Tantei Gakuen Q Wallpaper: Tartarus: Infernal Abyss

Fumiya Satou, Studio Pierrot, Tantei Gakuen Q, Ken L. Bellrose, Kyuu Renjou Wallpaper
Fumiya Satou Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Tantei Gakuen Q Series Ken L. Bellrose Character Kyuu Renjou Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


First submission on MT3. UA's 8th Fornightly themed wallpaper competition -- Gothic. This should be submited tomorrow (15th November) as I've planned as a birthday present for myself, but for some reason I have to submit it today because I'll be busy tomorrow. But nevermind, at least I can take this as my brother's birthday present instead. ^^ His birthday is today! (14th November)


Tartarus, tartarus... in Greek mythology, there's another place another place below Hades' world... and that place is what they call Tartarus. A place where Zeus threw those rebelling Titans to infernal darkness. This word came up when I was reading DDS vol.10, a murderer called Gotoda was under deep hypnotization. In associating with Pluto, every client will be hypnotized, and once their identity has been found out, the hypnotic spell will be activated and they will say something like... "Those who defy the god of death will be sent to Tartarus.." then they will go berserk and kill those who solved the case.


Status: 12 layers
Technique(s): Vector and CG
Time: Approximately 3 days

The scan was scanned by me from Dan Detective School cover for vol. 14. When UA's Fornightly theme was given out, I can't really find any good scan which suits the title gothic. :p Plus I don't cosplay or go for trick or treating. So this time round I must say the theme was hard for me to do. But hahaha! Luckily I was able to buy vol.14 on Saturday, the cover was black and dark-themed, so that's where my idea comes in. Scanned the whole cover and start vectoring right away since it was squashed under some text and I'm not really good at cg-ing a non-anime scan..

From the bottom to the top; Q is the big-eyed kido, Ryu Amakusa is the one with long sideburns and Cerberus at the back.


Status: 15 layers
Technique(s): Brush, pen-tool, colour adjustments, brightness/contrast, text
Basic walling - 1 whole day
Edditing: 1 week

I wanted to follow every detail from the manga cover and use it in the wallpaper... so this time I moved away from my comfort zone and made some different. The background was supposed to be a dark portal, and I dunno why and how did I ended up making portal with lots of stuffs added. The portal was made entirely from scratch. Brushes are the main point here, though. Looks really messy, but I like how my abstract wall turned out to be.

The fairy dust is one of Fumiya Sato's favourite touch up in the cover. :p So I kinda followed how the fairy dust go in the manga and applied it here.

I had fun overall, but for some reason I think it's very low in quality. Probably overdoses of brushes makes me feel... uncomfortable. ^^ But I just hope this wall don't go out of track from the theme though. *shrugs*


Brushes: DeviantArt (Too many too mention)
Lightings brush - Scully7491
Misty morning brush - LadyVictoire
Angelic Clouds - Angelic Designs

Advise: white-zero for the lightings and text-resizing. Can't find anyone more skilled in abstract than him. ^^

Wall status

Total layers: 27
Time consumed: 1 week and a day
Wall type: Manga/abstract/gothic
Currently listening to: Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk blues

Tartarus: Infernal Abyss - Best Viewed in lower brightness
Ephie recommends 20%.

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  1. Akaiken Nov 14, 2005

    Nice on the theme girl. Tsk... can't say anymore again...

    The bg effects are kinda not so Gothic as it seems but I see you made it presentable.

    And lastly before I forgot it... Happy Birthday!

  2. Yureika Nov 14, 2005

    wow ! cool !
    did u just say u vector it ?! thats even cooler...
    good job in putting the position of the chars...
    keep it up the great work !^^
    and teah happy birthday eventhough its tomorrow

  3. Ayu-sama Nov 14, 2005

    E-chaaan! XD

    Sorry for the long MT hiatus. >_<

    I've been busy I missed out on the Mad Science contest. T_T

    So you asked Whitey about the abstract stuff, yesh? I think grunge works better if you're looking for that gothic feeling in my opinion. The atmosphere will be more creepy that way. ^__^

  4. zaem Nov 14, 2005

    moshi moshi !
    wow! that's so cool!
    i think u r very good on making wallpapers!
    hey! ur chars position is very nice!
    u've done a great job! well done!keep it up!
    and lastly..i'd like to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    sayonara !

