Adumi Tohru Wallpaper: born from the water

Adumi Tohru Wallpaper
Adumi Tohru Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is NOT doujinshi. This is a WALLPAPER. What you are looking at is a vector... or what I would call a digital sketch.

Misa: Dedicated to showing you something DIFFERENT since July 05
That'll be my quote thanks. Onto the wall.

I have no black and white wallpapers! :o
Here we go :D


Technique- I shortened this. "DIGITAL SKETCHING" all fill paths no stroke paths involved. All done by a mouse on the computer so it's not a doujinshi or filter effect. BTW digital sketching is my own term. Copy and you'll be shot :P

Size: 11.6 MB
Layers: 15 <-- that being I put most of my lines eg. dress on one layer.
Time taken: 5 days *amused* so it wasn't a week. Felt like a lifetime @_@

It's small, but heck. It was a lot of work.

Music: was mixed... I'm in an UBER happy mood though... I got Hirai Ken's new single and I love it <3 :D [listened to it on repeat for a few hours already]

The name I had a mental block so I asked Keltosh to help me out. After being called evil and given three options I picked one ;__; and I forgot to say thank you as well (maybe I am evil :( ... wait... I knew that >_>) So I extend a BIG THANK YOU to Keltosh for naming this for me ... it was too hard to name >_<

PS: I rarely tell people to download... but for this one... please full view... the details can't be seen in a tiny thumb! ;) This has got to be one of my favourites... for a LONG time I haven't really made anything I loved a lot (well, W.A.R3 I love... but you'll see that next week XD)

Original scan:
... and yes I cheated with the lace and I gave her some plastic surgery >_>;
PS: didn't change her eyes cuz the Adumi style has no eyelashes. If I added them on, it wouldn't be Adumi anymore.


Chosen by and jasmine

Kuroimisa ^^ You certainly did it. A masterpiece. This is the most amazing wall I have seen in some time. The digital sketch is the thing. You really overcome your skills with every new submission :D I am more and more curious of your future ones. This one is simply glorious. The sketch style make it delicately elegant. As you said it yourself it is far from crowded but nevertheless it is very detailed (all those paterrns O_O;). It deserves a highlight XD *highlights*

Proposed by and highlighted by jasmine.

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Browse Adumi Tohru Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. kakitsubata Nov 21, 2005

    that's so wonderful! you are definitely THE most original person here on mt! *worships* i can't see anything wrong with it, but maybe i would have just tinted it with a tiny bit of colour. definite fav anyways! this deserves to be in highlighted submissions. *gapes in awe*

  2. Rikimaru-jp Nov 21, 2005

    Awesome work you have done with this scan! the digital sketch really looks great!
    everything seems perfect to me! the lines, shades, details, ...
    you really got what it takes to make something as beautiful as this and that requires lots of talent!
    I'm definitely gonna add it to my favorites for the big efforts you put on this masterpiece!
    keep up the superb work!

  3. juanicths Nov 21, 2005

    woh~ great technique! wonderful 'sketching' style using vectors ^^ really like it, really impressed, and just for this, am gonna add u to my watchlist as well ^^

    gd job! *pats kuroimisa on the back*

  4. chibichibikaukau Nov 21, 2005

    its so cute^^ very good job! i like how you draw!

  5. kai81220 Nov 21, 2005


    who woulda thought it wasnt doujin? XD anyway i really have no complaints for this work.
    i like the gray line detailing.

    beautiful work ^^

  6. tareren Nov 21, 2005

    Nicely done :D but I wish you give her plastic surgery on the eyes and make it prettier too :D
    Hehe, nice work and great job in detailing ^^ erm, but some on the leaves looks kinda weird (on the biggest leave, the lines are a bit weird IMO, maybe cos they are too straight) thanks for sharing and keep up the good work :)

  7. DREAM Nov 21, 2005

    uh oh "All of you trendwhore wannabes better run- Lady Misa is coming this way, she's pissed off, and is brandishing her - 1086 Swedish steel forged katana with bloodlust in her eyes". :(
    :Misa beheads all the trendwhores: ;) :pacman: :pacman: :o

    wall: "Digital Sketching": ne pas? so you vectored the artwork then shaded it? well whatever you have done here i love the final product. the scan was a little hard on the eyes especially the white parts. but you have done a tremendous job here- i love the girl, ripples, and the whole atmosphere. i suppose some may think the bg too empty; but it is great as is. i love b&w artwork.

