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WHAT?! THERES NO NIGHTS CATAGORY?! someone needs to be smacked...

soooo...this past weekend evol was up and he brought for me....
and so, i played Nights and wouldn't let HIM play because he sucks, and i liked flying around.
no really. he does suck.
so anyways, NiGHTS was this AWESOME game for the Sega Saturn, and completely justifies buying the system just to play it.
well, i decided to make a wall for it, since i love the damn game and the artwork.

now, since most people don't know this game....here's a quick summary of what it's about Emoticon
i'm nice like that...
"Nightopia, the land of our dreams is under threat by the ever growing power of Wizeman The Wicked. His henchmen, the Nightmaren, are stealing dream energy from us, and if he�s not stopped, he will break from the dream world into reality, and no one will be able to stop him.
Begging for help, a Nightopian escapes from the world of dreams and asks Elliot and Claris for their help, in order to defeat Wizeman. The Nightopian informs Elliot and Claris of 4 types of dream energy that need to be taken back from Wizeman�s Ideya Capture. The energies are White (purity), Green (wisdom), Yellow (hope), and Blue (intelligence). There is a 5th dream energy coloured red, that Wizeman is unable to steal, which is bravery. Fortunately, NiGHTS is about the only one left, not under the control of Wizeman. He is also attracted to red dream energy � something Claris & Elliot both possess."

yeah, so anyways, i tried to recreate the magical feeling the game has, and have that whole..."land above and below" thing that they do.
kind of seen here:
anyways, the image i used of NiGHTS (thats his name) was vectored from a REALLY small image of the american releases cover. i like the japanese one better, but i couldn't get a clear image of it.
so, lots of clouds, and stocks and vectoring and stuff. i gave it a dreamy feel with the clouds and the fluffiness and bluriness of the wall in general. thanks to blaze for some confidence boosting and stuff, and reassuring me that it doesn't suck.
still, i know i can do better. i plan on making another NiGHTS wall eventually. soon as i can get the scan i want.

....damn that was long
cookies to anyone that actually read the damn thing x_x

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  1. Milkiyo Nov 30, 2005

    lol...funny description..even the wall is funny..is the scan a superman? lol..rocketing to the sky..
    +fav^^ beautiful bg

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2005

    lol, funny wallpaper and description indeed. Well you did a good job vectoring ze night dude, and I love the misty cloud effects in the left corner. but I don't know about the stocks, they look so... stock-like XD

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2005

    Quote by Milkiyolol...funny description..even the wall is funny..is the scan a superman? lol..rocketing to the sky..
    +fav^^ beautiful bg

    I love it when people fail to read the descriptions. First off, w00t! Someone else who is a fan of the Saturn. Though the system bombed big time, due to Playstation, it still had some games that were simply amazing. Nights was one of those. Heck, I believe it was a launch title, if memory serves me correctly (hooray, being a gamer actually can serve some use) and I have to say, with what you worked with, I honestly have to say that your wall blows the crap out of the game graphics.

    First off, the scan. I honestly was never able to find any artwork of the series, though I never really tried searching, but I'm simply amazed that there is someone else out there that still plays the Saturn. A beautiful scan if I do say so myself and the extraction is flawless (and I agree, some Japanese covers beat the crap out of the American ones) though I think you did an amazing job with it.

    As for the background. I swear, both you and Tama never fail to bedazzle me. My gosh. This is just gorgeous. Just beautiful scenery and the effects added really fit with the game. One thing that I really love is how you give a fantasy feel to an somewhat realistic plain, which really gives, in my opinion, almost an exact replica of the games scenery. Of course, the detail and visuals of your bg blow away anything that the Saturn could produce, but thats beside the point. I haven't played Nights in..well..far too many years, but honestly you did a perfect job with making this wallpaper fit with the game. I especially love the clouds as well, it really gives the view the impression that hes above the clouds. The birds were a nice touch as well and I love the colors used also. I really can't say too much else about this wall, but with something like this, sometimes words can't even begin to describe something beautiful.

    Overall, I'm simply amazed that someone actually still plays the Saturn, much less decided to make a wall of NIGHTS. I really am speechless, by not only the breath-taking beauty of this wall, but that people still remember that amazing game. This earns my favorite of the week. This is just purely a work of art. I cannot find anything wrong with this wall, not even close, hell I even love the text. Fantastic work, Kalico.

  4. phamthuha Nov 30, 2005

    It is so cute ^_^ I love the effect, but it is a bit blur ..... still you have a fav from me ^_^

  5. Elves Nov 30, 2005

    Yahoo! I got a cookie for reading the huge long description! *eats cookie like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street*

    Onto the wall, kudos on vectoring the character, that looks lovely! Some of the swrily cloud effects make for some weird shadows on Night's face, but everything looks great. You did capture the clouds above the world look you were going for. It'd be funny to see a surprised bird right next to him - reminds me of a Pepsi commercial from a while ago with Canadian Geese and a wind surfer. Anyway, I digress. Very nice colors and I always give kudos for under appreciated games and systems! XD

    This sort of reminds me of Klanoa for the PSOne. That is a cute little game as well, that has a dream land of it's own. Thanks for sharing!

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2005

    OMG ive seen that game only on posters when Sega saturn came out but i was more on the Atari games than that actually ^_^' but yeah nice to see someone like you Kalico would go back to old school images to make something wymsical and worthwhile, love the effect and tangent you bring forth to me... Lovely peice of work as always! ^_^

  7. KittyCyn Nov 30, 2005

    OH MY GOSH! Is Nights into Dreams game! XD I used to play it long ago, yeah in my past Sega SATURN hehe :D
    Remember that time! I've forgotten this game existed! Well I love the wallie and also the character, awesome effects and colors as usual!
    Keep it up! +Favie **** :)
    Bye Bye ;)

  8. AngelKate Nov 30, 2005

    I have never heard of this game but this is really cool! The background is really pretty. The character is cool! He's flyyying! XD Great wallpaper! A fave for sure!

  9. Vetrox Dec 01, 2005

    Yum cookies!
    Nice, you got the dreamy feel you aimed for as far as I can tell! The colours match Nights!

  10. Lenne Dec 01, 2005

    Whoa..it's so cool,i completely love it! ;)

  11. Totorito Dec 04, 2005

    I have a SegaSaturn too, a great console. I love Nights when i played it, and christmas nights !

    It's good that more people still remember the console of the big Segata Sanshiro :D

  12. markjo Dec 09, 2005

    A piece of great work, especially on the background. All the textures you used and the playing with colours cause the image to look very game-like. About the character I can say only two things: it looks really funny (reminds me of a plushie harlequin I used to have years ago) and secondly, it must have been a painstakingly difficult job to be able to get this result out of a small scan...

  13. lampard Dec 27, 2005

    dam cute

  14. evol_kimchi Jan 08, 2006

    whimsical wall baby, fitting for the dreamy feel of the game....just wish I could play the damn thing since I bought it for you <.<

  15. ScarXHeart Apr 18, 2010

    OMG! A Nights wallpaper! Thanks for sharing and making it! Its beautiful!

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