Sora-iro no Organ Wallpaper: Sarasa ~Bright Illusion~

Princess Soft, Sora-iro no Organ, Sarasa Kisaragi Wallpaper
Princess Soft Studio Sora-iro no Organ Visual Novel Sarasa Kisaragi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Sarasa Kisaragi
from Sora Iro no Organ,
Visual novel game by TheLotus.

Okay, this wallpaper might look like very simple.
Yet actually, this wallpaper consist of more than 25 layers. >_<
I didn't use any layer styles in this wallpaper,
every 'layer-style-look-alike-effect' are done manually.
Such as 'drop shadow'-alike effect for ornament, line, and text on the bottom left side,
aren't generated from photoshop's layer style tools.
Beside those effects, there are a lot of subtle, hard to notice elements in this wallpaper.
And in it's subtleties, they add certain elegance in this wall.

To wrap this 'rant' up, yes, it looked like very simplistic.
Exactly like what I'm intended to do when I start working on this:

A simple, yet elegant wallpaper. ^o^
Hiding it's difficult details only to me, and presenting only it's elegance to it's viewers.

Well, if there are some defects here and there in this wall, I'm really sorry.
I haven't submitted any new wall since... perhaps 6-7 months ago ^_^'

Enjoy this wall!

Layers: 27.
Original source of chara image: In-game screenshot.
Worktime: 3hrs.

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Browse Sora-iro no Organ Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Angel-on-Dragon Nov 29, 2005

    Simple but cute ^^ I think it fit's nice to have this simple and bright bg.
    Thanks for sharing ^^ *adds to fav*

  2. pana Nov 29, 2005

    i gotta say this is nicely done
    i wouldnt say this is simple as i can see that u spent alot of time designing this piece
    love the stair design.....subtle but still part of the piece
    the stock is great and the blending of the couch in the back is a nice touch
    the font is nice ... what font style is "Bright Illusion" and Sarasa Kisaragi"?

    adding u to me watchlist for future wallies:)
    adding to favs;)

  3. Milkiyo Nov 29, 2005

    the simplicity of it makes it a very beautiful wall..the scan is good and the concept is clean and interesting^^

  4. Devildude Nov 29, 2005

    i like this very much, the simplicty is a welcoming sight, loved the stairs and how you placed the BG to look like she is running towards a scenery. wonderful job!

  5. jeffng9 Nov 29, 2005

    wow i like this wallpaper its really nice and simple
    i personally like how you arrange the position of the picture the stairs and stuff
    great piece of wallpaper

  6. Kiako Nov 29, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty, and the bg scene is good too, it suits the chara.
    keep it up

  7. Totorito Nov 29, 2005

    I like it but maybe is too white, this is a little pain for my eyes *_*.

    Good wall anyways :)

  8. Acuni Nov 29, 2005

    i like it
    the girl looks nice and the bg fits well
    nice effects you made there

  9. AkinaSpirit Nov 29, 2005

    It's simplistic.. it's white-ish/grey-ish your fav colour (I think O_o).. it has an elegant character ^_^
    The faded look suits what you're trying to express.. bright illusion~ but one of these days I'd like to see a truly scenic wall XD
    PS. does ownyaa have a 'girl-running-away-sad expression' fetish? joking! Joking!

  10. Iyako Nov 29, 2005

    very nice

  11. Tama-san Nov 29, 2005

    Beautiful and relaxing wall.

  12. SkyKing8 Nov 29, 2005

    Beautifully made! Thanks For Sharing, Much Appreicated :D

  13. angelchan8123 Nov 30, 2005

    This wallpaper looks very beautiful. The character looks very pretty. The bg suits the character very well. Overall beautifully made and an excellent job. I added it to my favs

  14. RNA072100 Nov 30, 2005

    it's actually a beautiful n wonderful wallpaper~! *^-^* i like it~! simple n elegant like u said~!

  15. mizusuchan Dec 01, 2005

    very nice. simple but effective ^_^

  16. irix Dec 03, 2005

    i've to put in my desk now! i've cautived! :D

  17. cloudymirror22 Dec 09, 2005

    another great wallpaper. love these pics i really do

  18. enixvalkyrie Dec 10, 2005

    25 layer? I can tell. I remember this picture from lotus inc. Thanks for showing it again.

  19. ioi Jan 14, 2006

    This really is a very nice Bright Illusion. White background matches the white dress and white hair prefectly.
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Roxa Mar 21, 2006

    so bright.. so unic... it's simple though very nice ^.^ really like it.. and i'm not a bright wall fan :) +fav

  21. Nubes Apr 01, 2006

    white is my favorite color, becuz white u can draw with a crayon... ok the song doesn't goes that way, but anyways... i was trying to say this wally is beautiful, very unic

    merged: 04-01-2006 ~ 01:44pm
    and alsoooooooo, very white:D

  22. PrairieDogGuy2006 Jul 13, 2006

    She is soo graceful, just like a ballet dancer, dancing to her heart's content. She is truly a most serendipitious lady.
    I am definitely adding this to my FAV file !
    Thanxs for sharing !

  23. piggy-san444 Dec 25, 2006

    There's a lot of motion in this paper...
    which is interestingly contrasted by the static background. It's like she's falling into or running from a dream-world back into the normal world.
    The texture under your title is a good effect; anchors it rather than lets it float free.
    Also looks like you combined 2 rooms... not bad, but the stairs are too transparent :-)
    lots of light. I like it!

  24. andyloh006 Nov 19, 2007

    not bad

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