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The latest in a long string of UA contests..GOTHIC. I guess Im rather suited for it, in a way, since I do alot of grunge, but I wanted something more than the usual grungy background.

Then I found this scan of Vincent, and a drawing. I had it. Kinda ghostly, emerging from a mausoleum, on a dark night in a rather creepy part of town. *I* like it, Ive had it on my desktop for a couple days now.

So..the usual. Flames, comments, the inevitably highly critical(and unfortunately for my ego, highly accurate) comments from Misa and Tevi..

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  1. Milkiyo Nov 27, 2005

    holy freak..looks really creepy *shivers*
    nice work though the bg doesn't suit the scan very well..the hut or whatever it is is too clean lol..
    thanks for sharing!^^

  2. CagalliYamato Nov 27, 2005

    i see that u really efort with this wall..! well i dont really like gotict or horror thingss.. but this wall is very well make itt,,

    give up the good job!



  3. Rhonda21 Nov 27, 2005

    I love gothic stuff! hehe. anyways, I really like the background and everything looks cool. Nice Work!

  4. juanicths Nov 27, 2005


    is this from a doujin? it's an interesting drawing, not quite creepy to be really gothic IMO but still great eyecandy. thanks!

  5. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2005

    Hmmm overall I like this... but there is a bit of red floating away from the scan u_u;;; if you look at the h in death and follow downwards from there, that's the chunk I'm talking about... I dunno why it's there XP

    Another thing I don't particularly like is the transparency of bits put down... everything should more or less be 100% opacity unless it's a layer of grunge (like splatty grunge... not tree brushes) ... his cloak is see through ^^;; I probably would liked the sky (the red layer) darker and perhaps the building in deeper shades, but other than that, it's a LOT better than your other entry :)

  6. Zoamel Nov 27, 2005

    I love the threatening background. The red sky and the grey clouds are working fine together. Also the birds are a nice detail. :)

  7. Farewell Nov 28, 2005

    one word: wooooooooow!

  8. omni Nov 28, 2005

    Just to let you know beforehand, I have nothing against you, or your particular style, personally. That being said... well, just prepare yourself for something truly negativistic.

    First things first. The scan. Vincent does not mesh well with the building/mausoleum/thing that he's crawling out of. At all. I'm not sure if you found it that way, but it's definitely not a scenic match. That much, however, is forgivable. If it had been done correctly (either by your insane amount of effort, which it would have taken, or the original artist), it would look very interestingly... well, cool.

    I think the feet should have been gotten rid of--or made to look, rather, that they were still inside the building. It may not have been possible, but I think it would have looked better.

    The transparency, as has previously been mentioned, is iffy at best. The fact that only certain parts of his cloak/cape are transparent, and in such an odd manner, turns me off of the idea immensely. Perhaps extracting the cloak and making it look ghostly (through various combinations of blurs, filters, layer blends, and transparency) would have achieved the desired effect in a more agreeable manner? I'm not sure.

    The repeat of the tree brush is downright intolerable. If something is going to be featured so heavily, and be so obvious, it should not be allowed to be so uniform. The very least you could have done would have been to flip it. Having a smaller duplicate is simply in poor taste.

    The film grain seen on Vincent would have been much better placed on the mausoleum-thing. That looks very flat and two-dimensional, and film grain filters--indeed, grain filters in general--only help to add to the two-dimensionality of something. Vincent looks far more three dimensional than his surroudings, even in spite of the film grain, so if that was going to stay, it would have been better to accentuate his three dimensionality by playing up the mausoleum's two dimensionality.

    The text could be more interesting. The idea isn't bad there, but blend it in more with the background, change the size of some of the words, generally mess with it to give it some more visual appeal... that's my suggestion, at any rate.

    I would have preferred to see a lack of grunge on the moon. Playing with grunge brushes is fun, but too easy to go overboard on. I think that, if you'd left the grunge off the moon, or even made it look like it was behind the moon, it would have increased the atmospheric dynamism of the piece.

    The birds, like the text, are a little plain. I would have liked to see them blended more into the background.

    The color scheme of the background seems off to me. A reddish-purple is acceptable, but a dark, blood-red would have done so much more for the atmosphere, and matched Vincent, both in appearance and personality, so much better.

    The clouds could use some significant work. I realize that making good clouds is very, very difficult, but these don't really look as good as they could. I know, I know, I'm being nitpicky, but that's what I do.

    Finally, to be ultimately nitpicky, the spiderwebs don't really go, especially the way they're set up in this. I'd have liked to see them either more three dimensional, or simply absent from the wallpaper altogether.

    Now, so as not to seem a total bastard:

    The atmospheric understanding present is good. I think you've done a wonderful job capturing your atmosphere, I just feel that the ends could have been a little more... dynamic.

    Aside from the instances mentioned previously, the way you worked in the grunge brushes that you did is, likewise, quite good. They don't make the whole piece seem too flat, as is the danger with grunge brushes, but still add atmosphere to it.

    You seem to have a very clear idea of what you want, you just need to figure out some better ways to get to the desired ends--something every artist could use more of. So I'd like to congratulate you on that, it's not every person who can honestly claim it.

  9. ProjectDRacing Nov 28, 2005

    Great looking wall, vincent looks great with that background and that color. Nice work.

  10. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 07, 2005

    i had to agree with omni at this one. Vincent's scan seems like it's semi-transparent and it doesn't blend well with the drawings behind. and the vincent scan is a little blur, unless my eyes are playing tricks with me, i guess you can fix that with colour adjustments.

    and i really don't like that hut drawings, it just doesn't belong in there because of the texture... you could just remove that one and play with grunge brushes more instead coz with the hut behind vincent it makes vincent become more transparent.

    the blacks and reds of the sky is really good, but with that white one, it just doesn't feel so creepy and right anymore. so i really think that by concentrating on only black and red to do the background is enough.

    but overall, the expression of creepiness and darkness are portrayed very well, and the wall looks quite good in thumbnail version. ^^

  11. Spidey-Matt Dec 07, 2005

    Ok... Vincent seems to be floating...with a bit of tweaking the wallpaper could look really good...at the moment it seems a bit too messy...although I do think the ideas are good...It has a nice creppy feel to it...-Shira

  12. TerraValentine Dec 15, 2005

    I love Vincent....

  13. Dark-phoenix Apr 06, 2006

    Awesome! It's great really great. He's look like a ghost < cool ghost>. Background is so great<great color>. I like the moon and i really love this wallpaper.

  14. Spoo Jul 04, 2006

    like the sprite a lot, and am glad to see more interesting vincent stuff, but I think you could improve it a lot with a bit more thought ^_^

  15. kozuerox Jul 08, 2007

    nice wall, really love it. but i thought Vincent's eyes were red (well transparent actually, red due to the blood veins seen through the transparent parts). But that's not your fault cos it's not your drawing. Good job.

  16. VOOT Apr 14, 2010

    Background is good. Thanks for doing this wallpaper.

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