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...how many pieces of sky can you see?

I KNOW that crap and candy-chan both walled this scan. Leave me alone. *GRAR*

I guess this is my first scenic wall... not vectored, not in Asian style, and no flowers :) When I looked at the scan I got the idea for a surreal setting... kind of like what crap did :) I knew I wanted to extend the stairs, and the only way I could do that was to curve them T_T <-- pain. So I drew the outlines for the stairs in Illustrator and smudged-painted them + clouds on top to death in Photoshop. I really wanted to go for a Magritte-type look... he's one of my favorite Surrealist painters *_* Dunno if I succeeded or not... >_>

This wall is dedicated to the six W.A.R. judges (candy-chan, Furikuu, Keltosh, ShiNN, shinta, and tAtEkAnE), partner-in-crime #1 (Kel nii-san), partner/coder-in-crime #2 (rockiee), partner-in-crime #3 (sakii), and round 1 commentators (sakii, rockiee, tantiee, and me... XD) All of you are such talented and dedicated individuals... I'm really grateful for the chance to have gotten to know most of you better :)

I originally wanted to make more walls as presents but quickly realized that it was impossible, what with thesis and final projects deadlines coming up *dies* So... wanted to say this when I get the chance :P W.A.R. is coming to an end, but I hope that everyone who participated will stay inspired and active... :)

May the revolution flourish :)

P.S. I really rushed this wall because I need to settle down to work, despite it being Thanksgiving and all *_* So any suggestions on how to improve this would be greatly appreciated :)

P.P.S. Special thanks to crap for putting up with my constant pestering/whining throughout the creation process, shinn for trying to help me with perspective for the stairs (which I sadly botched T_T Sorry), and tates for spurring me on to heightened insomnia. Again.

12/5/05: Here's a cloud-free version for people who don't like the clouds in the sky... :)

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  1. ShiNN Nov 23, 2005

    I already gave you my comment (live!) for this wallpaper so I don't think I need to repeat it again lol. But you did a nice job, the perspective with the circular stairs wasn't an easy thing to do and you did it pretty well. Well done! :)

  2. Khei Nov 23, 2005

    suggestions? XD well the background is a lil empty :) but i like this T.T well everything here is so beautiful *_____*

  3. XsereneX Nov 23, 2005

    KAWAIII! I love this wallie^^ You have a good imagination^^

  4. Angel-on-Dragon Nov 23, 2005

    Wow, awsome wallpaper ^^ I like this surreal idea.... It looks really cool. Maybe the sky is a bit empty.... But anyway, I really like it.
    Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  5. princessaleiruby303 Nov 23, 2005

    wow... she looks so detailed and nice....

  6. xXNarutoXx Nov 23, 2005

    nice wall, really love the sky and the stairs
    i love the colors on the girl's clothes

  7. alterlier Nov 23, 2005

    great concept...maybe yeah the sky is a little bit empty and the reflect of the same in the water do not make relation but it sure match with the whole Surreality thing, so have to say : wonderful job.
    is one of the best walls with that scan.

  8. rocknroll-isgo Nov 23, 2005

    Hmm, like I said on msn: LOVE the door at the top. Amazing. Really adds a whole 'nother atmosphere to the wall. And you did a beautiful job on extending the stairs. I'm honestly jealous. XD I wish I could do that ---you're gonna have to give me some tips. ;)

    Still don't know what else to say. Simply beautiful work, 'dreams. <3

  9. Willem Nov 23, 2005

    Nice concept ;) Could have been better with an edifice around the door more likely a gate like in Japan culture or so. What do you think of it ?

  10. fukushuusha Nov 23, 2005

    *wubs the wall*
    Great work yet again flyin. Excellent work on the stairs...jeez must have taken some time.
    And yeah I totally agree with rocky on that door. Very clever addition :)

  11. gadgetgirl16 Nov 23, 2005

    wow! that is verry, verry beautiful! great job on the water effect on the bottom on the wallpaper, i dont really get the door, it looks like she in a strange room or something.... anyways, great job! +favs ^^

  12. darkar Nov 23, 2005

    no wonder it looks so familiar ~
    BUt nevertheless, you have done well ~
    It is another nice wallpaper ~

  13. phamthuha Nov 24, 2005

    Amazing! I just said it when i look in the thumbail. And when i full view, i love everything >_< The cloud, the stair, the water. Maybe the stair in the above is a bit weird, but beside all of that, this wall is excellent!
    Keep up the good work, one fav for you!

  14. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 24, 2005

    lol oh dear. This scan again. I don't think I'll submit my one anymore >.> *tugs tevi and both walls get buried deep, deep into quicksand*

    Firstly, the idea of the stairs being circular is very nice... and you even kept the same oily painty texture :D

    The only thing that is a bit weird is probably the reflection of the clouds in the water.... or water texture (I can't tell which) and perhaps some text (this may or may not have worked) but overall this is a very nice dedication ^-^ Thanks for organising W.A.R *^-^*V

  15. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 24, 2005

    lol I don't blame you, this scan is <3
    Well the idea is original, but the composition is a little unbalanced and the overall looks a bit plain. Funny as I always get that complaint for my own walls x_x
    anyways, the stairs look fine allthough the lines are too smudged. Clouds also look like youve attacked them with the poor smudge tool :nya: Weird how we only see the very top of them too D:
    Oh and that door is freaking me out. I can guess this is the Magritte refference

  16. ayaki Nov 24, 2005

    wow surrealism >_<
    the composition is great...especially the door....it looks like she's in another dimension or something.
    The perspective must have been a pain to work with.....cuz to me, it looks like it is.
    great job :)

  17. Electrastar Nov 24, 2005

    Love the concept of this. The backround is truly original and the stairs are amazing...it's hard to believe you made them yourself.

  18. quantixar Nov 24, 2005

    Wow, I like this kind of artistic wallpapers. Great job! :)

  19. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 24, 2005

    Very surrealistic but one thing is missing, a flower bud floating on the water with ripples going out of it XD... anyway i love the whole wall, the bg goes well since you redid everything and what can i say.... Genius and beautifully articulated work! ^_^

  20. kakitsubata Nov 24, 2005

    it's a real credit to you to have seen two other representations of this scan and still come up with such a creative way of walling it! *thumbs up* i love the painting-like quality of the wall. wonderful work!

  21. nolove Nov 24, 2005

    well well, really very beautiful wall ><, I love the scene of it and the scan ><, very very great work ><. You deserve a fav from me XD ^v^

  22. drell Nov 24, 2005

    DARN! Flyin' your getting way pro in walling, this absolutley ... can't find the right word for it.

    I gotta admit I'm really jelaous right now XD.

  23. Bla-demer Nov 24, 2005

    Great picture. I like the bacground sky.
    And that door there is nice place.
    the water looks also great and the character
    is really fiting in everything else. Great job
    you have done.

  24. Yina Nov 24, 2005

    mhmm this one kinda reminds me of Harry potter.. mhmm don't ask me why.. XD
    maybe because it's so magical.. XD XD
    i really like the idea with the door and the sky. the reflection is so pretty.. <3 overall great work, ne =3

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