Black Cat Wallpaper: What's your goal?

Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Train Heartnet Wallpaper
Kentaro Yabuki Mangaka Black Cat Series Train Heartnet Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Entry for DERKA

Warum raucht meine Pistole? Ich habe meine Eltern erschossen
Ich hasse Blut, und doch muss ich ein Blutbad anrichten
Ich toete eigentlich nicht, aber ich tue nur so
Aber ich sehe gut aus, das ist was zaehlt

[Thoughts] IMPORTANT!
There are two meanings of the wallie. You can read the [story I] in order to understand the simple meaning, but you've to read the text on the wallie in order to understand its real meaning..

Personally I hate the scan. Look at the silly boy and his pistol, I think he's 17 or 18 years old and he's already holding a pistol, what does he want? do you think it's cool to kill ppl? >__> Kind, werd endlich erwachsen! =__= baaahh..

When the boy arrived at the house, the family who lived there has already been killed. He shot through the window when he suddenly saw someone running away and the window broke into pieces. And he killed the family's killer.

I dunno if you've already read Harry potter 6, there it says: your heart will fall into pieces with every person you kill. and it's the same with the boy.. the glass symbolizes his heart. when he kills a person, then it's like he breaks his heart.

the text is a parody of the scan.

It was really hard to clean the scan. I redraw the whole outlines and recoloured all parts of the scan.. >__> (3 hours)
The broken window took me about 5 hours..
But it was fun to clean the "room" xDD


Chosen by and Saikusa

Nice clean image with subtle colouring/texture to it. That's a lot of hard work on something that has a clean & simple look to it. But it's worth it, ne...

Proposed by and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. Saikusa Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2005

    Nice clean image with subtle colouring/texture to it. That's a lot of hard work on something that has a clean & simple look to it. But it's worth it, ne...

  2. Rhonda21 Nov 10, 2005

    nice job cleaning it and the blood looks cool. nice concept. Well good work!

  3. zalatoon Nov 10, 2005

    this's such a graet joooooooob ! ^_^
    ur something to do this awesome wallie ;)
    good work and keep it up !

  4. Leaf Nov 10, 2005

    Black Cat! =DD *dances around you* This is awesome ^^ +fav XD Good job I love all the colors and everything =D

  5. Angel-on-Dragon Nov 10, 2005

    Great job. Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  6. juanicths Nov 11, 2005

    nice concept for a black cat wall ^^ blood splatters, as well as the polaroids.... i like!

  7. Akira-san Nov 11, 2005

    Aaah, texts in german again x~D
    wow, the wall is very nice... I like your wallies cause they have a hystory. I think it's very interesting. ^^
    Well, about the artwork it's pretty good.. the broken window looks nice, but I guess you could change the blue color to black os some grey. I know the scan of the room, I used on one of my walls, I guess you saw it ^^
    Anyway, the wall is pretty good... I liked it *favs*

  8. Yumi-Chan Nov 11, 2005

    ;___; it looks so good, i feel mine like a terrible piece of crap xD ! omg omg :D me likes this wallpaper. i like the photos. looks awesome, u__u meh the whole wallpaper is good seriously. good luck to you in DERKA's contest ;D ! *glompie*

  9. flyindreams Nov 11, 2005

    Oh yina... the cracks look awesome! XD The blue tones add a really interesting touch... makes the wall look more edgy :3 I dunno what the original scan looks like, but it looks nice :) the shattered window + room look is awesome, and I like the text :3

    The only thing that strikes me about this wall are the photographs, because they seem kind of random... I dunno, do they relate to the German text in anyway? And I can see that you prolly want something there to fill up space, but they seem kind of out of place ^^;;

    Apart from that this looks like it'll be an excellent DERKA wall XD Good luck with it XD

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 11, 2005

    You and Chibbi have this obsession with Glass huh? XD Anyway as i was saying i love the character, completely reminds me of Sora from KH but in a more Badass way infact... nice use of noise and grungey effects. Beautiful job as always girl! ^__^

  11. jasmine Retired Moderator Nov 11, 2005

    After discussing it with Kel-san, the two of us agree that this wall simply must go into highlights today :D The concept is really good (check storyII), you got a real plus for creativity :] and the exacution and how you carried out the meaning of your wall is simply flawless. I really love the use of various textures and your way of operating with light and shadows that add more depth and realism to the background and at the same time give prominence to the chara. The splattered blood adds to the dramatism together with those two photos :] Nice composition, very unique, flawless execution (to cite Kel) simply amazing wall :] Congrats Yina. *highlights and adds to favs* <- killing two birds with one stone XD

  12. Milkiyo Nov 12, 2005

    wah! such beauty! *hogges towards the wall* MINE! ALL MINE! mua ha ha! *stuffs it inside my favs* no one can take it now...

  13. phamthuha Nov 12, 2005

    Excellent idea! Cool design and pretty color ^_^ Why not a fav, sweetie?

  14. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Nov 12, 2005

    WAO O_o .. that's so cool wallpaper, I really love it .. no comment but you did a great job ^^; add to favs

  15. SAMX72 Nov 12, 2005

    Wow pretty cool design the pics are good and the colors are great really nice work ^^

  16. tian82 Nov 12, 2005

    Cool and nice wallpaper ! Like the way you make the crack and the background awesome too ! The boy look handsome, fit well the wallpaper ! I love it !

  17. spider-x Banned Member Nov 12, 2005

    nice one it's a fav by spider-x

  18. Zefie Nov 12, 2005

    cool new wallie you have made yina :D like the idea and composition of it. scan comes out nicely from broken window and room behind him looks great. also blood stains and little pictures from rooms fits well with atmosphere and are nice details. light colouring of window counterbalances nicely darker bg of character :) wonderful work and thank you for sharing !

  19. CChanni Nov 12, 2005

    wow! this wallie is cool!
    the colors and textures are nicely done.
    very clean indeed.

  20. harakiri Nov 12, 2005

    Your critique on pointless killing is justified. Your wall makes me realize how bad most of the stories actually are. At first view it looks like a happy wallpaper but when I think about your message it makes this wallpaper really complex. Very good work.

  21. Rella Nov 12, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper, Yina! The colors are awesome and everything matches. Great work! ^^

  22. lthnadml Nov 12, 2005

    Very nice work . . . lovely colors and the texts are very nice too . . . keep up the good work. XD X D XD

  23. kyrosis Nov 13, 2005

    nice clear image, great job, love the affects

  24. emeraldtenshi Nov 13, 2005

    You did a great job with this wallpaper. It's totally awesome.

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