Naruto Wallpaper: I'm with you - Sakura

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Sakura Haruno Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Sakura Haruno Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi. :pacman:

I have this wall sitting in my computer for quite a long time. Maybe i should submit it earlier...haha cuz it's already winter...but anyway....
I was mainly experimenting with the lighting effect and the leave brushes in this wall...
and...i think it turns out okay >_<

uhm..I vectored sakura out of a scan that i got long time ago....but....
i can't find the scan that i've used in this wall!~ it's probably a fanart....but i can't find it in minitokyo here.....originally it has Sasuke in it....he's touching her hair....
so if anybody knows where it is..or done by who....please tell me...
so i can give proper credit.... ;)

enjoy. :nya:

[edit] - almost forgot to plug...hehe
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: candy-chan
Wall: For the Birds (PIXAR)
Reason: too cute. >_<

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  1. llxcharlenexll Nov 21, 2005

    First to comment yay! this is like one of the best view of sakura i like it x3 to fav

  2. SolarMan Nov 21, 2005

    what can i not say i am a sakura fan love it
    is it a vector cause to me that what it looks like a little
    Great job

  3. DREAM Nov 21, 2005

    i love your understated approach towards making wallpapers.
    love the vector. love it. ;)

    the vibe Sakura gives off is incredible. love the knife.. great prop-- reinforces her emotional state.

    minor crit: i think omitting the branches & leaves at the bottom [directly below the title] would have been ideal for perspective purposes.

    still this warrants a fav from me.
    + favs

  4. newbie757 Nov 21, 2005

    nice sakura walley wheres the forehead protector? then again its a great wallpaper.

  5. gilion Nov 21, 2005

    Good work! Beatiful background and good choice of colours: they fit pretty well. Nice job!

  6. Zoamel Nov 21, 2005

    Great wall. The colours are great and the vector is well done.
    I also like the little details with the text. :)

  7. fukushuusha Nov 21, 2005

    Finally; a great vector wall for Naruto.
    Although it is Sakura I can't restrain myself but to compliment this one.
    The texturing is simply great in this one ayaki and same goes for the vector.
    Bg is great with all the leafs however I think the loose some dept because of the blurr in there. Bt it can be just me. A very great job from Ayaki...as always

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 21, 2005

    Yes! another good wall for the Naruto series... love the autmn feel to it, brings the emotion of tragic frailty and love for some reason bu thats how i feel mos of the time. Anyway the text and image match perfectly on he wall...Wub it! ^_^

  9. phamthuha Nov 21, 2005

    OMG, this work is so so cool! I always love your work, it has the feel of reality ^_^ A fav of course!

  10. Milkiyo Nov 21, 2005

    whoa..everything's beautiful except the leaves' stance..they look a bit weird..
    lovely scan of Sakura though^^

  11. Yina Nov 21, 2005

    ahh when i first read the title in my notifs, i thought that you made a tcr wallie.. XD nyaa.. the trees are really pretty.. and you did a great work on the leafes.. o__o i guess that you used the ps brushes? XD
    mhmm but the lighting effects look a bit odd.. .__.
    nevertheless, overall great work =3

  12. Sandra Nov 21, 2005

    Great feelin....so autumn.Another great work...

  13. kai81220 Nov 21, 2005

    ^^ nice work ayaki

    whole bg is beautifully rendered. i feel like im in a forest clearing.
    awesome vector too XP
    i like the light texture you applied to the whole wall cause it gives it a bit more depth.
    nice stuff ^___^

  14. Susan-chan Nov 21, 2005

    ooh! so great! i luv the way u used the texture and the vector art looks awsome! the wally has such a piece feeling..or how can i say this:D
    this is a quality work:) as usual from u:)

  15. julioc Nov 21, 2005

    is hard to find good pics of sakura, this is one good pic ^_^x, thanks for sharing it

  16. angel-type Nov 21, 2005

    i love the colors.
    sakura looks good. this pic. fits her.
    +fav :)

  17. Akira-san Nov 22, 2005

    Wow, nice colors!
    Nice work with the vector too, it really fits the background pretty well. just don't liked the font you used to write "sakura" don't fits the whole wall. Anyway, the wall is beautiful! +fav for it ^^

  18. GoldenEagle Nov 22, 2005

    I like your wallpaper it looks nice...
    lol i can't think of anything to say......

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2005

    i <3 the texture..
    i <3 the vector..
    i <3 the feeling..

    i <3 yu.. xD XD *POUNCES* i just love the feeling this gives off.. so calm and serene! great jobbu!

  20. paintmearainbow Nov 22, 2005

    Wow! I'm so happy to see another great wallie of sakura(: Good job! Make more sakura wallies XD Anyway, keep up the good job and i hope to see more of your work -beams-

  21. dellthx Nov 22, 2005

    greato work, i like it, it fits well nothing looks out of place, great work.

  22. ejwcobra Nov 23, 2005

    so kawaii... but that picture is a little overused too. looks nice though

  23. Nyuu-chan Nov 23, 2005

    This wall is amazing! I love the colors here. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  24. flyindreams Nov 23, 2005

    :D Lovely vector, as always. The lighting is great and so are the colors... :) The leaves look slightly off though... maybe some more dark-colored leaves could've helped? :3 Still, this looks really nice... :) Prolly one of the nicest wallies that I've seen that used those types of leaf brushes XP

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