Prince of Tennis: Two of Us [V]

Takeshi Konomi, J.C. Staff, Prince of Tennis, Youhei Tanaka, Kouhei Tanaka
Takeshi Konomi Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Prince of Tennis Series Youhei Tanaka Character Kouhei Tanaka Character


Artist Comment

I just had to. It was such a wonderful scan, but had some weird color spots on it.

Anywho, features Youhei and Kouhei Tanaka from Jousei Shounen (did I spell that right?). A school that, sadly, does not get enough attention (Hello! Friggin' hawt flexible captain!).
Those two are both guys, btw.
(Youhei's the one with the red hair, Kouhei with the blue)

Looong time to do. I screwed it up the first time and had to start all over ( :angry: ). I'd say about 9-10 hours. Maybe more. I went though my music playlist twice (that's how I tell time these days :D)
Yeah, I screwed up Kouhei's middle finger at the bottom. Gomen, gomen...

Anyway, lost count of the layers for the vector, but the bg is, I think, 12 layers.

People are saying the heads are too big. Here's the original, please view it.

Comments welcome!

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  1. tareren Nov 22, 2005

    Hmmmm, I think you should modify them a bit cos now it looks like their head is bigger than the body lol
    And I do not like the stuff you put at the background >_< other than that, the vector is quite well done :)

  2. Ayasal Nov 22, 2005

    owww! your vectors are always looking so great! I really look up to you, as well as imspired me to vector!
    the coloring looks really well done!
    its fav for me!
    keep up the wonderful work! and im looking forwards to seeing your next works^_____________^

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Nov 22, 2005

    nice job, they look sooo cute, i love the color and the background, but i like youhei the best, nice job, ja-ne

  4. Limefreak Nov 22, 2005

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh! Dang you did A NICE JOB! Definitely going to my favs. Awesome work Chloe-chan! ;) You've got lime's seal of approval ;)

  5. Rikimaru-jp Nov 22, 2005

    Great job Chloe-Chan, the scan you used really looks beautiful!
    and your vectoring is quite awesome! ;)
    if you haven't mentioned in your description that those two are guys I would have said cute girls you got there XP lol
    overall it deserves to be added to my collection!

  6. uchan Nov 22, 2005

    Really nice work ^^

  7. Alfonse Nov 23, 2005

    O_O .::stares at scans::.
    No way they can possibly be guys. o.o;;
    So feminine, but enough about that, lets talk about the vector here...
    Exceptionally well done Chloe-chan. I noticed the mistake you pointed out, but noticed just that.
    No problems, kudos, kudos, Chloe-chan. ;)
    The bg is also very nice, you just keep amazing me with those backgrounds.
    Nice work as always.
    Btw...You and I measure our times the same way, I go through my playist a couple of times and figure out how long it took me. o.o; Coincedence? o___o
    Anyway, as I said, nice job, I give you two thumbs up, but if I had a third one, I'd put 'em all up. XD
    Can't wait to see more Chloe

  8. Liz Nov 23, 2005

    I like those two there so cute. Great work on the vector as always. [I'm going to keep bugging you about drawing something] I love it, it looks exactly like the original!

  9. pegassuss Nov 23, 2005

    At first I thought they were both girls :P *lol* the vector is really nicely done as usual, maybe their heads look a bit too big for their bodies but I haven't seen the original scan si I can't say :x the coloring and lines are great and overall is a very nice vector =D keep it up chloe-chan!

  10. flyindance Nov 26, 2005

    my goodness, I got the original scan.
    I tell u wat, u r a POT freak!
    tat's wat u r.
    I know how u feel, it's all 4 the love of POT.
    okokok! I'm getting too carried away.
    back to the vector art.
    the colour n background suit it too well.
    great job.
    appreciate u take so much time on it.
    well the name I'm not sure but Kouhei and Youhei is correct.

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Nov 28, 2005

    *drools* Ohhh... cute guys. ^^ No! Cute guys vector! *faints* Okay, sorry for being so crappy. >.<

    But hmm, both of them do look like girls. Boys who look like girls are handsome and hot. ^^

    Anyways, you've got an issue with middle finger eh? ^^

    I like abstract background. And it seems like you've executed it pretty nicely in here. I was wondering if you could do more abstract art in the future. ^^

  12. RengekiShin Nov 28, 2005

    Darn, I thought they were girls. Oops, said it out loud. XD Anyways, nice job! Hope to see more!

  13. CHRISGOH0818 Dec 04, 2005

    i love them very much,yaaaaa.thanks.
    i like kouhei more than youhei.

  14. yoruichishihoshi Dec 05, 2005

    Oh! Youhei and Kohei! Two of the three persone of the Joseyi shonan that are beautifull! Very cuties! ^_^

    merged: 12-06-2005 ~ 03:41am
    Oh! Youhei and Kohei! Two of the three persone of the Joseyi shonan that are beautifull! Very cuties! ^_^

  15. CoolBlueX Dec 10, 2005

    OoooOOOo! very nicely done! XD
    finally something Jousei Shounen-ish! XD
    lol this would do nicely, very nicely in fact
    awesome BG too suits their uniforms ^^

  16. vorspiel Jan 06, 2006

    w00t! I'm going to wallpaper-ise this too [been getting requests 8d] I love your vectors, they're so clean *_* speaking of super hawt flexible captain, are there any pictures of him around? My internet is being an [insert swear words here].

  17. angelofsymphony Apr 06, 2006


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