Chrno Crusade Wallpaper: Gentle Afternoon

Daisuke Moriyama, Gonzo, Chrno Crusade, Azmaria Hendric Wallpaper
Daisuke Moriyama Mangaka Gonzo Studio Chrno Crusade Series Azmaria Hendric Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ah, a new wallpaper. Deisgning when I feel very sad >__________<.
It's too blur and not beautiful. Sorry.

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  1. strawberrt Nov 11, 2005

    ^^ Nice wallpaper and title. I like the background, it really matches the name. Greatt job!

  2. quantixar Nov 11, 2005

    Nah, it's nice looking wallie for me.

  3. raml Nov 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper with a great quality

  4. gilion Nov 11, 2005

    Excellent! Good choice of colours and nice background. Everything is in the foreground, no need for a long view background: I like this perspective. Good work!

  5. Milkiyo Nov 11, 2005

    looks really happy, don't look like you're doing it when you're sad...either that or you're good at disguising...lol
    anyway, a pretty wall, keep it up!^^

  6. Staff Nov 11, 2005

    It's not as bad as you think... the mist looks nice.

  7. phamthuha Nov 11, 2005

    Why do you have to sorry for such a good wall like that?
    ^_^ It is very nice and i see you improve, but there are alot of mistake here:
    - The scan is too overfilter and i don't like the color, not really good
    - The grass in nice ^_^ But it loses its shadow and realistic >_<
    - The mist effect look weird and too bright on the girl, just make it as cloud in the bg is good enough ^_^
    - The text is too BIG and too complicated to read, i don't like it +__+
    After all, i still like this work from Kyubi-san ^_^ But you still deserve a fav from me for your hard work.
    And next time, write more thing in the comment about the wall, that will make people got the feeling of your love in your walls ^_^

  8. kal91 Nov 11, 2005

    It's very nice. I was going to comment on how bright some of the effect is but I see that phamthuha already did that. I do, however like the complexity of the text, the size did not faze me at all. It is, however, difficult to read, too bright. Consider it's a very bright wall, it's almost like white on white in some section.

    I'm undecided on the grass.

    Thanks for the wallpaper.

  9. Rhonda21 Nov 11, 2005

    I think it looks really pretty. the sky looks really nice. Good Work!

  10. Zoamel Nov 11, 2005

    I like this one, too. The calm colours are great and fit to the atmosphere.
    I hope that you are not sad anymore... :(

  11. Pisces Nov 12, 2005

    Look nice! Thank for fhare ^ ^.

  12. Rikkablurhound Nov 12, 2005

    its lovely ^^ XD
    Great job... abit blur but hey, thats the effect...
    Love the font... Keep up the good work... Dont be sad anymore.... -_-

  13. melonbrust Nov 12, 2005

    i think it will look better without the butterflies, but still it is a good wall, nice work

  14. nolove Nov 12, 2005

    yeah as you said, it a bit blur too much ><, it make the wall iznot beautiful, but I like the color you use, it'z colorful and I love the things that are colorful :D. Anyway, pretty wall, but hope your next will be better :D ^^

  15. parami Nov 20, 2005

    Where can I find that font?!
    Yeah! Blur too much ^"^

  16. Genevieve-galz Nov 23, 2005

    O_O heh, a sad wall ne? cool-lookin' y 'know, except fer da blur effects.... >.< I really think u did great wif da bg n a perfect scan i must say!
    aww...the blurry effect n yup fonts too big spoiling it ;___; Nvm tho' :) make a happy wall next time ne amu-chan..? thankies~!

  17. Go-dragon Dec 02, 2005

    Ah, pretty wallie ^______^. It's so bright but it's very veru beautiful ^_______^. Ad to fav ok :)

  18. blahblah20 Restricted Member Jan 10, 2006

    Actually it's pretty good. The background was done creativly and the clouds were done well, too. Clouds are always a good thing, there could never be too many clouds. Well done, it's a great wall.

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