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LEAF (Studio), Kizuato, Hatsune Kashiwagi, Kaede Kashiwagi Wallpaper
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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello all! *waves*

I have chosen to make a wall for all of my friends here at MT. I have been planning on this for many months and took me some to time to complete it due to my busy schedule as a teacher. But it is finally done ^^

I made this wall for all of you because of the so much support each of you have done for me. For the dear comments in my guestbook or for the funny PMs =D
But mostly for the encouragement each of you gave me in my life.
I have many friends here and I can't name you all, but you know who you are ^_^

Thank you for being there for me, my friends!
I dedicate this wall to all of you *big hugs*

As for the wall, why it looks different with those "dots" on the grass *lol* and barely any grass blades--I wanted to try a style similar to the concept of my favorite artist Thomas Kincade. And so those "dots" are really bunches of flowers--Please Note--it is a different style of art

So please enjoy!
And I must say my Thank You's right here and now because I will get busy again and it is very hard for me to respond to the many notifications.
So ~Thank You~ for your comments, critiques, suggestions, and any favs!
I appreciate each and every comment. And I hold dearly the support and inspiration.
**However--please only fav because -you- honestly want to. Don't feel obligated to fav it.

Note 1: Does anyone know what category this belongs to? I did find the scan here at MT, but I searched for it again and can't find it.

Note 2: Looks better downloaded so to see the details if you want.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: nolove
Wall: Music in Heaven
Reason: A very entrancing, mythical wall of soft baby blue and dancing sparkles and glitter of magic.

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  1. ichi-ni Nov 19, 2005

    well the scan is really nice, but i think the grass looks a little weird, the sky is quite nice

  2. elessar007 Nov 19, 2005

    Great work on blending the characters into the foliage. Speaking of foliage, the flowers could use some stems to add a sense of depth. They look kind of flat and that seems odd in a scene where everything else has it. The flowers remind me of lichen since they seem so flat. The clouds are well blended and don't look like flying sheep. I would also recomend putting something in the background to break the horizon. Just the shadow of far away hills would break the line and give the scene a relative anchor. Maybe even the vaguest hint of a high flying bird would be a nice touch.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Emma Nov 19, 2005

    Please note again--the above is of the style of Thomas Kinkade:

    There are no stems nor any grass blades. It is designed to look like a painting in that fashion.

    Please read description. Thank you!


  4. Bla-demer Nov 19, 2005

    Great background. The sky is amazing.
    Those two look happy in there. The grass
    is beautiful and the subject is really fiting.
    I will fav this. Keep up the good work.

  5. TLTw804 Nov 19, 2005

    Quote by elessar007Speaking of foliage, the flowers could use some stems to add a sense of depth. They look kind of flat and that seems odd in a scene where everything else has it. The flowers remind me of lichen since they seem so flat.

    So weird you should say that, oddly enough the given description there states the style of art being emulated here, and personally i think the comments given were somewhat rude. Maybe you should do
    some research into who Thomas Kinkade actually is before you comment on this so called 'Flat Art' >.<
    ==> http://www.galleryone.com/images/kinkade/kinkade_-_glory_of_evening.JPG

    The wall looks great, encompassing a very happy, cheerful emotion, the attempt at mixing the two styles together in this wall has been done very well, and im sure will only get better as you work with it. Thanks for thinking of us all here emma^^

    Its going to fav's and dont worry, i dont feel obliged to do, it but i want to.

  6. AngelKate Nov 19, 2005

    oooh, that's really pretty! I like the flowers and I see what you were going for. Thomas Kincade is awesome, my mom really loves him too. I want some of his paintings but they are so expensive. O_O Lol anyway, really nice job! I think it deserves a fave. ;)

  7. MagicianFairy Nov 19, 2005

    awww....i just love it!
    i like the most the sky, look sooooo calm, and kinda like watercolors...cool

  8. Sumomo- Nov 20, 2005

    Its a cute wall Emma, but I dont quite like the style of Thomas Kincaid, hence I dont really find the grass and the flowers that appealing :(
    But for that style, its very nice :)

    And really nice of you to make a gift to us all!
    Keep up the great work Emma!