    Misa Misa - you just keep raising the bar with your originality.. how will us mere mortals ever reach such heights of greatness? ^^

    note to self- i must go back to the lab and re-engineer this. ;)
    :rolls & ducks katana's arc:

    + favs :pacman: :pacman: :o

  8. slivermoon Nov 21, 2005

    very nice, her dress has this almost fluid water feel to it
    though i think the bulgyness in her right cheek makes her face look a little funny
    almost like she got punched >_> and the bg could have gotten some black and white pictures of waterfalls or something, but thats my opinion
    anyways, i like the technique u used, new and different

  9. bluSake Retired Moderator Nov 21, 2005

    o_0 OMG you really did sketch it. You pulled line shading out of...white nothingness. & it's beautiful.

    Misa is incredible. XD

  10. Regenbogen Nov 21, 2005

    O_O Wow... I am impressed... every line looks perfect! Since the structure of the water seems to be the same like the structure of the girl... I get the impression that she herself is "made" of water... "born from the water"...I like this wallpaper very much... I cannot think of another wallpaper at the moment that I like more... it is so beautiful and fascinating...
    I cannot say anything about this wallpaper that i don't like...
    Nothing "looks a little funny" with this girl... and the background is fine as well... I love this style... :) More more more... I just want to say that I am looking forward to your next wallpapers!
    Thank you so much for this beautiful wallpaper! It's on my desktop now... and I don't get tired of looking at it! Arigato...! ^_^

    Oh, and of course it is a fav!
    I think many people only look at the thumbnail... But u MUST click on the image... these 0.2 credits are definitely worth it... cause the thumbnail doesn't show all these detailed "lines" at all....

  11. Akaiken Nov 22, 2005

    I looked it on full and I am sure amused with this. Uh... what's a digital sketch anyway... kidding... (no really, I'm serious)

    Anyways... as far as I looked on the original scan and this one, you made it really good on "digitally" sketching it. You made it very clean and the details are done great. The shading on some parts are nicely done and the simplicity of this one made this worthy to be a highlighted one and I mean it!

    I guess I should have a creative mind to give more comment on this one but oh well... I'm not an artist as I always tell you...

  12. PAche Nov 22, 2005

    this is the second time i'm typing this.the last time, i accidentally clicked on a link and it loaded on the same page... -_-

    about the wallpaper.it is simply fantastic.although it focuses on black and white, somehow there is a wuailty that only practice can bring about.misa your vectoring skills are good.really good.maybe you should think about a carrer with it.

    on a thumbnail, this could easily be mistaken for doujinshi. but when viewed full, the difference is there.on doujinshi, it generally has sketchy lines but here, it clean cut and smooth.no broken lines or shaky places.it looks 2D yet a little 3D...quite a strange feeling.you did the shadings beautifully, at all the right places and not too much.

    i especially like the ripples.unlike what i usually see, its natural.not in a perfect oval/circle but still maintaining that aspect that makes it "water".

    however, while the other leaves are great, the two leaves at the words aren't as goodd.they're too perfect to be part of this world, yuo get what i mean?too.....rounded.maybe you did that by purpose, but it still looks out of place that way.

    i also realised you didn't shade the girl herself.was it by purpose?whatever you did it for, it made the girl stand out, which is hard when your using so few colours in such a packed picture.which is good, of course.

    and her right hand is a bit warped.on the original piece, it looks fine, but on your wallpaper, maybe because it is monochromatic, it looks like her finger was bent awkwardly.plus, her little finger was also kinda out of proportion...maybe its juts me though.

    in any case, this is the epitome of intricacy.its finely detailed but not overdone.when i see detailed things, the artist usually makes it look gaudy.but your wallpaper doesn't make it seem that way.if you had shaded the girl, it might hae been overkill.but because you didn't it's just perfect.well done.

    another brilliant artwork from you, misa.keep it up^^

  13. swiftsword420 Nov 22, 2005

    im so proud of you misa! your always find a way to surprise me with your skill! and i could read the abundances of words that are attached to every file you find for hours! you are so amusing. keep up the good work(play?)

