Chobits Wallpaper: Chobits : Love me for who i am

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CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Chobits Series Atashi Character

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Artist Comment

In the loneliness of my heart
i said this a thousand times
finding the words i use to say
No sorrow is ever to little
the past i seclude myself in is hindered slowly
my loveless persona is shattered
i tend to search but no i wander
to this song i sing to you
the beauties that walk this earth
I am the angel of sadness
the tempest of nothingness
ending now i become
something which i cannot explain
To find the one for me,
the one who can extinguish the fires which plague my heart...

I want to find someone who can love me for who i am...

*Listening to Love Saver ~ T.M. Revolution
Gamble Rumble ~ Move : Initial D*

Another simple wall i wanted to make to pass the time away for reasons intertwined with my loneliness im starting to have for myself in my state in life right now. I got this scan from Nuriko in MT and yeah i loved the story book theme incorporated in the Chobits series, sad but a heartfelt search for the one who can love her... I guess thats what i am 24/7 right now... even if ive given up searching for the right person i still never given up hope that there is someone out there in the world who is the opposite of my personality and is searching too. So i extracted the image and made it HQ as much as I can and copied the starry night and lil buildings made on the Chobits series. Added a shadow of the chracter depicting of the dark side of Chii, Some text and NO NO NO NO NO NO thats not Kanji or Japaanese caligraphy its actually Celtic runic language which translates tot he actual text i assumed it fitted more on wall that Japanese icons but yeah at least it went through in the end. Also put some small dotted texture to neautralize the whole busy-ness of the wall.

Anyway more resolutions coming up in Imanimetions.net so dont fret guys... ~_^ Hope you like it because its a personal wall for me....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(...) intent:
Loneliness is a part of every person in this world and none has affected me like a giant sword in my heart more than me, everyday i get these alternate mood swings which either bring me to outmost happiness to downright crappy depressive sadness which kinda hurts my concious mind which really strives hard to "masquerade" this unfortunate series of events, even if i talk to my parents and family they would just say i was either crazy or somewhat stupid for reasons i dont want to even imagine deciphering. Feeling that you are .0000000000001% important in the universe keeps my reality and imaginary side in check and thru it all i just want to find someone in this world or universe who would actually understand me for who i am... kind of a hard thing to ask but i believe we have an opposite in this world and we can attract ourselves if we ever cross paths but to my perspective its a slim chance in hell that would actually happen... >_>

Anyway even if you dont read this it doesnt mean im gonna die right about now.. im just a hopeless wanderer who just wants to put a little something to think about which is that not all people who are Happy are actually happy... i seem to have that 6th sense where i can feel peoples sadness and try to suck it right out of them... maybe for me thats my greatest power i can share in the world. So all in all i think i just go to deep thought too many times o_o


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  1. Nona Nov 28, 2005

    I ever liked this stile in chobbits! :) Thank you for the wallpaper! :) and don't be lonely! If you are able to feel people's happyness or sadness, then use this power. It's not usually :)

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2005

    Holy. I didn't even recognise this as being something you made.

    The shadow shows her as being so empty >_<
    *pats OA* you'll find someone... you're still young

    As for the wall I really like this. It's simple- it reminds me of those storybooks... the memories T_T

    *gives you a cookie*

  3. Liz Nov 28, 2005

    wow that is so cool! Its so sad though just like the storybook. Great work on the wallpaper!

  4. rene3088 Nov 28, 2005

    cute rabbit (^^)

  5. juanicths Nov 28, 2005

    nice of u to wall the rabbit from the picture book featured in chobits ^^ makes a refreshing change from the usual walls of chii ^^ nice deep philosophy behind that story too.... love it!

  6. nolove Nov 28, 2005

    huhuhuhu, I love it, I love it, simple and kutie wallpaper, i love all things kutie ><. Fav yep ><, without thinking XD

  7. jaderabbit Nov 28, 2005

    In depression we find true reality, and in that everyone in the world is alone and want to be with there someone at least once in there life before they die, to be able to join and become one with one person to share what they're litttle exsistance called life. It's a sad but cold truth. I truly hope u as well as me can find our truly and only one someone. I've had many loves but none to me where a true love i geuss that's what is depressing to me. I can totally relate to your story.
    The wallpaper is excellent well put together the shadow is also impeciable. Adding it too my favorites. Good luck on finding your someone in life.

  8. Sandra Nov 28, 2005

    I see my fav ! Great clean and calm wallpaper.And with cute creature from Chobits ! (I love this manga !). Great simple bg.Awesome textures.

