Aria Wallpaper: Come To The Deepth...

Kozue Amano, Aria, Alicia Florence Wallpaper
Kozue Amano Mangaka Aria Series Alicia Florence Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well First Something about my inspiration.

I worked really hard on this one.It took me about a week to make it.
And that's what i done i dedicate 4 one special person.
A boy that is all my world...He's everything for me...And he gave me the inspiration to make this wallpaper.This inspiration was my love...Deep, true love...
I think you know that i'm talkin about YOU sweethert :* Thanks ....That you are....Thate you're always with me when i need you...When i'm sad you hug me, when i'm happy, you're happy too.... I Love You ... :*

Dedication : 4my absolutly awesome , sweet, sexy boyfriend Tomek :*

About wall :

Well as i already said my boyfriend was my inspiration.And so i think this is one of my best workz. Size of PSD file was about 100 mb... I wanted this one to be clear, cute, kinda mysterious....and perfect.And i really love what i did.And my honey likes this one too.And that's the most important thing.Well enjoy it ;)

Credit : Aria Foldout2 by just4u Thanks for just4u


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Bloodstain
Wall: Sakura
Reason: I really like this one.It's so calm...simple but nice.


Chosen by and jasmine

Sandra, you really outdone yourself :] Have not seen a cloudy wall this nice in a long time :] the composition and textures used are very nice and add to the kind of gloomy atmosphere and unique style, though perhaps the chara is too dark :S keep up the good work *highlights*

Proposed by and highlighted by jasmine.

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  1. Zoamel Nov 19, 2005

    I like the clouds and the texture you used. I also love the colours :)

  2. nolove Nov 19, 2005

    so well, I've seen the scan before, and I think thiz wall....well...maybe wonderful :D, and the cloud effect iz kool too ^^.
    *add to my fav* :D

  3. zaira Nov 19, 2005

    m.....thats wierd i didn't have a notification of your wall? why is that? i'm sure i've miss all your new works! well anyways i love the scenery! the colours really blends + the clouds are soo cool and soft! great job! +fav! XD

  4. chibikko Nov 19, 2005

    Aria is getting quite popular. I just find this show so boring that I couldn't stand the first 5 minutes xD well the wallpaper is nice, you spent such a long time on it, so respect. the wall is a bit too dark for me (and i guess that's not what aria is about xD), so I wouldn't add the texture but the rest is very neat. Good job, Sandra!

  5. Piotrek Nov 19, 2005

    Wow! Superb wall Sandra! You did great job with the effects, this fog and clouds... Great, really great! I love Venice (been there once ^_^) and when I saw scans from Aria I fell in love with Neo-Venezia too :) This wall goes to my favs! Keep it up! ^^

  6. Rhonda21 Nov 19, 2005

    This is very pretty. You did a nice job with the background. The texture is nice as well. Matches Well. Nice Work!

  7. kai81220 Nov 19, 2005

    hehe an aria wall ^____^

    lol i actually havent seen the anime yet but who knows? XP
    i like the cloud work for the whole work, kinda makes it a surrealistic scene
    maybe try to lighten it a bit. also try to lessen the texture cause its too noticable right now. itll work if its a little more bleneded into the bg.

    overall nice stuff ^__^

  8. knightstar3 Nov 19, 2005

    XD XD XD absolutely beautiful! :)
    i LOVE the bg, and especially cuz it's ARIA! XD
    you've really outdone yourself again Sandra!
    it's awesome. ;) must fav :nya:

  9. Rikimaru-jp Nov 19, 2005

    wow this wallie is gorgeous indeed! especially the background I really love it!
    the colors you used fit the environment so perfectly!
    the girl you used is really cute and beautiful and suits with the background a lot!
    you really did a wonderful job Sandra-Chan and for that you deserve a favorite!
    keep it up!

  10. flamealchimist Nov 19, 2005

    awsome wallpaper i really like it! ^_^

  11. yoshball Nov 19, 2005

    I like the placement of the elements in this wallpaper and its balance. Maybe a little too grainy of a texture, but the dark colors make up for it. Great job!

  12. sukie Nov 19, 2005

    woooooooooooo so cute! i love it! the texture and everything is well planed! great work!

  13. KittyCyn Nov 19, 2005

    Gr8 Sandra! I luv it! :) The deedness in the wallie is very well done!
    I like lots the colors, textures and filters you´ve applied!
    And it´s a dark wallie! The one´s that Cyn love! XD
    yup! It´s a favie from me :D *hugs* ~waves~

  14. MagicianFairy Nov 19, 2005

    Wow...looks great !

  15. seiryumiko Nov 20, 2005

    i love it, the scan and the background match so well, thanks for sharing

  16. chibi-lizard Nov 20, 2005

    whoa ! aria walliez are reallie popular nowadays XD

    this ish a very good one too :D

    i wubb the scan you used .. and that you make it look like the location ish in the air with all those clouds

    the textures look nice too .. but a lil stressed out ^_^'

    err .. and kinda dark actually ^_^'

    nonetheless .. it's still nice :D

  17. Staff Nov 20, 2005

    Well textured I must say... The variation of blue is well incorporated as well. Makes me want to be there to see it myself.

  18. kenny52690 Mute Member Nov 20, 2005

    very nice, keep up the good work

  19. rythem Nov 20, 2005

    waah ~ interesting looking wall ~ *w* I love the colours n perspective .. n the clouds r really nicely done ~ ^^ pretty work overall ne ~ <3 +fav

  20. winged Nov 20, 2005

    Looks rainy in the wallie lol! Very dark & shadowed but the clouds looks nice! Nice prespective & great job! + favs ^^

  21. Apopis Nov 20, 2005

    a very good work is a very pretty image congratulations

  22. breakfast Nov 20, 2005

    looks cool really shows the depth and i like the dark feeling to it

  23. Pisces Nov 20, 2005

    Wow very nice! ^ ^ The wall look good effect color and back ground. But carecter is darken. Nice work!
    Thank for sharing.

  24. Illusion85 Nov 20, 2005

    A really beautiful wallpaper. The use of blue tones are great and you can really tell you put a lot of effort into it. ^^

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