Burst Angel Wallpaper: [Bakuretsu Tenshi] Dusk Of Dawn

Gonzo, Burst Angel, Jo Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Burst Angel Series Jo Character

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Okay, no bugging me about title....

I know this wall is pretty simple... Actually, these days I really have no mood to do anything (other than reading manga), cos I feel like slacking after that long stretch of exams >.< so the idea came to me when I was helping my bro to do his userpage >_< erm, it is not finished cos I still haven't decide on the color (cos I have no access to net the last few days and now only I got back) Blah, so to cut it short, I used the same scan... XP

Scan: Can't find it in MT so I just submitted it here
Stock: found in DA
Brushes: not used (erm, smudging used photoshop default brushes)
Length: 4 hours (with thinking, rethinking, smudging, extracting, and basically everything)

What I did: I used SMUDGE tool to clean the scan (that is a first for me, I usually took the easy way out by blurring and everything) and then the sky is from a stock, but I manipulate it, again using the smudge tool... I changed the color balance of the scan, and cut it off here and there so that it looks like that.. the rubbles there is also from the same scan, from the robot behind her >_>
Oh, the empty look on the right side is intended, I don't wanna make a too crowded wall :x

Well, as usual, comments/critiques/suggestions are welcomed, I think I would like to edit this one, cos am not too happy with it either >_< so... comment away XD

+edit 0.1+
As embarassing as it is, I have to admit that I edited out one part of the scan that I forgot to extract... it looks so much like part of Joe (which I assumed to be her clothes) that I didn't extract it...After staring at the wall for 10 minutes or so though (trying to figure out how to best the text), I found out my mistake, and so now it has been fixed.
The text, though, has not been fixed, and now I put the textless version up >_<

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Cajime
Wall: Lost In Our Dreams
Reason: Creative and original, this one deserves more attention :) not to mention that it looks really stunning and beautiful

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2005

    Oooo, very cool! The sky is beautiful, I love the colors and the smudging seems to have worked :D
    Anywho, great job!

    Just thinking... does "Dusk of Dawn" make sense? Maybe I'm just tired ^_^'

  2. nolove Nov 29, 2005

    oh, so great wall, it is simple? No ><, beautiful much much, just sth....the title XD....
    +favs it ^^

  3. ayaki Nov 29, 2005

    wow very cool scan!~..and the simple sunset bg just fits perfectly. :)
    the only thing that is the font of the title...it kinda stands out a bit too much...and yea...dusk of dawn? hehe
    nonetheless, great wall !~

  4. Wongo Nov 29, 2005

    Very cool wallie.....wow...I can't believe you slacked off on this wall.......wonder what you can really do........well anywayz..hope you get that exam thing dealt with...want to see even better work.....thanks for the art....love especially the red sky..and hopefully that is a guy...I can't tell with my bad eyesight....

  5. dans Nov 29, 2005

    huh ? i though i dl the scan from mt long time ago. -_-
    the wall is nice but a lot of ppl already walled this scan with the same style. >_>
    i think the text need more work on it.
    overall, i think this is a nice job. :)

  6. pana Nov 29, 2005

    nice clean extraction of stock
    bg sky is blended well(nice smudging)
    this is well done
    keep up the good work
    simple and elegent

  7. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 29, 2005

    Cool! .. very nice done .. the background is good .. really like "dusk of dawn" ^^; .. add to favs

  8. Tatsuya Nov 29, 2005

    i think "before dusk" is more proper the title :x and just like dans said the text need more work on it, the wall is pretty nice nontheless! In my humble opinion

  9. kyubinaruto Nov 29, 2005

    Beautiful background *__* I really don't have much complain about this wall, but maybe you can improve on the text? I don't know how exactly to improve texts but the text you used has lots of potential, improve it XP

  10. kal91 Nov 29, 2005

    LOL, it wasn't until the 3rd time I read it did I realize it was "Dusk of Dawn" not "Dusk or Dawn". I was wondering about your comment on not bugging you about the title :)

    Nice and crisp, except for Jo's left leg. The extraction can use some more work there. It's minor, but stands out against the rest of the image.

  11. Kiako Nov 29, 2005

    the sky looks very good, i like the clouds, the colors are good too, very fitting to the whole scene. and the text there fits in good too.
    keep it up

  12. Zoamel Nov 29, 2005

    Great work! The extraction is fantastic and I assume that this was much work...
    I also like the background. Not to full but not plain.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. ozma255 Nov 29, 2005

    That's a great scan you've used in this wall and althoug the bg is simple it fits well with the scan very well, good job. :)

  14. pamkips Nov 29, 2005

    oh it's beautiful, neh, nevermind the empty space it makes it look more serene and gives more to the wall ^_^ so yes wonderful reconstruction ah! well overall wonderful job it's just so simple, but preety (gorgeous ^_^) i love walls like this

  15. c-bas Nov 29, 2005

    I like this scan, its sooooooooo nice! OMG!

  16. trinigirl524 Nov 30, 2005

    hm the empty space you pointed out looks fine in this wallpaper. it helps show must of the sky. anyways beautiful job on this! the scan works with the background really well. and i like the simple text. great job on using the smudge tool, everything looks great.

  17. Akaiken Nov 30, 2005

    I like the sky Panda Queen. You got the cloud effects just right to make this just fine. Well, the bg's fine too but I guess you should've added more...

  18. flyindreams Nov 30, 2005

    ... :D

    The clouds in the sky look a bit oversmudged to me, but the colors are great! *_* The title is... interesting :D it's really surprisingly effective as a wallie... :) I'm glad you chose not to clutter up the background. Nice job with this one :3

    P.S. I'm curious as to what this wall would look like without the text... :)

  19. fukushuusha Nov 30, 2005

    Very nice cleaning on the scan. She looks better without jango that's for sure =)
    As for the wall...I really like it but it feels empty somehow. the clouds look good to me it's just the white part is a bit too much. Also another type of font could do good with this but that's personal preference.
    Very nice job overall :)

  20. Frosty Nov 30, 2005

    hey this is a very nice looking wallpaper.
    yup.. w/o the text makes it look alot better.
    I like that one more. looks nice and great job on it.
    *9.7 and Grade AA+* for a nice looking wallie. *goes to my desktop* ;)

  21. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2005

    Ooh... the scan is really high quality here XP I wouldn't think of smudging to clean up a scan... XD
    Only complaint would be the clouds could be more puffy, otherwise this is a nice wallpaper :)

  22. bbls Dec 01, 2005

    looks fantastic, and the blending of the scan and stock image is seamless!
    you certainly did a wonderful job in using the smudge tool.
    the sky's color definitely sets of the scan perfectly.
    and i won't mention anything about the text... XD

  23. Farewell Dec 01, 2005

    no joke, this wall is awesome. Good work. n.n

  24. Akaiken Dec 02, 2005

    Gee... now I see the difference but still... as I have said, the sky effect is good and I think the scan's better now...


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