Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Pride Ed

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yeaaah:D i am alive ^^"
huuuuuuuh and again a wally...but this time a different style^^" i'm sure u wont like it.... XD
well: these days i have found some screnshot from the game Bluebird's Illusion^^ and i am totally in love with it:D well.....rather Ed:D....Ed's homunculus form is soooo sexy?:D for me it is:D and i love when he wears his hear loose^^ so i decided to make a vectoart from Ed here is the shot i have vectorized....maybe later i will vectorize Envy too:P

i worked on this about 1 day ( in hours) i started yesterday evening and i continued it today....
This is my SEcond vector art...so dont be so strict...^^"...
layers: a lot
psd file not too big : 10mb
and ithink i will make another bg for Ed...because this is now just a quick bg...^^"
well.... i think that's all....
Enjoy !

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  1. boogybro Nov 25, 2005

    My! What did they do to Ed's looks? :(
    This is only your second vector? Very impressive. My only crit about the wall is that there could be more in the background, it has soo much potential.

    Anyway, I like it. So I fave.

  2. Hix Nov 25, 2005

    wow I love this wall. Really great vector wall ^ _ ^ and nice pic Ed Zomg Ed looks really sexxy ^ _ ^
    Great job

  3. Alquamire Nov 25, 2005

    Weeee, FMA :3
    Yes, Pride!Ed is cool... but the background here repells me, kinda... go work! give it your best! :3

  4. frozenwilderness Nov 25, 2005

    Beautiful, though the vector lines are a bit jagges and some areas look like they should have more lines. Still, the overall composition of this wallpaper is great and so is the design. +fav

  5. Clover Nov 26, 2005

    somehow it looks cool, the clors are matching and it is not overloaded wit effects^^
    really great wall

  6. Shkira Nov 26, 2005

    Wow, I'd be very interested in the storyline of that game... Interesting pic your sharing. As for the wall, I like the simple abstract background, but the yellow behind his hair is too blending and boring.

  7. rythem Nov 26, 2005

    ooOhoo ~ *-* pride edo smexy ~ >D <3 lol
    the vector is good 4 ur 2nd .. though u could touch up the lines a lil to make it neat .. ^^ the colours r great , quite na nice simplistic-looking wallie overall ^_^ nice work ~

  8. zaira Nov 26, 2005

    wow! ed is homunculus! very scary! XD ehehe i like the vector if the scan and the bg is simple but still fits the color of his hair ehehe well great work! :D

  9. juanicths Nov 26, 2005

    ed as pride?!? omigosh! this is such a gorgeous pic of ed! nice vectoring done, tho the BG is a little too cheery to fit the mood/atmosphere expressed by that blank look of his eyes.... great job all the same ^^

  10. AkaiTsubaki Nov 26, 2005

    ed is so sexyyyyyyy wonderful wall *_*
    thank you!

  11. FastLane Nov 26, 2005

    coooool :)
    thanks for this wall of Ed in homonculus form

  12. inari Nov 26, 2005

    Its a nice style, a nice change form all the abstract style that is so prevailent in MT. Good job!

  13. DrakeDragon Nov 26, 2005

    Woah! This wall of Ed is so cool and sexy! I would really like to see another FMA wall made by you! Perfect work!

  14. Idril Nov 26, 2005

    woow Ed is so cute here! your vector is really good! second? it is amazing!
    gonna add on my favs!

  15. yanespilar Nov 26, 2005

    yeaaaaaa, a good wall of praide, is beutiful, is difficult find this class of image from this video game, please can tou made other?

  16. Odysseus Nov 26, 2005

    Fwee! At long last a good quality image of Ed!Pride ! Great work on the vector especially for it only being your second. There are a few jagged lines on his right arm that could use a little touch up and I don't think the BG is fitting, but hey it's a vector. I still love it. Excellent work.

  17. knightstar3 Nov 26, 2005

    very nice and simple cool style. i really like it! :)
    none of those too sparkly effects. ^^;;
    i agree with you, ed does look really cool and ...sexy.
    this goes to my favs. ;)

  18. nobana Nov 26, 2005

    I love it!I have never seen ed like this before!He is soo cool!
    The colours are great too!You are good at vectors!Keep up the good work!

  19. Winry-Rockbell10 Nov 27, 2005

    *drooool* I love pride!Edo... I wish the backdrop was a little different, it's a little boring... I really like it otherwise!

  20. flamealchimist Nov 27, 2005


  21. Sallyf322 Nov 27, 2005

    Heh! I KNEW this pic looked familiar...the art style, I mean ^-^ I just have the opening sequence of this...and I love the art. Heard it was Elricest, though >_< Thanks for the lovely wall, though---Ed does look darn cool XD

  22. Onime-no-kyo Nov 27, 2005

    Nice, Ed scan is great, first time I see it, I wish you had applied more "work" on the BG, its nice, but, I know, you can do much better, keep it up!

  23. MrsBloomie Nov 27, 2005

    Pride!Ed =D~~~~~~
    Ok I'm done. >>

    See what u made me do Susan-chan xD I really fell for the vector u did n I went to look for info about the game. In short, I saw the storyline n read all of the 4 endings n damn ;.; it's sooo sad. me: noooooo~!

    Really nice vector n I love the way u colored it. It's almost exactly as the scan n u did an awesome job. All what's left for u to do is the line's width. If u could make it vary the image would look perfect.
    Either way u did great~ and YES plz xD make an Envy vector and if u could an Al one too. Feed the poor fangirls~ >>

  24. LadyNorthstar Nov 27, 2005

    Ed is so damn hot! *_*
    Love love love love!
    Thnk 4 doing such a beatiful work! ^.^

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