- to the point where she would only blend with Hayate, even if blending with another Knight made more sense in a battle. Realizing she was unhappy, Hayate asked if she wanted to quit being the Pretear. It was the Knights' way of thanking her for what she had already done. However, Takako didn't see it that way -- she had become dependent on them; she was only fighting for their sake; this wasn't a thank you, it was a farewell... She loved Hayate, and finally managed to confess her love to him, but Hayate couldn't return it. He was her protector because she was the Pretear.Takako couldn't handle the rejection. She felt she no longer had anything to live for. As darkness entered her heart, Takako became Saihi. All the Knights fought her, and managed to seal her away in a crystal, but lost three Knights in the process. Hayate blames himself not only for the loss of the three Knights (who were later reborn) but for loosing the Pretear. In the end, the burden for him was too great, and he wanted to quit being a Knight -- but unlike the Pretear, who was chosen by the Knights, a Leafe Knight couldn't quit -- once a Knight, always a Knight. All he can do is sit, and guard over her, and try to come to terms with his past, so that it will never happen again.
For both Takako and Hayate, there is no "happily ever after", only an after.
Technical details:
The idea was inspired by a scene in the manga (http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=preteareverafterhayate9jg.jpg / bottom, right). Hayate was traced from (http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=preteareverafterhayate9jg.jpg) while Saihi was traced from (http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=preteareveraftertakako6jb.jpg), so that I could easily reconstruct Hayate's missing legs and color the image in a satisfactory manner.
The crystals were also traced; the foreground crystals from the Pretear scans, the background crystals from a screenshot, and colored appropriately.
Numerous lighting effects were added to the interior of Saihi's crystal. Saihi herself was distorted into the various sides of the crystal; each side had slightly different lighting to get the appropriate glassy effect.
The background was a trace of a stock photograph of spindly pine trees. There are several layers of trees; each successive layer dimming as it gains distance from the viewer. They're there to provide a stark, dead backdrop that reflects Hayate's dead feelings.
The sky is a mixture of gradient-work and brushwork. At first I went for a night scene, and it was a fairly uniform dark greyish purple, but after seeing the ends of a sunset, I decided to infuse more rose and gold hues into the image to give it a richer and more varied feel.
The mist was achieved with some brushwork using a set of cloud brushes from brushes.ObsidianDawn.com. Numerous layers of mist were used to achieve that greying effect of objects far in the distance, and to give some depth and separation to the various elements. It also emphasizes the coldness in the image.
I played around with the title a lot, trying to find a phrase that matched the setting well. After about a dozen ideas, I settled on "ever after" as a play on "happily ever after", because Pretear is loosely based on a number of classical fairy tales (Cinderella and Snow White to name a few) that classically end in "Happily ever after." One of the reasons why I like Pretear (or at least the manga) is that it shows a darker, more mature side to the story -- sometimes, things don't work out happily ever after. It's how we deal with the consequences that make life worth living.
When I began thinking about the challenge and the themes, I had a lot of ideas, but this one worked out the best. I wanted to aim for the despair element without using any grunge or texture to tell the story. I think using grunge or texture is a valid way to tell a dark, despair story, but it's also an easy way, a typical way, and WAR is about doing something different.

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  1. dezidez Nov 30, 2005

    WOW....this is ..... awsome...it must of took you very long...well it looks so to me and anyways...your hard work shows..this is greatly looking like you said a ture fairy tale..and knight to rescue its maiden in a frobinden siel...ohhh..o_O...i thinki I got a new idea for a poem and you helped me ot with your Lovely wallie.....thankies...NICE well done...its a keeper....
    ill let you know when its done if your interested okie?!?!? ;) :)

  2. crapmonster Nov 30, 2005

    was definitely one of my fav round 3 walls, seriously damn good job with it. i love that crystal and the whole composition of it

  3. nolove Nov 30, 2005

    wow, so beautiful......awesome work XD, the crystal iz almost perfect.
    a fav for sure ><

  4. juanicths Nov 30, 2005

    this has got to be ur longest explanation ever! still, real nice to wall this scene ^^ was wondering how the colors wld turn out after I read the manga. Thanks for doing this wall. makes a great change from the usual sweet pink pretear walls ard

  5. Xueli Nov 30, 2005

    wow awsome work, I love the sky and the trees. nice fairytale wall

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2005

    Crystally stunning in many ways possible, one of the starry pieces in the whole contest... love it as always Tama! :P

  7. Regnak Nov 30, 2005

    I love all in this wall.

    Adding to my fav.

    Great job. Keep it going.

  8. Milkiyo Nov 30, 2005

    =.=" looong description..nice effect of the mist but try surrounding at the back too and reduce some of the mist in front..try adding more stuff to the sky too..overall..quite nice^^
    must have took u some time to finish this..+fav >3

  9. kaisui1tatsu Nov 30, 2005

    Wow, very interesting! I like how she is in a crystal! Awsome job!

  10. flyindreams Nov 30, 2005

    Quote by crapmonsterwas definitely one of my fav round 3 walls, seriously damn good job with it. i love that crystal and the whole composition of it

    *nods nods* T_T I loved this wallie Tama... :D The brighter color scheme made it one of the most eye-catching walls this round, and that crystal is just so well done... *_*

    ...really incredible skills Tama :D I'm so glad that you won the Artisan title. *cheers*

  11. pamkips Nov 30, 2005

    Oh may, this wallie is absolutely beautiful, it has elagancy with a hint of misterious aura, I say one of your best works so far. Great job tama-neko-sama

  12. MyrrhLynn Nov 30, 2005

    At last a Pretear wall that is worthy of the show. Awesome job!

  13. bbls Dec 01, 2005

    the composition is wonderful and has a very nice balance.
    the crystal is also an amazing work of art!

  14. LeeAnn Dec 01, 2005

    its so beautiful!
    very nice wallie!
    very significant as well.

  15. Sandra Dec 01, 2005

    GREAT !
    Absolutly one of the best workz I've seen in this week ! Great atmosphere ! And vector - well done ! Great bg ! Just.....awesome work ! Congratulations 4 being still such a great waller !

  16. juliat Dec 02, 2005

    Amazing work! It must took a lot of time to finish it. Wonderful!

  17. chibi-lizard Dec 03, 2005

    luv your vector as usual !~<3

    it just look so neat and clean :D

    also .. i just wubb that gurl in the crystal

    the purple-ish theme looks good too


  18. kiolaff Dec 03, 2005

    oh! Amazing! Thnx a lot!
    Great job!

  19. himeno22 Dec 07, 2005

    that is very interesting O_O
    nice job!
    you should do one with sasame in there instead of hayate though ^^

  20. shinorei Dec 08, 2005

    This is a lovely, lovely wallpaper and the description was amazing - even though I didn't read all of it. The content of the wallpaper is just great, vector and all. <3 +fav

  21. Seiba Dec 14, 2005

    i like the cristal thing, and that purple ambient too(heh, purple is one of my favorite colors :p), good job ^-^

  22. Koi89 Dec 20, 2005


  23. miroku4ever Feb 04, 2006

    I never found out what happened in the end does anyone know?

  24. Himeno348 Feb 18, 2006

    Wow! this wallpaper is great!

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