Naruto Wallpaper: The Waking Dream

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Sasuke Cursed Seal Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Sasuke Cursed Seal Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well after constant harassment from Kevin to upload something new, swinging from trees, eating bananas, and stealing ramen! This wallpaper features that loveable *cough* bitch *cough* Sasuke! Ok, I know I might have offended Sasuke fans out there, but.. uhh *runs*.

Anyway, the image is from a pencil board from which, big thanks go to my friend Chase for scanning it in. Thanks buddy! He picked up the pencil board from FanimeCon 2004. The original pencil board had this image of Sasuke and Kakashi, I cropped Sasuke out which thankfully was a nice and easy swipe, so the overall wallpaper didn't take too long. The background on the pencil board had a fiery setting, so I tried my best to simulate that as well in this wallpaper. I tend to grunge things up, I'm trying more and more to get away from it, so as such there might be hints or just a lot of that in this wallpaper.

To tone down the background and bring out more of Sasuke, I used the color blue, and it cooled down the fire I guess you could say. I then slapped in the sharingen silhouette in the top right and worked the color balance more. The quote is from Chapter 219 of the Manga, last page. Other than that, hopefully you Naruto fans enjoy this one and find use for it.

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  1. frozenwilderness Jun 17, 2004

    That looks real neat.. I love sasuke's expression and the background is really pretty too! Great work ^^

  2. Yumi-Chan Jun 17, 2004

    wow the sharingan behind sasuke's really cool XD very nice clean work. good job! ^^ love the firey background effects

  3. kino Jun 17, 2004

    another excellent wall from u :D havent seen this image before!! altho i normally hate sasuke but he looks hot here =)

  4. sammo Retired Moderator Jun 17, 2004

    total coolness! great job on the wall :O

  5. av3n Jun 17, 2004

    o man this is insane , u never seem to suprise me , so thats why chase didnt wanna send me the scans he was scanning xD!

  6. AE92Truen0 Jun 17, 2004

    love the fire-like effect on the left, nice job

  7. abcsr2ez4me Jun 17, 2004

    I like the pencil board work, works great to bring a fiery theme to sasuke, the eye helps with the sharingan idea. This is really nice work.

  8. Bishi Jun 17, 2004

    love it, just love it

  9. Septillion Jun 17, 2004

    oh wow this is such a cool wall. i've got that image on a folder that my friend got me from Japan. thank you for making a wallpaper of Sasuke ^_^

  10. bobby Jun 17, 2004

    Hmmm the scan is great , this is problary better than my sasuke wallpaper , i can tell u worked really hard. Your a great grunge artist ill tell u that! i only have 1 problem with the design that it is too bright and it doesnt match with the character.

  11. Ritalin Jun 18, 2004

    My new wallpaper! xd Good job. :d

  12. dArkaNGeL Jun 18, 2004

    really good!!you have more??

  13. Windy-San Jun 18, 2004

    Ooohh.. the pro has posted something new! (finally!)
    Y Sasuke? n not Naruto?? Sigh.. beggars can't be choosers..
    anyway Great job one this new one!!
    Especially luv the feel of the backgrd.. *thumps up!*

  14. chibikko Jun 19, 2004

    wow this is awesome, this background and this scan, they're all great +fav

  15. elizabeth-san Jun 19, 2004

    sweet! that is very cool. i can tell you worked hard on it. i love the sharingan in the background.
    plus he is one of my favorite characters. keep up the good work.

  16. neji-neji Jun 19, 2004

    nice wall ^_^

  17. Kiddy Jun 19, 2004

    Very great job. I like thie Wall very much ^^

  18. thyr00kie Jun 20, 2004

    awesome wallpaper man!

  19. seta_chan Jun 21, 2004

    cool. nice sasuke wall

  20. kc2 Jun 21, 2004

    Nice bg you made here! Great fx! XD

  21. Osiris Retired Moderator Jun 21, 2004

    not a bad wall if i must say so myself :nya:

  22. Omicron-15 Jun 21, 2004

    Awsome job man, I love the tecture and the overall look of the bg, very grunge artsy looking. Great pic of sasuke, the txt is the only thing that is iffy for me but great job man.

  23. Junior2k4 Jun 21, 2004


  24. Sh0rT0nE Jun 21, 2004

    whoaaaaaaaa...that is tooooo damn hot...u did a freakin NICE job on it haha...dunno much bout photoshop to criticize it...so all ur gettin from me is comments lol...once again...w00t w00t for u lol...+ fav on this one

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