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I've spent a lot of time on wallpapers before, but this one definitely takes the cake. After finding the scan on minitokyo, I decided to try and figure out where the girl was from. Posting on 4chan yielded absolutely no results, and nobody I talked to even had a remote idea of where she was from.

Even so, I still decided to do a wallpaper with her. I began with the general concept of course, the grass, night sky, and the moon. My moon skills could still use some work, but I think this one turned out fairly well. The original scan was extremely grainy, so I ended up vectoring her in combination with soft-CG techniques to make it look like the original without the insane grainyness. That was probably half of the total time I put into this wall.After that, I went and tweaked things, adding details here and there, and changing things around to suit better. Thanks to all the help and critique I've gotten from my friends at Animewallpapers.com, I'm definitely confident in this wall and would love to share it with everyone on MT.

Many thanks to all my wondering friends at AW.com, and those that supported me through the time I worked on this. I'm not very well known on MT(at least I don't think so) but this one's dedicated to all ym friends on MT, as well as all of my wallpapering buddies that have helped me out over these past couple of years.

I've put a lot of hard work and effort into this wall, and I definitely had fun making it ^^. Hope everyone enjoys this wally ^_^

Created with Photoshop
Layer Count : 78
Approximate Time Taken : 3.5 weeks(about an hour or 2 a day, mainly on the vector)

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  1. dead Nov 11, 2005

    Hey nicely done!, this is a great wall, is so cute, and the light composition merge well with the BG!, great job!

  2. starflamer Nov 11, 2005

    This is very pretty! I like the girl, especially because it looks like she is pulling someone along wih her. She looks so happy!

  3. Wslasher Nov 11, 2005

    wow, she's sooo beautiful! & the background is as much beautiful as the girl! im adding this 2 my faves! heheh

  4. slvrsol Nov 11, 2005

    haha that's cute.. it's like she's pulling me in! ok bad joke.. but good job!

  5. Nickisherenow Nov 11, 2005

    hmmm...its a very nice pic xD she looks super cute and innocent ^_^" i appreciate your efforts and hope you produce more of such work.
    also, pls work on the quality of your scan as its a bit blurry. U may want to put words to the left of the picture, eg. the title because the empty space can be used

  6. Milkiyo Nov 11, 2005

    yeah, I can feel your pain, it's so detailed and beautiful^^
    you deserve a fav..

  7. serene Nov 11, 2005

    Nice and romantic ^^ The BG fits the chara too.. The moon is a lil weird though XP The stars are alright.. Likes the sparkly stars in the middle hehe.. Nice job ^^

  8. Staff Nov 11, 2005

    The details on the props are great but I think its a little too bland. To me, the subject+extra hand should be a little darker in colour.

  9. ZyreX Nov 11, 2005

    Nice one there bud, nice vectoring and grass they look extraordinary :D
    the stars and the moon look good too. Great work, Keep it up

    // Best Regards ZyreX

  10. Yina Nov 11, 2005

    cliche, cliche, cliche.. that's my first impression.. ^^;;
    the moon looks okay.. but i think the stars, i mean the bigger ones need more work.. .__. mhmm the grass looks a bit weird..
    nyaa.. but overall nice work on the composition ^^

  11. jeffng9 Nov 11, 2005

    what caught my eye first was the bg from far and of course the girl ^^
    i really like the bg and those glowing stars that you did
    keep up the goods work~

  12. gadgetgirl16 Nov 11, 2005

    wow! that looks verry neat ^^ i love the midnight sky and the moon light! it dose look like it needs more work... but it looks verry good, verry romantic... great job ^^ +favs

  13. SilentMasamune Nov 12, 2005

    You have spent quite a bit of time on this wallpaper, I see. However, there are still some flaws I'd like to tell you about, so let's begin. :) Though it's kind of typical so see grass of the sort in some places, for wallpapers, the turnout was okay. The only problem is that it should concur with the background that looks highly detailed in terms of the star field. I'm not sure if you wanted the grass to go into the distance or the grass rolling back into the background like after a certain point you can't see it anymore because of a hill. If it's the case of a hill, some more grass deeper in the back will make for even more detail. The CGing of the scan was excellent. ^_^

  14. sukie Nov 13, 2005

    this looks great! i wanta steal that scan and wall it! LOL the idea is great...but i think the grass...you need to make it looks more real...and the sky...more stars...the moon...looks cool...yab...nice wall! i like it!

  15. walkure245 Nov 16, 2005

    This has a really cool concept. I like the perspective and the bg is really is a perfect scene for a date. The vectoring looks good and the cging was really done well. However, the vectoring feels out of place with your bg. Your bg feels more realistic and b/c of that, the vector doesn't blend in too well. The starry sky looks good except for that one row of bright stars. Doesn't feel natural. The grass does look and have a sense of depth. I think a more varying of darkness would help make it look more natural. Other than that, this was done exceptionally well. Good stuff~

  16. eonir Nov 19, 2005

    the only element i can say it's not perfect is...hmmmm ...nothing!

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