Bleach Wallpaper: Loyalty [W]

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Izuru Kira, Gin Ichimaru Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Izuru Kira Character Gin Ichimaru Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Zomg, it's not a PoT submission! :D
*Pokes Liz* Hey look, it's your boyfriend Ichimaru! XD Joke, joke...

This was suppose to be a Rukia wall... but it turned into Ichimaru and Kira... dunno how that happened :\

Anyway, let's get this part out of the way:
Kira and Ichimaru scans.
Next to Byakuya, Ichimaru is my favorite captain >_<

Yeah, the moon looks too fake... it's a stock that I think someone edited it Vue D'esprit (is that what it's called?). I've had it for a while and I can't remember where I got it from. Sorry.
Oh God, for a moment, I though I wrote "Love" instead of "Loyalty"... I think I'm a little tired ^_^'
Er, the background was suppose to be red, but it turned out a redish-pink. Sorry :sweat:
Some brushes from Scully7491 at deviantART. There were some others too, but I can't remember there names OX

Time: 5-6 hours
Layers: 31
Full view please (come on, you know you wanna), take a look at the sky.

Comments welcome, as always!

Edit: I've removed the comets.

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  1. Hix Nov 23, 2005

    nice job mate I like bg but not feeling colors ^ _ ^

  2. LadyNorthstar Nov 23, 2005

    s-s-s-s-s-suogi! *_*
    I love this wallie, is simply perfect! *-*
    The background is amazing, and izuru and ichi are my favo yaoi couple (with ichi-ishi and yumichika-ikkaku) in bleach! *-*
    You've done a great work! Keep it up!

  3. Morphee Nov 23, 2005

    very cool wallpaper! ^^
    i've always thought Ichimaru was sooooo frieky! and the background emphasises the feeling!
    too bad though that you kept the scans so bright! because of that they don't really blend all that well with the background.... but oh well....
    good job!

  4. sukie Nov 23, 2005

    cool! i love the bg! BLEACH RULE! =D the scan is really clean and i love red! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH =D LOL nice wall!

  5. Miriallia Nov 23, 2005

    Wow, Ichimaru and his fuku-taichou! XD Great job, they're so dark and strange!
    Yaoi LOL

  6. Zoamel Nov 23, 2005

    Wow! The background looks fantastic! :)

  7. Shaki-chan Nov 23, 2005

    That's a nice wallpaper, and i agree about the background, it has an uhm...darky tone! It's been a long time since i last saw you drawing Chloe-chan XD

  8. pegassuss Nov 23, 2005

    Lovely wall! I really like the sky and I think the moon is very pretty even if it is a stock ^^ Very nice effects and combination of colors. Maybe those kind of plants are a bit weird, but overall I think you did a great work, Keep it up!

  9. Ayasal Nov 23, 2005

    wonderful job! yet another fav for the wonderful wallpaper ^o^
    I really like how the moon and the background effects are like really pretty and sperky^____________^
    keep up the good work! and hope to more soon!

  10. Milkiyo Nov 24, 2005

    simply beautiful...a well thought out theme and lovely concept^^
    catches my eyes very quickly..

  11. kyubinaruto Nov 24, 2005

    It's beautiful! I like the scan. Nice job there. The colour matches the whole theme as well. However, the moon is a little bit out of place. I would say, remove the comets and replace them with something else.... How about shooting stars? XD
    (Yes I know, I am a bad commentor >( )

  12. Limefreak Nov 24, 2005

    Hey it looks good. I like it alot... :) great job I love it. :)

  13. Alfonse Nov 24, 2005

    Again Chloe-chan?
    Wow, so many marvelous pieces. :D
    All I can say is, Incredible.
    The bg is fantastic. I do believe the comets are a bit misplaced. It's not to bad though.
    And the dark bg isn't bad at all, I actually like it.
    Now is this an actual forest-like background? .::shrugs::. It looks great.
    This is a perfect solid ten in my book of favs, which means, you've earned another. ;)
    Keep it up Chloe, you'll one day become the [add famous title here] XD
    I can't wait to see more.

  14. FastLane Nov 24, 2005

    this wally is gureto

  15. tareren Nov 24, 2005

    Quite good, but I think the comet should go away >_<
    And I like the colors :)

  16. aishiteraburu Nov 24, 2005


    way to go
    a total cool wall
    though the comet has to go(agree with tareren)
    but nonetheless
    a very good job

  17. Rikimaru-jp Nov 24, 2005

    Great wallie! especially the background it looks so beautiful, the colors are so charming!
    the moon you used is well extracted and glows perfectly!
    the scan is blended nicely to the background ;)
    superb job Chloe-Chan so keep it up!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  18. SkyKing8 Nov 24, 2005

    Cool Gin & Kira Wallpaper! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :D

  19. grizlyed Nov 24, 2005

    good wallpaper

  20. fukushuusha Nov 24, 2005

    When did you...? X_x I must have missed this one somehow...
    Great extraction and coloring work with this one. my only complain is that moon over there.
    It's standing out way too much...but a very nice addition to the bleach category :)

  21. Liz Nov 25, 2005

    Chloe OMG WOW! I love the scan and the moon and color and effects its amazing. Your getting better and better at the wallpapers each time its really amazing!

  22. flyindance Nov 26, 2005

    the moon dun look fake at all
    In fact, the background is quite nice and suitable.
    the colour kind of suit their evil character, isn't it?
    great job, it's good.
    all nonsense abt the wallie not good.
    thanks for spendin sunch a long time 4 it.

  23. Onime-no-kyo Nov 27, 2005

    Niiiiice, thats an awesome wall there, BG is great, dark and evil, you can really feel Ichimaru's inner dark side

  24. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 28, 2005

    Wow.... I'm really impressed by how the background looks like. It's really pretty, I mean the sky. *coughs* I think it could be better without the moon though. It takes away all those evil within the wall.

    Hmm... the character with yellow hair... Kira? Hm.... the scan somehow seems to be a little sharp, I mean, a little. Maybe blurring the scan a little so it doesn't look so sharp will be good.

    Ohohohooh, Ichimaru... *giggles* He's a captain? Ohhh... he looks hot. ^^

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