Moldavite Wallpaper: *Welcome home*

Carnelian, Orbit, Moldavite, Nina Fromm Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Orbit Studio Moldavite Visual Novel Nina Fromm Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My new work ^_^ In this wall, i try really hard for the wave effect .... yes, that is wave, not cloud so plz full view it >_<
About 58 layers and 8~10 hours working. The original scan is here:
Orbit scan

It is really hard to make so i just feel great when i finish it ^_^ All the thing is this wall is made by myself, contain:
- wave
- water
- cloud
- sun
- star
- bird
- some sparkle
- a lovely scan ^_^

All fav and comment are welcome as always ^_^ Just wish you all a good time staying with Welcome home >_<!

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  1. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 13, 2005

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! .. Another great wallpaper from ya sis ^^; .. the background is so great with waves and cloud, the color effect is good .. add to favs ^^; .. keep your great work :D

  2. asianspirit Nov 13, 2005

    awww so cute! i could see a pattern here, pham ;) XD

    the background, namely the sea, is remarkable! i love how the textures come together. like she's really rushing through the waves. and the scan matches well. it's so cute and bubbley. :)

    great job! continue making more! :D

  3. Devildude Nov 13, 2005

    WELCOME HOME....not my title of choice, but i rather say ride the waves my pets!

    haha...jk. really nice wave effects, really how do you do it. really really nice. i like the part where is blends so well with the dolphins of hers, you have such great skills in doing that. the background is excellent.
    once again, you go beyond my expectation, i could not produce the same thing in 20 hours!
    really good, i am faving this!

  4. angelkagome Nov 13, 2005

    wow... that's a very pretty wallie thuha-chan^^ i'm sure you really had a hard time with the waves o_o... i'm adding this to my faves for your painstaking hard work^^

  5. AngelKate Nov 13, 2005

    Pham! How the heck do you do that?! Your walls are always so amazing! This one is no exception. Really wonderful job. :)

  6. AnimeFan159 Nov 13, 2005

    so innocent, i love the bg of the wallie. Also the colors mix so well.

  7. Fire-Flies Nov 13, 2005

    my oh my i love it.......>_< fav from me

  8. kyubinaruto Nov 13, 2005

    I told you your walls are getting better and better. *jealous* XD You have to teach me some time!
    Anyway check your PM and forum =3

  9. knightstar3 Nov 13, 2005

    ooooooh that's very very pretty! XD
    cool wave effects! it looks great. :)
    you did an awesome job once again. ;)

  10. Jim3535 Nov 13, 2005

    Wow, the background is insane. The water looks really good and I almost never see decent looking water effects. I also really like the clouds.

  11. Val3f0r Nov 13, 2005

    Ummmm.... oooookayyyy........ this is definitely an excellent wallpaper. That is a lot of thing that you made by yourself and of course, it looks great. I, especially, like the water sphere in the middle and not too forget the clouds :D anyhow, great to see all of your work phamthuha. I envy you...I was really wondering that how long it took you to make those effects :O since its a hella lot of it.

    Great work and a fav from me :D

  12. Pisces Nov 13, 2005

    Nice work! Good effect water and sky , The carector is cute ^ ^.
    Thank for sharing.

  13. quantixar Nov 13, 2005

    Utsukushii! Wai wai! :p

  14. bbls Nov 13, 2005

    oh my, you did a phenomenal job with the composition of your wallie!
    your ocean and waves are amazing, and the way that the waves are rushing towards them give a very wonderful feeling of movement!
    the sky is also quite lovely, and i really adore your thick, fluffy clouds, as well!
    and your background and scan blend together very flawlessly!

  15. Dioma Nov 13, 2005

    Like I said on AP it's perfect :)
    I really envy your talent x_x

  16. Kusanago Nov 13, 2005

    very nice piece of art here keep this up you did great

  17. Zoamel Nov 13, 2005

    Perfect as always ;)
    The waves are awesome and the sky with the birds is great, too. I Also like the effect with the sun. It seems that the sun is about to come out behind the couds. And the first moment is always blinding like in your wall. The little shiny waterdrops are looking like stars. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Meteorskies Nov 13, 2005

    sssssso cute!
    I'm so sad when I come on MT, because I always see walls I think I will never be able to do something as good as you.
    I hope you will explan me how you did it on the group page.

  19. melonbrust Nov 13, 2005

    nice job really, the water and the waves look so real, the color is perfect match with the scan as well. great job thuha-chan!
    fav from me of course

    merged: 11-13-2005 ~ 05:53pm
    oh i cant stop admiring this new wall of urs, the color is mesmerizing (is that the correct spelling ?) anyway, i love it..

  20. Amythyst Nov 13, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, the background is great and I like the colors. Great job
    and I will add this wallpaper to my favs :D

  21. Airiessa Nov 13, 2005

    So nice and cute wallie ^^.
    Add to my fav. ^^

  22. fukushuusha Nov 13, 2005

    You did it again...another birght wall that takes my attention. I am also not very fond of this drawing style but the effects you created makes this wall great. the waves you created are just perfect. The angle of the splashes and the dept of colors in them are perfect. lol...but maybe you can get rid of those birds? They look kinda off in this one. But a great job what so ever...and your best uptill now. =)

  23. dalidadod Nov 13, 2005

    thats really an awesome and lovely wallie*add to fava for sure*...really u did an amazin job here i just love tha kolor and everything ^_^'
    thanx for sharin and have a good time to u too ^_^

  24. k1ru Nov 13, 2005

    o.m.g, pham~ >.<
    i luv this wallie! the bg was look reallll XD XD
    and it really match d chara..
    good job!

    u just got my fav~ XD

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