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Finally, another submission from me.
This took me ages to finish.(mainly because school gets in the way ~_~)
But it's here finally. :D
There were a quite a few mistakes, none of which I'm stating here. XP
But I do think the shading here is okay. Not the best but okay.
I might've gotten rusty from drawing mobile suits because it's been so long since I have drawn one.
This is my fourth gundam I've drawn. (the first two were horrible ^_^')
Anyway, I tried my best on this one and I hope you'll like it.
Please leave comments, tips, or even critique my work.
Thanks. .::bows::.

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  1. spider-x Banned Member Nov 19, 2005

    nice work man i like it u went in a lot of detal in this one it look's cool i like it nice work

  2. ladyai Nov 19, 2005

    Yay you finally finished it. It looks good. the details are great. Now I just can't wait to see your next drawing,

    Ja ne Yamichi ^_^

  3. xianghua Nov 20, 2005

    Woow very nice drawing alfonse! I CANNOT draw a mobile suit... It looks REALLY good! The details are amazingly done!The shades are nice as well! I think ur more talented in drawing mobile suits! Ur an amazing artist!
    Great work! I like it! Keep it up!^^


  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 20, 2005

    Wow! Very very cool!
    The detail on the "face" is awesome and the shading is perfect! Excellent job and I hope to see more from you!

  5. LeeClow Nov 20, 2005

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! ^_^
    I am very impressed... it was soooooo worth the wait. >_<
    Even though Mikey did spoil it. XP
    It looks so realistic, and i love the stance.
    Well, always ready for more... and it seems with each pic you get better.
    See ya at school.
    Adios Compadre. XD

  6. ROSEANA Nov 20, 2005

    OOOOOh my god.........IT's very beatyfull................
    I like this wall.....thank you

  7. teepoo Nov 21, 2005

    i love your drawings like i always say hehe ^__^
    i dont think i'm getting any notifications from you T__T of your new works =3 i hope it works for ur next submission because i cant wait to see it =]

  8. lin1011 Nov 21, 2005

    I can't really find any of the mistakes. Great detail, and very nice job.

  9. Hanazaki Nov 21, 2005

    Cooollllllll....... This is definitely C.O.O.L. This is the best drawing you ever made. It looks almost 'real'. Thnks 4 sharing this.

  10. Midori-chan Nov 21, 2005

    o_0 OMG!
    this gundam is definitely so cool! XD
    the proportions of the mecha and the lines are perfect!
    the shading is a little light, but it's okay^^ i like it^^
    i can't even draw any mecha ^_^'
    you're great at these stuffs^^
    great job alfonse-kun ^^
    + this to my favs. it's so cool *_*

  11. ahso Nov 21, 2005

    Human"s print@@!
    Very nice...!
    Kept UP!

  12. uchiha-vegeta Nov 22, 2005

    so cool man , keep up the great work , cant for more...


  13. CagalliYamato Nov 24, 2005

    hii! well wathcan i say? fisrt.. that is very dificult draw gundams for mee.. and u made a very hard work seems here..! so CONGRATS!=)
    u made a good work with the lights and sadows too...=)=) very nice work....

    i thinnk i dont have anithing bad to say to you.. because i drow gundams very bad! hahahahahhahahaha!

    soo get up that good work boyy!

    u are in the right way!;)

    see u byeee!



  14. jock13 Nov 26, 2005

    gunam... its nice, i have truble with perspective like that.
    se ya around

  15. EnnaKiky Nov 30, 2005

    Real cool,nice.
    Much better than anything I've every drawn.

  16. UchihaTaijiya Dec 05, 2005

    Everything looks really good! The hand seems kind of off, but I can't explain what it is exactly (you might already notice this). Or it could just be me. Lol.
    Anyway, you do draw great Gundams.... ^___^ I don't even wanna try, lol. I think the shading looks good but like someone else said its kinda light (thought thats not a bad thing). Please keep up the great work and sorry it took me so long to comment... ::bows head:: <3333

  17. julian1 Feb 08, 2006

    sometimes too many lines can really mess up the artwork. you might want to try different line depths, or try doing the gundam with color.

    ps: familiar pose, it's on the box of a 1/100 destiny, right?

  18. punixer Restricted Member Apr 04, 2006

    hummm this one is also really worked ^^

    keep it going. :D

  19. ferbeltran Dec 03, 2006

    I think you could of added a larger scale of shading depending where your lightsource was coming from. The detail is amazing, and definitely looks to scale. However, shading makes it a 3-D figure, it looks 2D here. At anyrate, it looks really well drawn, nice~

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