  9. suntiger Nov 28, 2005

    Super Cute! I'll have to show this one to my best friend, she *loves* chobits so much, and to take the character from the book Chii is always reading is something I'm sure she'll be happy to see in a wallpaper.

    I love the simplicity you used, it really looks good in stuff like this ^^

  10. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2005

    Lovely job mr. potatoe :D
    I love that little dot pattern that homogenises the whole wall, gives such a soft texture <3
    The colors are perfect, and you did succeed in making that scan HQ :3 cute wall

  11. bromithia Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2005

    You should've just vectored the scan XD looks easy enough, eh? Oh well, it is clean and cute. Nice work.

  12. Tiferet Nov 28, 2005

    i find it interesting that you made something that would appear "happy" represent sadness...good things come to those who wait; your time will come :)

  13. Yina Nov 28, 2005

    actually.. i hate that pic-book that chii always reads.. ^^;; it was a space filler to me, though it's kinda important for the story..
    the wallie is simple and pretty.. i love the colours you used.. overall great work =3

  14. miraku-spike Nov 28, 2005

    Waha! I like this wallpaper of yours! XD It's very amazing and of course i like it cuase its Chobits.

  15. ayaki Nov 28, 2005

    I'm sure u're gonna find that someone... :) and i hope everybody does!~

    the wall is simple..and i love that shadow u added....kinda gives a feeling of loneliness.
    and haha, at first i did think those are Kanji.... :P

    great wall!~

  16. rycerz Nov 29, 2005

    "tsudzuku michi ni tada ATASHI hitori dake
    tooi koe o tayori ni aruite yuku no"

    "I continue down the road by myself
    Guided by the distant voice"

    Ningyo Hime - 2nd ending song

    Everytime I realize that I mean nothing to the people aroound, just like an ant in a giant anthill , it saddens me a lot. Sometimes I get the feeling that I could just drop dead on the street and no one would care that I'm no longer among the living....
    I had a girl... she left.
    I have a lot of friends... but they are bunch of worthless bastards.
    right now I'm in a coma, waiting , searching for someone/something that could give me happiness

  17. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2005

    saki feels so sad and lonely now *whacks j00* great jobbu on makin pwincess saki sad.. ;-; *watches male strippers dance* >_<;; saki will send yu strawberry girls to make yu happier! ;_; *watches yu dance with em*

    ne nee~ this wall is very b00tiful and sad and emotional and so so so exotic <3 saki wubs how yu set the perfect mood for it, and it makes us sad to see it...

    ^-^ tyrantiiee oracllleee man will find someone.. there's always a soulmate for everyone, so just be patient and wait! ^-^ who wont be attracted to your talent? >_< *bonks*

  18. Electrastar Nov 29, 2005

    Very nice. Sad and melancolic...it just screams Chobits. It's very well done and I love this :D

  19. kai81220 Nov 29, 2005

    hehe dont kniw what to say but nice XP

    like that pixelly texture look you made.
    lol its a great design, good enough for the fob clothing/accessories in the chinese shops XD

    clean work

  20. miyano Nov 29, 2005

    this one's simple but nice..
    you did it nicely and it looks like the ones in the anime XD
    well overall, good one! :D

  21. AC2N Nov 29, 2005

    You're right master... it's a simple one !
    but as I always said, simple thing could be a better thing... and this one is totally in the spirit of Chobits !
    Nice, simple... real good restfull wallie.
    I love it ! ( as usual... )
    hope to see more... ;)

  22. fukushuusha Nov 29, 2005

    about the wall...just as kai said. simple yet nice one
    And for that someone; I am pretty sure you ll find.
    A unique guy like you shouldn't be pessimistic like that so cheer up bud.

  23. Elves Nov 29, 2005

    The wall is so simple, and soft. The extra textureing makes me think of a child's quilt. Nice idea to fade the bottom of the buildings away, that gives them purpose of being there without any connection *makes mental note to self* I like the idea. I haven't seen Chobits and didn't realize that it had a secondary story within the show, so I learned something too!

  24. kalicodreamz Nov 30, 2005

    -random thought-
    i LOVE cream soda O_O
    -/random thought-

    i finally get to comment on this wall.
    i love the simplicity and the composition is really central, but well executed.
    ya know what my fav part is? the fact that the shadows eye is open. little details like that make for a happy kalico.
    now, to be serious for a minute...
    this wall struck me when i saw it yesterday because it was exactly how i was feeling while i was at school. dead alone. i won't bother you with my person bitching, but just let you know you're not alone :3 and i read your descriptions so you should keep writting them! if for no other reason than to fill up my day with stuff to read XD
    now...to FAV!

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