    PS. sorry i havent been around lately, just acclimatising myself to this new site.

  14. bbls Nov 22, 2005

    wowzers, misa, this is an incredibly detailed masterpiece!
    the lines are so straight and the shadings are done perfectly.
    what i find truly amazing, is that the designs or patterns on her dress have this fluidity and look like water! so your title really describes her accurately.
    my goodness...you are definitely an original or your creativity knows no bounds!
    i just luv this!

  15. jasmine Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2005

    Kuroimisa ^^ You certainly did it. A masterpiece. This is the most amazing wall I have seen in some time. The digital sketch is the thing. You really overcome your skills with every new submission :D I am more and more curious of your future ones. This one is simply glorious. The sketch style make it delicately elegant. As you said it yourself it is far from crowded but nevertheless it is very detailed (all those paterrns O_O;). It deserves a highlight XD *highlights*

  16. Sandra Nov 22, 2005

    Unique technics, awesome new style of vectoring.Simple , clear.Awesome ^_^

  17. asianspirit Nov 22, 2005

    cool wall, misa! :D

    i think the way it looks like an actual sketch and not your everyday vector. :)
    i love the way you made your shadings and detail. especially on the eyes. :nya: i love it!
    it looks like simple motions but i'm willing it was A LOT harder to do than it looks. :)

    a lot of creativity here, misa. a well deserved fave from me! :D

  18. anji Nov 22, 2005

    I will certainly not be as much inspired than some others with my comment lol, but I don't like much to give fav without comment.
    So... this is the one style of art that I really appreciate. I especially like when there's different degree of color shading like you did.
    Pretty cool job to invent shading that was not there, it demands so much imagination. The few time I tried, it wasn't very successful.
    And yeah this is extremely long to do I know (I just did my last vector without stroke paths and it was soooo long XD) but the result is so much nicer :) Your wall is the proof.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. ShiNN Nov 22, 2005

    err. It's just outlined. lol...

    Looking at the original scan you surely did a nice job outlining, but it's just outlined. Simplistic walls are good, but this is not a simplistic one, this is just simple, plain simple. Since you were vectoring that you could have worked more with ideas, experimented something with shapes, patterns or even the mighty-trendwhorish textures. But leaving it like this... it's a pure outline, something that anybody with a little of effort can achieve, provided with enough knowledge of vectors. This is an other "highlighted piece" that I don't really get. Oh well...

    My 2 cents eh.

  20. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2005

    this.. >.< took a long time huh? *praises your patience* <3 good job with the digital sketch.. kekeke <3 u_u i'll come baq and edit later.. ==;;

  21. AngelKate Nov 23, 2005


    This is freakishly cool. I can't imagine how in the heck you could have done that. Geez...this makes all of my walls look like they were made by 10-year-olds. Amazing job. That's really all I can say. *faves*

  22. Haia Nov 23, 2005

    Wow......................... O.O............truly unbelievable man! Love how you did this 'digital sketch'. Nice that you keep the details. Very nice shadings too! LOLz......keep it up! I'll be looking forward to more of your works. The simplicity works excellent for me.......... :pacman:

    +fav ................ >_<

  23. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 23, 2005

    Wao O_o .. very nice wallpaper, I can't believe it you can make this wall so different from the original scan O_o .. you did the great job .. add to favs ^^

  24. Jibril419 Nov 23, 2005

    Wow, this is truely a masterpiece. Such detail... I can only imaging how tedious this much have been. Wonderful job on the shading. I never would have had the patience to create such beauty. Truely wonderful work. I love it.

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