Death Note Wallpaper: Crossing

Takeshi Obata, Madhouse, Death Note, Misa Amane Wallpaper
Takeshi Obata Mangaka Madhouse Studio Death Note Series Misa Amane Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

^_^' Finally... I made it... this is my wallpaper for the UA competition 8 Gothic...

Yes, it's not an Amano wallpaper. Why?
The character I chose does not really look gloomy, scary, shadowy... exactly! ^_^ For me... Gothic... mostly means groups of people trying to be different from the crowd... and one of their ways to show, is their style of clothes... But actually they are just people like you and me, no vampires or witches of whatever... That's why I chose the scan that I found in Marissa's gallery Deathly Sweet - MisaMisa by Marissa

As you may see... I vectored the original scan. Yes, I know... there are already wallpaper that used the same scan... yet no one vectored it and made these color changes. The original scan already has this gothic looking touch, but I think especially with the black hair it looks a bit more like what we usually associate with gothic. At least... in my opinion. ^_^
The original charater is part of the Anime "Death note"... I must honestly admit, I don't know it... I just chose the character for the reasons explained above.

The background was inspired by a poster of an old movie... I only know the German title "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" (1919).

The black "lines" may look like trees to some of you, but they are not! So please don't tell me they don't look plastic and have no shadows at all... They are meant to create a scary atmosphere, they are shadows themselves... The background was drawn with the pentool...
So... the reaction that I wanted to achieve was... the feeling... that the gothic looking girl is actually not really scary... just dressed in black, like goths use to be. And the jewelery of course... I think gothic also is a lot about fashion... ^_^

The story behind this for me... is a girl... meeting someone who she feels for, that's why she carries the heart. But the place she chose has to be scary... I did not choose a cemetery... I wanted something different...

At the moment I am quite busy at university... so it took me... about 2 weeks to finish this wallpaper... but I did not work non stop for 2 weeks of course... I only had evening and night hours... Most time consuming was the vector of the girl... It was really exhausting... and I actually don't want to vector anything again so soon... it's the second vector I made...hopefully I improved compared to the first.
I also have no idea how many layers... I vectored using Illustrator, the rest was done in Photoshop...

It took me quite long to make my first submission at Minitokyo 3... *sigh* Well here it is...

And before I stop writing I want to apologize to all the people to whom I could not answer or could hardly answer when I received comments in my guestbook or PMs... Now luckily the weekend begins soon... ^_^

Constructive critcism is always greatly appreciated... of course...! XD

Edit: I updated the wallpaper... adding color to the thumb fingernail (even though it's not like this in the original scan... it does look better) and I tried to improve the little mistake on the shoulder... so thanks to Kuroimisa... :)

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 25, 2005

    And it was by you! *huggles*

    Oh wow... I love the detail... I love the little skulls in her hair! <3 skulls ... and her hair is amazing! Wow. That is some crazy cell shading you did *is jealous*

    Only criticism is her thumb (the one on the left of the heart) is missing the polish (Edit: i realised it's not there on the original scan lol... probably because of the lighting, but oh well) and on the shoulder on the right there is a little skin coloured line... otherwise I love how you muade everything so surreal and warped- the colours are great! (and I'm not a fan of red--- that's saying something ;) ) I can't believe you changed the colours so much *___*

    ... and her name is MisaMisa (lol~) so I must double fave it but I can't >_>

    <3 looking forward to more work :nya:

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 25, 2005

    This is absolutely wonderful!
    The vector just blows my mind, it's awesome! The background is great too, it's simple, but it doesn't take attention away from the vector. The perspective is great too.
    All in all, it's a great wall!

  3. EvoIIICE9A Nov 25, 2005

    all I can say it whoa O_o amazing. that is some amazing detail you have going there and the background is so fitting for the character, it doesnt take away the attention from the girl but yet its so elemental. You deserve a big cookie for this wall nice entrant :D

  4. Rhonda21 Nov 25, 2005

    This is so cool! I agree with you about Gothic and Gothic people. I am labeled gothic at my school and it is not because I am scary and such (besides maybe thinking scary thoughts and going to scary places such as this wall), it is just because I tend to dress gothic and I did dye my hair black. Well anyways, back to the wall, I love the colors, my fav black and red, and the background is very uniqueish (WHAT?) and cool! Great job vectoring! Wonderful Work!

  5. DREAM Nov 25, 2005

    how ideal: i just got home from Thanksgiving dinner with my family[pours another drink], popped my Bauhaus cd into my dvd drive and scoped out my Mt notificatons. and i see an entry for one of my favourite waller's - Lady Regenbogen. A Death Note vector-wall noneoftheless. ;)

    i had no idea your current wall was going to be Death Note. damn i must go back and read that manga [i left off at chapter 50].

    Lady Regenbogen's wall: yes, i agree changing her hair to black and purple is ideal. actually i never cared for Amane Misa's blond hair. you did an excellent job vectoring AND coloring the scan. holy crap- you drew the bg with the pen tool? :drools: you did a great job. i love the bg- although i will admit I thought that was a lampost at first site.

    my only crit: is related more to the scan than your wall. in the original scan it seems to me that the shadows on Amane Misa's face are slightly off.

