Samurai Deeper Kyo: My Butterfly: Akira x Tokito

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Yep, I'm actually carrying on with my DDR Butterfly Project, which began with My Butterfly: Kyo x Yuya

It took me forever to figure out which theme I was going to use for this pairing. (@_@) For a while, I thought I wouldn't use flowers at all; I favored a night scene, but that ended up being too plain, and the colors on Akira and Tokito were too bright. My Papa suggested a "night on the town" background, but that would have taken more time than I was willing to devote (I suppose I could have used a bunch of stock photos, but I don't like using those for fanart).

And then I randomly started thinking about the "War of the Roses" [15th century civil wars fought between the English noble families York (White Roses) and Lancaster (Red Roses)], and thought, "Hmmm, what fanfiction I've read on these two indicates that they would fight. A lot." And what better flower to describe Tokito than that of a wild rose: elegantly simple but uniquely beautiful, and pricklier/fiercer than the domestic variety? (*~.^*)

I don't always put this much thought into my fanart, but this was a special case, since I was doing it as part of a series. Besides, it helped me gain appreciation of Tokito as a character. Hope ya'll like!

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  1. revontulet Nov 23, 2005

    MIgoto! That looks beautiful! Gosh u did a good job in my opinion *claps*, pretty clouds, pretty flower! Donno who it is there but it looks awesome!

  2. aishiteraburu Nov 23, 2005

    oh my god
    as usual this really is awesome drawing
    i love the coloring
    specially all the lovely colors u've used

  3. Acuni Nov 23, 2005

    ok this is wow
    i like the colours and the bg and the flowers well the charas look prety to but only the hand is disturbing it looks so big^^

  4. nolove Nov 23, 2005

    oh yay, pretty good, I love it, very beautiful and peaceful XD.
    Add to my fav now ^^

  5. Milkiyo Nov 24, 2005

    I prefer the older one but this is still good art^^
    the fairy looks snobbish lol..

  6. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Nov 24, 2005

    beautiful background sylvacoer-san! you really do have a knack for making backgrounds to fit with the images! between your two wallies in the "Butterfly" series, i prefer the background of this one, but the images from the other one. the only thing that i see in this one is that akira's hand is waaay too big. it doesn't really look like it's connected to his body. oh, but beautiful background... i really love the flowers and the "leafy-ness".. the sakura tree in the background also adds a nice touch. keep up the great work! :D

  7. bbls Nov 24, 2005

    oh, this is great!
    the scenery is beautiful, and the flowers look gorgeous!
    the fairy is so cute, and i luv that grumpy look on her face... XD
    but i agree with fireflywishes that his hand looks a bit too big.
    and of course i also luv your signature sakura trees!

  8. badtz-maru Nov 24, 2005

    very nice, why does the fair look mad? does she not like to be picked up?

  9. Zefie Nov 24, 2005

    waiih, looks so beautiful ^_^ don't know samurai deeper kyo but really like this doujinshi of yours ! characters are nicely done but that boy's hand is maybe little too big. like the bright detailed flower background and colourings are wonderful :) pretty job and thank you for sharing !

  10. Emma Nov 25, 2005

    The roses are fighting! The roses are fighting!
    ....Okay, that was lame T_T LOL
    But your art isn't! It looks like it took a lot of time to do all those leaves in such a way for them to be bunched together. And I like the varying color shades of them. That one flower in the front is beautiful to look it. Great work with your photoshop brushes. I admire how you can airbrush those petals with perfect symmetry =)
    And your drawing again is amazing. Her face expression is priceless! I really do like how you put your drawings together with a background. It brings it all together--tieing it with a bow you might say =D

  11. IzumiChan Nov 26, 2005

    Yay! Another Tinkerbell! ^_^
    Very pretty :) :)
    The guy is the akira in your avatar, right? He's even in the same position X.x
    The flower bushes are perfect ^_^
    But I see a sakura tree in the back ^_^ Yeah, we can never let them :)
    I think I understand the title ''my butterfly'' now.. -_-
    Great job!
    Bye ^__^

  12. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 28, 2005

    Heheh, Fairy Tokito looks really cute, blushing on the palm of Akira.

    You do make lots of research in making a fanart. I'm really impressed by that. ^^

    Well, what can I say? Impressive cell-shade skills. But uh... Akira's mouth is a little too low though. It should be right below his nose. But owh well, it still serves as a pretty work from you. ^^

  13. walkure245 Nov 28, 2005

    This is really sweet. The only thing is that his hands seem rather huge in comparison to the rest of his body. I understand the perspective but I think it's a lil too big. Other than that, this is really pretty and I prefer this a lil better than the previous drawing you did. This has a more relaxed, springy atmosphere. I do prefer the day version than a night. It wouldn't work as well. The bg is really well done and I like how it envelopes the two characters. His mouth is a lil low but it doesn't distract. I like the fairy. She looks like she doesn't want to be there at all. That's awesome. XD Me likes. Cging was done nicely as always and this is really quite lovable. Really nice work!

  14. Ayamael Jan 27, 2006

    My favorite element : Tokito's wings XD i just love the black and green on it o_O... the flowers look pretty cool too... the clouds a little less ^_^' as for the drawing, loll, funny idea, weird match XD... maybe Akira's hand is a little big... i like Tokito's dress.. well, very good work!

  15. rizacaga Oct 13, 2006

    wow.............how cute ur work.i like akira with tokito.they are look nice couple,aren't they?ill add to fave

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