  9. IzumiChan Nov 20, 2005

    Pretty ^__^
    When I saw the scan, I recognized it immediately :D
    It's a Goto-P scan, and you may have found it here:
    Good job, as always ^_^
    Bye! >_<

  10. Rikimaru-jp Nov 20, 2005

    Oh Emma-Sensei made a gift for all of us :) this is so nice and so kind of you! no one ever did something like this before! cause people here always dedicated wallies to specific people or group of people but you dedicated this wonderful wallie to all of your friends and that's really so great ;)
    this wallie is indeed a great present for all of us because it was done by a wonderful friend ;) thank you very much Emma *hugs*
    the background is beautiful and I must say that the scan is really cool the two girls look so lovely!
    I wanna add something that the text is fitting to perfectly with the whole wallie! nice choice ;)
    thanks again Emma and I want you to know that I will always support you no matter what! I'm at your side ;)
    *Rikimaru adds it to his favorites*
    keep it up and I wish you luck with all my heart cause you really deserve all good!
    your friendly assassin Rikimaru XP

  11. teepoo Nov 20, 2005

    awww so cute i always love your work hehe ^__^ although i'm not a big fan of the font everything else is ncie hehe

  12. Angelem Nov 20, 2005

    Awww. This is so cute! I feel like I could use this to make a card for my friends =P Good luck with your work!

  13. kyubinaruto Nov 20, 2005

    I think the grass looks good =) The colour chosen is perfect. Anyway what's with the blue patch just at the end of the sky? I thought it was a mountain at first XP The extraction of the hair for the girl at the left is not too good as well >< Her hair looks chopped off DX
    The text you used is really special, I don't think I will ever dare to use that kind of text >.<
    Lastly, thanks for the dedication (I am your friend right! XD) You sure put in a lot of effort in this. I'll fave this, don't worry, it's not a favour ;)

  14. phamthuha Nov 20, 2005

    Very nice work as always, Emma-san ^_^ I just bother about the grass that looks like silk, the color there is too dark, light green maybe better. Anyway, a fav for you sweetie!

  15. hsh31 Nov 20, 2005

    Cute Cahracters. Love it. ^_^
    Great backgrond too, I like the cloud, and the unique grasss. Nice wallpapers.

  16. nolove Nov 20, 2005

    oh Emma-san, thx you much for plug my wall >< XD. Your wall....as before, beautiful and much pretty, but maybe it less than you last 3 wall before ><. But the effect of ground and sky it's very cute.
    *fav it now* ^^

  17. k1ru Nov 20, 2005

    hi, em-san! ^^
    its very cute! XD
    it very preety, but i think it not beautiful as ur last wallie... >.<
    but u always do a very great job! *hugs*
    thanks for sharing, hon~ ^^

  18. melonbrust Nov 20, 2005

    Teachers always have special place on my heart..
    and this wall as well

  19. enchantressinthedark Nov 20, 2005

    Heyhey Emma-chan! ^^

    Another lovely wallpaper from you! :) Yeah, the girls look really cute! And the grass..well..it doesn't look really realistic but nevertheless..its okay! Yeah, friends forever! ^^ *huggles*

  20. bbls Nov 20, 2005

    i luv your experimentation with a new style of art!
    i really like that because it's very unique and non-cliche!
    i also luv your choice of clouds here because they add a nice sense of depth and perspective...like we can see the clouds receding and they're not just brushed flatly on the wallie.
    the concept is so sweet here with those two friends sitting amidst rolling hills...your scenery gives such a warm atmosphere!
    and i also really like how you used the swirlies to create a light, windy effect, and the blowing leaves helped add to that effect.
    but i agree with kyubinaruto that the extraction of the hair on the girl on the left doesn't seem as good as the other girl.
    overall, you have such a lovely concept here and a very adorable wallie!
    and it's my desktop background right now! :D

  21. tian82 Nov 20, 2005

    I love the way you create this wallpaper ! I love the background and the colour is nice ! Awesome work !

  22. mizu-megami Nov 20, 2005

    thanks for making that wall for all of us^_^
    it's really pretty. maybe you could add some single grass pieces at the top of the hill so it don't look soo flat. overall it looks really nice^_^ i love the peaceful scene of the hills and the flowers^_^ i will fav it for sure. take care ^_~

  23. Zoamel Nov 20, 2005

    The wall is looking nice although the girls are bit blurry ;)
    Also the text is too big (for my taste), but I like the way you made the flowers :)

  24. Rhonda21 Nov 20, 2005

    Aw Emma your one of the nicest persons I know. Hehe. Anyways, this wall is really cute! I think everything matches well and looks great too. Nice Work!

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