  5. Kiako Nov 14, 2005

    the background doesn't fit to the charas and the way the charas are bright at some parts and dark at some parts isn't that good to look at. and the grey and violet color in the background isn't that good combination either. and it would look better without the blury trees in the back.
    and happy birthday^^...to both of you

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2005

    The characters are nicely vectored and CGed, very nice indeed. Though the background seems a bit weird.. I think it's the color. Anyways, keep up the good work and tell your brother "happy birthday"!

  7. iiwa Nov 16, 2005

    wowie sofia-chan! XD
    awesome vectors done there!
    its not that gothic but its still towards the gothic area XP
    and my comp's brightness has always never been.. bright ^_^' its at 30 all the time, but i viewed ur wallie at 20 like you requested XD
    plus those words used in the wall is totally.. catchy! haha XD

    great job sofia-chan! keep it up!

    p.s. its really funny that your bro's bday is just a day before yours... but i think its cool as well! you both can celebrate together! XD well, happy bday again (though i may be late XP)

  8. enchantressinthedark Nov 16, 2005

    The background is really the main thing of the wallpaper cause it really fits your title Infernal Abyss. Looks scary....But maybe you should try to adjust the brightness of the characters a bit.

    Nice vectoring! Me envies everyone who knows vectoring cause I can't do nice vectors at all! Hohoho...

    Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see more!

    Oh by the way, have a happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

  9. pegassuss Nov 16, 2005

    I really like the concept of this, I think it's really interesting and original ^^ Really nice vectoring of the image, I think it's good as well as the colors and shading. I think the background fits the atmosphere of this wall, with dark colors and mist. The trees are a bit blurry may be but it is the infernal Abyss after all :P *lol* I think you did a good work! Keep it up!

    PS: Did you have a nice birthday? I hope so! Happy belated birthday! It is so funny you and your brother have such close birthdays, I think it's great ^^ Happy belated birthday to him too! I hope you had lots of funa nd presents XD

  10. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2005

    The vector is good and the colours are great :D The tree brushes though are a bit blurry and lower quality compared to the rest of the wallpaper- it could be a little more darker, but still, very clean and good composition :)

  11. Anjhurin Nov 17, 2005

    ahah ephie chan i hope you're enjoying your camp *vampyre bat repelling cookie*

    anyway i like the concept, it's a bit weird though... the vector is really good (though the guy in the foreground seems like he has a lotus flower on his head ^_^). hum i can't really see the link with gothic though, but nevermind :).
    the bg is a bit too abstract for me, but i like the way you put these effects up the trees / scenery...
    good work, come back alive XP

  12. Spidey-Matt Dec 06, 2005

    The vector is nice and the purple colours blend nicely with their hair...I don't know about the about the text... I think there is a bit much...the darkness of this wall suits nicely with gothic theme. Good work -Shira

  13. Terra-chan Dec 06, 2005

    Oh wow XD Detective Academy Q! (aka Tantei Gakuen Q, aka Dan Detective School) I love this show and in fact started working on a wallpaper for it of my own... XD

    THe colors are nice... the text is awkward though and the image themes in the background are cool but something doesn't seem to fit and I can't place it.

  14. riku-chan Dec 07, 2005

    DDS..^o^ we finally have a wall of this series on MT. Such an under-rated series.. wish more people would appreciate it since it didn't receive as much publicity as Kindaichi Shounen. ^_^;

    Volume 14 had such a masterminded plot. One of my favourite takubons yet! You did such a wonderful job on this.. recreating that mysterious underlying message~ this could only come from someone who actually read and understood the manga.

  15. leekheng Feb 10, 2006

    nice wallie.. good job

  16. cupcakes Apr 17, 2006

    Great Job u got there! DAQ's the best. I've only watch up to eps.29 cuz i'm havin trouble with Bittorrent. can ask who is Cerberus? well anways ,very nice wallpaper!

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