    :turns up "A Spy In The Cab"
    +new screen-saver

  6. Angel-on-Dragon Nov 25, 2005

    wow, this one looks really great ^^ Bist du sicher, dass du nicht am Weihnachts-Wallpaper-Contest teil nehmen willst *g*
    Anyway, I love dark wallpapers and I think you created your effects wonderfully. I looks more like 2-D what fits perfectly. My favorit part is the lantern *lol* I love it ^^
    Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  7. mentis Nov 25, 2005

    I think it's a lovely piece Regen :D. You have done a tremendous job with the vectoring of the character, so congrats :D. You have also done a wonderful job of demonstrating the "friendliness" of the character, and she is very cute :D.

    I have no need to look for flaws in this piece, as I find it very enjoyable, and looking for things to "fix" only detracts from that enjoyment. Well done, and keep it up XD.

  8. Zoamel Nov 25, 2005

    Great! The vector is a fantastic piece of work and I like the background a lot. This abstract style is fitting very good and the colours are the best choise :)

  9. markjo Nov 26, 2005

    For me it's an instant favourite for the colours - love the purple! And gothic to me is all about fashion...
    Of course I'm a little sad that it's not a Yoshitaka Amano wallpaper :P , but let's not exaggerate...

  10. flyindreams Nov 28, 2005

    ...woah :D Stunning vector work!

    T_T Don't apologize about not commenting on my wall earlier. I'm days behind in my notifications as well... stupid thesis and schoolwork have killed my Thanksgiving break for me... T_T The next couple of weeks will be pure hell pretty much... T_T

    But anyways... XD A very cool wall, I love the vector work... amazing job changing the colors of the original scan to create a dark gothic wall! XD I think the only thing that strikes me as odd would be the slant of the lamppost... it makes sense aesthetically but it seems a little too slanted even taking the slope into account. But yah... @_@ really wonderful details work. I'll definitely be looking forward to your future walls :D Even though I might not be able to comment on them promptly at all... T_T

  11. b3nitora Nov 28, 2005

    ::cheers and applause:: Most excellent wallpaper you have made! Good luck! I hope to see more wallys from ya ^_^

  12. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 28, 2005

    Woaahh! It's really dark! Well, not really that dark since she's smiling and all that. But ooh, this definitely is a gothic entry. The scan is definitely fitting for the theme, and Death Note... yes, the best place to find a gothic scan.

    I really love the detail vector, I mean, it's really pretty. Those skulls, crosses, woah. It's just plain amazing and dark. I love dark stuffs! ^^

    *thumbs up* Definitely gothic alligned. I really love it. ^^

  13. Spidey-Matt Dec 06, 2005

    Wow that looks great it suit perfectly with the gothic theme. The vector is great....I love the scan you have choosen very fitting with the theme. The background is really well done, smooth, clean and dark... it suits well with your vector ^^. -Shira

  14. jeddelagged Dec 12, 2005

    Nice work. Good size, looks decent.

  15. Helena44 Feb 13, 2006

    Really nice... have a very details :) excellente!

    *Add to favorites XD*

  16. Ryouko Mar 21, 2006

    whoah ... great wallpaper. She looks beautiful yet creepy, alluring yet keep-your-distance-ish ... very lovely. I love it! Excellent wallpaper. Very well done; please keep up the good work!

  17. Revan Retired Moderator Apr 17, 2006

    I see why you have vectored the scan... the colors fit a Gothic concept so much more,you have done an excellent job at that. Also very good work on detailing the dress I can only imagine how much work that was. And even though I'm not that fond of vectors without outlines this particular work makes a great exception I think it wouldn't have worked had you added them.

    Now let us thank for the elite gallery which helped me stumble across this very interesting piece that had otherwise been hidden among all those endless submitions X-P

  18. LeeAnn Apr 22, 2006

    you surely made it gothic!
    man! this is something i dont see everyday..
    its so good! and DARK! just the way i like it!
    its also a good thing that u vectored it.

  19. Evasas Jun 05, 2006

    M... nice wallpaper.... It really looks great_ I like dark colors

  20. hydetenshi Jul 14, 2006

    Sugoi, I looove this! dark, pretty, Misa, gothic, everything I like! + Favorite

  21. sixthie Jul 26, 2006

    beautifull but its totally not gothik...ha...do it wit ya feel n sense..would be great fer sure...yea i like diz one,its detail n awesome fer d colours n vectors...realy good job...

  22. burijetto Dec 26, 2006

    The vector is done pretty nicely but the ground seems a little akward with the vector being shaded and the ground seems a little too real but its really nice ^^
    But that's my opinion. But i'm gonna fave it cause its awesome!

  23. louis11703 Feb 03, 2007

    I like the dark tones. Beautiful Goth-like gal and really neat background. Keep up the good work.

  24. DivasLonelySong Oct 18, 2008

    this is really good. i really like it. i love how Misa looks!

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