Tales of Symphonia Wallpaper: - From the Deep Within -

Namco, Tales of Symphonia Wallpaper
Namco Studio Tales of Symphonia Series,OVA,Game

1024x768 Wallpaper

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  1. chibichibikaukau Nov 27, 2005

    i like it^^ and the background is very nice^^

  2. dMp Nov 27, 2005

    Undine is usually the name given to female guardian like this one. anyways back to the wall, the bg sure does gives the chill. nice water effect.

  3. kiukirilya Nov 27, 2005

    I like it! the water is very well done and I love blue wallie!^^

  4. Marsup Nov 27, 2005

    Simply splendid. Another great wall from you ^^

  5. Milkiyo Nov 27, 2005

    looks really icy and chilly^^
    u deserve a fav..

  6. Kiako Nov 27, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the background. the blue colors gives it a cold feelineg. and th eplacing of the chara is good too.

  7. JKLeganes Nov 27, 2005

    It remembers me Magic The Gathering art...great job

  8. SkyKing8 Nov 27, 2005

    Great Wallpaper! Thanks or sharing, much appreciated! :)

  9. kal91 Nov 28, 2005

    Look pretty cool. however, it does not give the impression that she rose out of the ocean. I think you're trying to create a vortex in the ocean, but you're not quite cuceeding. With the wave so close, I think it'll be extremely difficult to create one that looks good.

    Oh well, it's still a nice looking wallpaper. Thanks.

  10. kaisui1tatsu Nov 28, 2005

    Very awsome! I love how the water wraps around the character! Very nice!

  11. bbls Dec 01, 2005

    your water background is very beautiful and blends nicely with the scan!
    i really like the concept of her rising out of the water like that, and the effects are quite nice!

  12. chaosmongoose Banned Member Dec 02, 2005

    This is just so...heavenly! This is the BEST picture I have seen of all the summon spirits! EVER! The background is beyond beautiful! I wish I could say more but i'm just so speachless! A+

  13. Xueli Dec 02, 2005

    very cool. the water effects are awsome. too bad this isn't a high resolution

  14. pitbull Dec 11, 2005

    i love it keep up the good work.(*_*)

  15. phamthuha Dec 27, 2005

    Amazing! I believe just keep it up you will become a great member of MT ^_^ Fav from me!

  16. ShiXon Dec 28, 2005

    What a fascinating sea creature ^-^ Haha, the hwole effect on this wallie is like super nice and your wallies aren't receiving the loves it deserves! They're jsut so beautiful I can admire them all day if I want to : D

  17. Sly777 Jan 21, 2006

    Loved it. Very skillfully made. Keep up the good work.

  18. Sabbathiel May 22, 2006

    this creature is awesome! The background is amazing and the way how those elements fit together is great! I like this work.... Congratulations, you've done wonderfull piece of art!

  19. Hakuron87 Jun 05, 2006

    Very, very Beautiful

  20. starrliteangel Jun 28, 2006

    ahhhh! tales of symphonia! that is the best game ever! whoaaaa.....*sparkly eyes* very very pretty wallpaper. I love the background. I dont remember seeing this character/spirit in the game, so im assuming its from the anime? lol maybe i wasnt paying attention. hehe

  21. CrashAriMP5N2O Sep 10, 2006

    Hmm makes me want to play the game again lol. Anyways nice work on the wallpaper. It really brings the tide. w00t kowabonga!

  22. Melisandre Feb 27, 2007

    Bonito personaje el que elegiste y el azul me encanta ;)

  23. YamiTEIOH Mar 13, 2007

    Woah, awesome picture!
    Didn't know there was such beautiful artwork of Undine!
    About your work, I love that "water-elemental" bg (Well, it's undine, ok, but that doesn't matter XD )
    So this colorfull wallie will be added --> to my fav! Congratulations! XD
    Keep the good work!

  24. Zhenii Feb 01, 2010

    great pic :) !

    thxx for sharingg x3

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